Sunday, August 21, 2011

La Voz reports: 11 Year Old Latina Raped by 9 Afro-Americans, Black Panter Party Blames Her

Texas court imposes gag order in the gang rape
of an 11 year old Mexican-American child

Victim was repeatedly raped through coercion
and threats by at least 19 Afro-Americans

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - March 25, 2011 - (ACN) The disturbing incident, which probably has the Reverend Martin Luther King turning in his grave, took place in the 9,000 population town of Cleveland, Texas that is about 50 miles northeast of Houston. The horrific incident is today threatening to seriously divide the Black and Latino communities in Texas and beyond.

The assaults, according to a police report, began on November 28, 2010 after a 19-year-old with prior crack cocaine convictions persuaded the child to leave her home and go "riding around" with him and two other men. The three men took the 6th grader to a house where one of them lived and ordered the Mexican-American child to disrobe. The police report says that they told the child that if she refused other girls would beat her up and would never get a ride back home.

The abandoned trailer home where most of the sexual assaults took place. It is located in the Black section of town called "The Quarters". The town's demographics is approxmately 58% White, 27% African American and 21% Latino.
The rapists then started to sexually assault the young victim, the police report said. The report added that one of the rapists used a phone to invite four more men, who soon arrived. The seven Afro-American men had to take the victim to a nearby abandoned trailer home when a relative of the rapist who lived at the home arrived.

The sexual assaults continued in the abandoned trailer home. The police report stated that as some of the men sexually assaulted the child, others used their cell phones to take photographs and videos. The photographs and videos were soon posted on the Internet where a classmate of the victim saw them and alerted her teacher. The Cleveland police was notified and the investigation began.

The police investigators were able to confiscate the cell phones of some of the rapists and identified, from the photographs and the videos, many of those that participated in the sexual assaults. The police has been making arrests ever since. The suspects range in ages from 14 to 27 years old. To date 19 suspects have been arrested and charged in the gang rape of the 11-year-old Mexican-American child. Police investigators have focused on 28 suspects, all Afro-American, and said that there may be more arrests forthcoming.

Shown are 9 of the 19 suspects arrested so far. Police investigators say that as many as 28 participated in gang rapes of the Mexican-American child and expect to make more arrests.
Five of the suspects are students at Cleveland High School, including two members of the basketball team. Another is the 21-year-old son of a school board member. Some of the others have serious criminal records ranging from selling illicit drugs to robbery and, in one case, manslaughter.

Soon after the incident the town's Black community started blaming the 11 year old gang raped victim and her parents. Some said, in a town hall meeting, that the 6th grader "asked for it" and that her mother and father should have been supervising the child more closely. The police, however, have reported that the rapists threaten her with violence if she did not cooperate. The child is an "A" student at her middle school. She has one brother and two older sisters who are in their school's Gifted Student Program. The family has recently experienced economic hard times. The father Juan, a Mexican immigrant carpenter, has been unable to find work and the mothe Maria, a house maid, has been repeatedly hospitalized for a bain tumor.

To make things worse, the Black community leader Quannell X of the Houston based New Black Panther Organization recently came to Cleveland to incite more division between Latinos and Blacks by blaming the 11 year old Mexican-American victim for the gang rape. The Mexican-American organization Mujeres Unidas promptly answered Mr. Quannell X by informing him that any sexual assault upon a girl under the age of 14 is a first degree felony in Texas punishable by up to 99 years in prison. Quannell X has been expelled by the Nation of Islam for dealing drugs in the Sunnyside community located in southern Houston. Perhaps it would be wise if the Reverend Jesse Jackson and/or the Reverend Al Sharpton made attempt to heal the deep wounds inflicted on the Mexican-American community by careless Black leaders and some of the Black residents of Cleveland.

Meanwhile, Texas Liberty County District Judge Mark Morefield has imposed a broad gag order on the case. This has made it very difficult to obtain information about the victim and her family. We do know, however, that the victim has been placed in a foster home in another county for her protection and that her family has been harassed and threaten with violence.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brent Chesney Lies To the Governor? Scandal At County Court At Law #5

Missy Medary has become the new Judge at the 347th District court, replacing Nelva Gonzalez Ramos who has moved onward and upward for a lifelong appointment to the Federal Southern District of Texas-Corpus Christi Division judgeship.
The appointment of Missy Medary was an upset which bypassed lower court Judge John Martinez and Brent Chesney both who reportedly thought they had it in the bag.
But, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as the story is leaking out that it was Brent Chesney's to lose since he was the odds on favorite because of his close ties to Todd "Tio Todd" Hunter, who is on the judiciary committee in Austin and is our own state representative. A scandal has rocked Court 5 in that Brent Chesney reportedly fabricated his record as an attorney by having stated on his campaign platform and speeches that he had tried over 75 cases and won them all. When the powers that be in Austin under Governor Perry scrutinized his record and asked for proof of the assertion of his trials it was reportedly discovered he has never tried a jury case and misled the Governor's office in charge of appointments.
This scandal has rocked the courthouse and the integrity of this Judge is now being called into question. Who is Brent Chesney and how many cases has he really tried? There was no response from his Court office or Manager or the Judge himself. This is not the first time that Chesney has been under fire, as a city councilman he was criticized for living in Dallas and being a city councilman down here. Many parents in the community who's parental rights have been taken away or are under CPS supervision have complained that his draconian methods of denying them an attorney in significant stages of their case has left them without a lawyer. As you will recall, Chesney campaigned on not paying lawyers to represent parents and apparently he has kept the promise.
Now his honesty is being questioned. Did Chesney lie to the Governors office and to the voters of Nueces County when he asserted he was a trial lawyer in order to get the bench but is now revealing he has never tried a jury trial in his nearly 15 years as an attorney?
El Defenzor is launching a full investigation into this man's record and will get to the bottom of the matter. He is reportedly licking his wounds he was past over for Medary, but Medary reportedly has been a long Republican Stalwart who ran several times and now has been recognized for her longstanding service as a municipal court Judge and as a magistrate Judge.
A local female attorney summed up Medary's credentials: With Misty Medary what you see is what you get. She is very much like Sandra Watts in that she is fair and could care less who you are, what background you come from or if you are a powerbroker lawyer; in her court you will be treated fairly and that is all we can hope for. Unlike John Martinez who is beholding to Tony and Barbara Canales and the Doug Allison and Mikal Watts crowd you will get a fair day in court.
Regarding Brent Chesney, other judges whispered to me that they were nervous with Chesney taking a bench where life and death was being decided as well as life sentences because of his questionable dealings with attorneys and complaints made against him by families and now with this question of his lying about his record he has lost a great deal of respect in the legal community and I think his political career and romance with the media is over. I think the voters need to know if a judge lies about their record"
Much more to come.
El Defenzor