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What started as advocacy and human rights violation concerns for Mario Garcia by his attorney Juan P. Reyna has apparently led to an avalanche of investigations and termination of staff and the warden and jailhouse physician Pembleton (awaiting confirmation from reliable sources).

By way of background Mario Garcia was being detained at Brooks County Prison and was requesting his medication which apparently was not given and the coroner has ruled that one of the causes of the death of this 42 year old man was seizures. This reportedly is a major side effect of the antidepressants and seizure medications if withheld. Attorney Juan P. Reyna of Alice and Corpus Christi has reported that the family had been concerned about medications not being given. Reyna was not available for comment to confirm or deny if there is a connection between the facility at Robstown owned by LCS and Brooks County and the prisoners allegedly being moved around and the unconfirmed report of the warden and jailhouse Dr. Pembleton being fired!

LCS is the correctional management facility which runs Brooks Detention Center. It is a private facility but receives a great deal of its money through federal government contracts for housing federal detainees. The federal courts and the U.S. Marshall's office are known for ensuring the safety of their prisoners and might have much to say about a prison physician reportedly defying a judge's order for suicide precaution or medications purportedly being withheld. It is also whispered that layoffs are imminent in part because of the repercussions from the death of Mario Garcia, a former banker who was accused of rigging bids on federal contracts. Garcia was never formerly sentenced prior to his death. Garcia had reportedly terminated Keith Gould his former attorney who had hinted that his death was due to suicide. Garcia a devout catholic and former alterboy's family was outraged by the implication, particularly when they heard the medical examiner's office had ruled in seizure complicartions as the cause of death. Currently even the famous Texas Rangers are investigating the case and suicide is reportedly being ruled out but this has yet to be confirmed. The Nueces County Medical Examiner, Dr. Fernandez, is reportedly examining the medical documents and awaiting toxicology screens to see how and if Mario's antiseizure medication blood levels were low to demonstrate that lack of medical treatment may have caused Mario's death. El Defenzor will continue to investigate to verify what is being publically voiced as a dereliction in duty by Brooks County Detention Center. LCS officials did not return calls today nor was El Defenzor able to contact former attorney on the case Keith Gould who indicated that Mario's death was a possible suicide which the family is enraged by.

How will this affect the ROBSTOWN detention center for LCS? Obviously prisoner safety and human rights are what is most important, isn't it? The Caller Times has reported delays in prisoners and funding for that facility. The 800 pound gorilla in the room is that there is an American from Alice, Texas dead because of apparent lack of medical treatment and dying of seizures according to the coroner, and it is not just about Mexican illegal

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El Defenzor Sadly Reports the Passing of Mario Garcia

El Defenzor has learned that a 42 year old man, Mario Garcia of Alice was found dead in the Brooks County Detention Center in Falfurrias, Texas. It was related to the Defenzor that Garcia was accused of rigging bids for federal contracts and that Keith Gould was his attorney. Garcia suffered from depression and was on medications for that and seizures. Reportedly, quick withdrawal or lack of giving of these antidepressants can lead to seizures and death. It is believed that Mario died of seizures as one of the causes of his death and suicide is quickly being ruled out as the cause of his death. According to sources, he was not given his medication and was denied access to hospital facilities by the physician at the jail. The physician at the jail took Mr. Garcia off suicide precautions despite Judge Janis Jack's order to place him on precautions. Mr. Garcia's widow reportedly pleaded with the nurse and health care team at Brooks to give her husband his medication verbally and in writing. Mr. Garcia apparently was having seizures without his medication so severe that he was ultimately confined to a wheelchair before his death.

El Defenzor will be probing this facility and the actions that could have prevented this untimely and unnecessary death. Sources indicate that the facility was trying to make it look like a suicide but the initial medical examiner report reveals that seizures were one of the main causes of death. Attorney for the Garcia family, Mr. Juan P. Reyna could not be reached for comment by phone when El Defenzor called him twice today. El Defenzor also believes that Keith Gould was the former criminal attorney on the case. It is unclear whether or not Gould alerted Federal Judge Janis Jack about the medications reportedly not being given or that the jail doctor removed Mario from seizure precautions. El Defenzor will attempt to contact Mr. Gould. Texas Rangers have been alerted and are investigating.

Our deepest sympathies for the loss the family is going through. Whether or not Mr. Garcia actually committed what he was charged with, it is inexcusable to be denied access to medical care while in custody. If this is true, this could have far reaching effects regarding the relationship between the Detention Center in Falfurrias and the U.S. Marshall's office who works with them in holding prisoners. Rest in peace Mario Garcia, a good father and a good husband. He leaves behind a young wife and a 10 year old son. Services are being held at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Alice and are being handled by Walker Mora Funeral home.

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Whoa, Nelly! Welcome Purahispana. Back to the Red Barn!

I crack my knuckles and watch some well-deserved cable and I see Purahispana has entered as my first guest-blogger. Welcome. This is what this blog is about.

RED BARN: Our focus is protecting our children. I saw the news reports on my break. Very, very fishy in my estimation. Why would the child lie? He would not. It is obvious that they have a history and already have a lawsuit on that one going and management circled the wagons. Too bad they didn't get their stories straight. We cannot endanger our children and then cover up with inconsistent stories as it looks like happened here. That is two sins. And what of what Hispana said? Isn't it true that we are ready to pounce on a poor white, hispanic, or black mother if she had left her child trapped in a van and a policeman discovered it 15 minutes later at a mall parking lot? Why do hospitals and nursing homes and day care centers get away with what a mother would be jailed for? Why does a child get beaten senseless and his buttocks full of welts and the D.A. over there dismisses that when a principal does it and a school agrees but if the mother there had done it that would have been abuse. What is the double standards for our institutions and corporations and for parents caught in poverty and frustration??


Red Barn Day care: These guys need to be investigated. I will say it again. If it was a Latina or Latino or poor white or black who had left that child in a van with the windows rolled up for even 15 minutes much less an hour or two they would be posting bail and their kid would be in CPS custody. Foh Sho!

Hello. Now on to Politics

I want to say that in the next few postings if I may I would like to leave a political footprint in analyzing the politics that happened this year.

HOw could a white male beat a Hispanic female?
Peggy Banales as nice a lady as she is left people with a huh? when she talked and the Fair Grounds issue really made people mad, mad, mad. What did she do for the people on the West side? Not a darn thing apparently. Water under the bridge but I hope the new commissioner does not forget about Latinos on the West side and instead of like Peggy Banales who truth be told was a puppet for Robstown and went along with whatever Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria wanted but also gave Robstown (good people) a little too much from her own people As they say Candilar in la calle y escura en la casa( lighting up the neighborhood but forgetting your house). Narrow margin.

What about Hubby? I hear in the Latino pipeline he is drawing a female Hispanic. It is going to get interesting.

Judges: New Judge Shamsie. I heard he is working with kids and their parents and although has big shoes to fill is doing his best.

Repubicans: Keep banging at the door here in South Texas. Don't let them break down the door like Peggy did and screwed up the commissioners court. Hijo Le!

More to come from the Latina Pipeline.

Pura Hispana

Thank you for your invitation to join Mr. Villarreal. I have watched your blog for a long time. I don't always agree with you but I respect your opinion. I asked to join because of the child abuse story. That Red Barn according to my Latina sources is bad news and I cannot believe they are denying that a child was locked in a van. Why would the child lie? You are right! Children don't lie about things like this, but as usual it's a hispana out there with two jobs who has to have day care. I hear this young woman's man ain't worth a damn and doesn't help him. That's the problem with these young Latinos out there. They think the best part about kids is making them but they aren't hustling for jobs. And por favor! Dont' tell me that the economy is tough and there is nothing out there. Go clean houses! Pick up cans, get off your butts and stop watching cable your women pay for. Hijo le did I get carried away. Sorry.

Any way, I want to say that these day care places, even if you have a Gucci or Fendi purse and roll up in an Escalade, you have to watch these people like a hawk. IF you can get a family member to watch your kids and pay them the 600 bucks a month do it. No one, and I mean no one is going to take care of your kids or your parents in a day care or nursing home.


In the latest of a string of investigations and citations by Child Protective Services The Redbarn "Private School" has been caught allegedly neglecting a child. Jessica Gutierrez' 5 year old son Jonathon reported to his mother that he was left in a van for "a long time". The child also reported that he was screaming and beating on the van door and windows and finally someone came to get him out. The mother reported that even before her child told her this that the staff at Red Barn corraled her and told her that "whatever your son says, he was asleep and dreamed it". The mother was very suspicious when the story went from having the child never in the van, to being in the van asleep and then in the van for only a few minutes. The OWNER OF RED BARNwithout being present allegedly says the incident never happened.

This is not the first time. In March of 2006 Red Barn was in the news for the confinement of a 3 year old boy left alone in the dark after everyone went home at Red Barn. It was only when the mother was frantically beating on the doors did the child hysterically let her know through tears that he was trapped inside. That incident is but one of many say some parents who have left Red Barn. One parent said, "I saw more than once that even when they put the children in the van that they didn't put a seatbelt on them. What if the van gets broadsided or in an accident? I would hate to think about it. And now this child locked in the van.. Praise God it was not the middle of August or freezing cold and the child stayed in there all night and was not heard. I think we all have heard of children who get trapped in vehicles and have died from exposure."

The mother of the boy who was trapped in the van spoke with El Defenzor from her modest home and gave this statement along side her attorney:
"If it was a regular mom who had left a child in a van like that the police would arrest them. No one was arrested here. The police say they will investigate and I hope so. Who knows what will happen but I will never take my child back there again. Many people warned me but I said that the child locked in there 3 years ago would not happen again. But it did."

El Defenzor will be following this investigation and asking the Red Barn for comment. As of yet Red Barn owner and staff only have said they deny the whole thing. Is a 5 year old lieing? Why would a 5 year old lie about something like that and why would they corral the mother first in order to inoculate her with an inconsistent story? El Defenzor has learned that the mother has engaged two local noted attorneys to fight for the rights of her child and all of those children who may be abused or neglected at Red Barn. Parents Beware of the Daycare you take your child to!

Red Barn Private School(361) 855-7555
2013 Holly Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78417

Related story: Child locked in at Redbarn:,1641,CCCT_811_4511600,00.html

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El Defenzor Begins Probe into MRI's causing Hispanics Throughout South Texas to Go into Kidney Failure



Through Medical and Legal Sources El Defenzor has learned of a dangerous chemical called Gadolinium which has caused many diabetic patients with borderline kidney function to go into total kidney shut down and go bankrupt with the expense of dialysis. What's worse the chemcial Gadolinium causes severe skin lesions and causes the connective tissue in the body to swell and causes the skin to become reddened and leathery and making people cripples before their time. There is no known cure. The chemical gadolinium was injected into people while undergoing powerful xrays known as MRI's which were used to visualize the bones, blood vessels and organs of the body more clearly yet the makers of this dangerous drug have put many in the hispanic community and beyond in total kidney shut down. El Defenzor shall be launching an investigation and if anyone has any information or has a loved one who has been a victim of this deadly chemical and their loved one has kidney failure or hardened skin and difficulty walking please call so that El Defenzor may add these individuals to the others that are being interviewed in this upcoming series on the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA poisoning our loved ones. Homero Villarreal 361-387-6216. CALL ME FOR A FULL INTERVIEW AND TO GET THE WORD OUT FOR THE VOICES OF THE INJURED IN SOUTH TEXAS!


Banales, is the ice breaking underneath his feet?

It certainly has been a heckuva a year and a half for Maximum Manuel Banales and the clan and his clique. Not only did his wife receive an upset but he was mauled and pummeled with the two vehicular assaults that he squeaked out of as "tickets" and the rumors of a amorous yet illicit liaison years ago which led to a whispered arrest and cuffs coming off as the vice squad turned a blindeye...Now it is rumored that there is a woman who wishes to expose the truth on the vice squad bust issue and talk about it publically, plus Defenzor sources reveal that Maximum Manuel is pulling not one but TWO candidates against him and his enemies have grown and hate him now more than ever. Banales supporters and Banales say: BRING IT ON. We shall see if Maximum Banales and his Tashma Hall of an office can withstand another full on political "raid on Antebee". Hold on...Just when we thought we could take a breather from politics...

Reunited and it feels so goooood. Vela and Shamsie

At a festive 25th Anniversary of a prestigious gentleman and his lovely wife, the old friends Filemon Vela and Terry Shamsie came together after allegedly being alienated from each other on opposite political sides. What the general public does not know is that both of these men are political masters who learned on their own and together how to shape the halls of justice and get their politicians in to commissioner's seats, judge seats and other notable positions, plus both have extremely close ties to the congressman and both share common political goals . Now that Terry Shamsie is in for the short term at least in Court 5 who knows what happened to the plans for being on the port...Time will tell what this alliance means...