Friday, January 16, 2009

El Defenzor Sadly Reports the Passing of Mario Garcia

El Defenzor has learned that a 42 year old man, Mario Garcia of Alice was found dead in the Brooks County Detention Center in Falfurrias, Texas. It was related to the Defenzor that Garcia was accused of rigging bids for federal contracts and that Keith Gould was his attorney. Garcia suffered from depression and was on medications for that and seizures. Reportedly, quick withdrawal or lack of giving of these antidepressants can lead to seizures and death. It is believed that Mario died of seizures as one of the causes of his death and suicide is quickly being ruled out as the cause of his death. According to sources, he was not given his medication and was denied access to hospital facilities by the physician at the jail. The physician at the jail took Mr. Garcia off suicide precautions despite Judge Janis Jack's order to place him on precautions. Mr. Garcia's widow reportedly pleaded with the nurse and health care team at Brooks to give her husband his medication verbally and in writing. Mr. Garcia apparently was having seizures without his medication so severe that he was ultimately confined to a wheelchair before his death.

El Defenzor will be probing this facility and the actions that could have prevented this untimely and unnecessary death. Sources indicate that the facility was trying to make it look like a suicide but the initial medical examiner report reveals that seizures were one of the main causes of death. Attorney for the Garcia family, Mr. Juan P. Reyna could not be reached for comment by phone when El Defenzor called him twice today. El Defenzor also believes that Keith Gould was the former criminal attorney on the case. It is unclear whether or not Gould alerted Federal Judge Janis Jack about the medications reportedly not being given or that the jail doctor removed Mario from seizure precautions. El Defenzor will attempt to contact Mr. Gould. Texas Rangers have been alerted and are investigating.

Our deepest sympathies for the loss the family is going through. Whether or not Mr. Garcia actually committed what he was charged with, it is inexcusable to be denied access to medical care while in custody. If this is true, this could have far reaching effects regarding the relationship between the Detention Center in Falfurrias and the U.S. Marshall's office who works with them in holding prisoners. Rest in peace Mario Garcia, a good father and a good husband. He leaves behind a young wife and a 10 year old son. Services are being held at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Alice and are being handled by Walker Mora Funeral home.


Anonymous said...

This is such a tragedy. My prayers are with the family. EVen if accused of white collar crime Mario should not have died like this.

Anonymous said...

Mario Garcia was not only a devoted father but he was also a devoted husband and former alterboy for St. Joseph's Catholic Church. I read some of the cruel and insensitive comments on the Caller Times web site. This was not a hardened criminal. He put his faith in a lawyer who told him to plead guilty and was then placed in jail in an environment where illegal aliens are kept and conditions are deplorable. He was denied medication and he was denied a doctor. He was not taken to the emergency room when he needed it and now he has died. Someone needs to pay. Enough injustice has occurred over the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Why was his bond revoked?


Keith Gould the lawyer the widow fired has blood on his hands. Everyone knows it. His ex legal assistant knows it. That jail facility is neckdeep in trouble. The other day just for letting a man have a stroke in prison a jury gave a million, what do you think they are going to do for a man who died because they did not medically treat him and caused him to have seizures. They lied to the U.S. marshals that came in to investigate. There are ex-employees talking as we speak. Falfurrias is a small town. My heart grieves for the widow in this situation.