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THE POPULAR MARK SKURKA - DIST. ATTORNEY OF NUECES COMING TO HEARTLAND OF ROBSTOWN, TX --  See Flyer below.   DA Mark Skurka is coming to Robstown  Saturday morning -- Taqueria EL CHARRO...  He and other democrats will be there in the heartland of Robstown.  This area is orbited by several barrios such as CASA BLANCA and other working people neighborhoods that carry great emotional and cultural identity.. While many a politico try to distance themselves from the working class and poor --> Skurka says: "Let's get together... Soy puro corazon."

Thursday, August 2, 2012



NUECES COUNTY & REGION -- Many are referring to SUSIE LUNA-SALDANA's political advocacy  on radio for JERRY TREVINO (a failed candidate for US Congress)during the Democratic Party Run-Off as "THE SUSIE LUNA-SALDANA EFFECT."  Ms. LUNA-SALDANA, 60s, a politiquera (for "Yellow Dog Democrat") who rose to prominence helping REPUBLICAN win for office in the 2010 election with a hefty political war chest of resources failed to gain an inch in voter approval for her candidate.  On the contrary, candidate Trevino who had procured a boatload of supporters during the Democratic Primaries and was expected by many a political anyalyist to overshadow his opponent -- Rose Mesa-Harrison-- seems to have plummeted as a result of affiliated with the so-called "bipartisan" Politiquera System of  Susie Luna-Salanda.
   Ms. Luna-Saldana, once involved with the TEACHER UNION (and who now uses her affiliation with it) bought airtime on MAGIC-Q 93.5 and 104.9 during the noon hour to broadcast her sentiments and propaganda for a few weeks and on election day purchased a day long slot on the same radio station which boardcasts as far as Victoria but to no avail.
   Ms. Luna-Saldana expressed her disdain for Congression candidate Ms. Mesa-Harrisan with the venom that can only stem from the deepest part of one's dark chest.  She said on the air:  "You (Rose Mesa-Harrison) better believe it is personal, very personal."  This statement cast a cloud of political "bad breath": hued with all the calculated poison of vengeance.
  Why "vengeance"?   To explain, before  enrolling as a candidate for Congress, Ms. Mesa-Harrison, had served a fair tenure as Democratic Chair of Nueces County.  During her term she queried the STATE PARTY in reference to policy -- specifically precinct chairs (e.g., Susie Luna-Saldana and Roland Garza) who had taken "Republican consultation" dollars and were determined to continue serving as precinct chairs. The STATE PARTY rendered an opinion --i.e.,  it was not allowed.  Therefore and henceforth, she formally drafted a letter asking for the resignation of both Susie Luna-Saldana and Roland Garza as precinct chairs.  Despite the protestations and remonstrations of the two parties in question, they were eventually scratched off their official duties and authority.
  Ms. Luna-Saldana, who had a long track record as being affiliated with the Democratic Party in the region, felt humiliated.  Thus the radio time she bought (or was bought) to promote Trevino's candidacy was utilized informally personally hammer Ms. Mesa-Harrison or at least it was the way it was construed by many a keen observer.
  After receiving news that Ms. Mesa Harrison had been victorious, Ms. Luna-Saldana said told Radio Host Vicente Carranza:  "It is not over.  This just gives me another 100 days to begin a campaign against esa mujer (that woman) Rose Mesa-Harrison who I believe should never serve in that office."
  Ms. Luna-Saldana, soon after that statement, added: "I will be helping her Republican Opponent Blake Farenthold".
  One political analyist concluded: "There is a trend. It appears Hispanic Democrats are retrenching and stratifying themselves in reference to affiliations of the Susie-Luna-Salanda's of this world.  They are a harming agent, not a healthy benefial one for candidates that want to win."
   District Attorney Mark Skurka , who in the last election faced the fury of Ms. Luna-Saldana's rethorical hash said: "I took a beating. My family took a beating.  It is a dirty, vicious, wicked mockery of the political process."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A series of articles will appear explaining the callous and cold and insensitive attacks on the NUECES COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY... This article will be a historic one that will re-visit the past history and zoom in on some of the more notorious manipulators of political networks... It will be a demystifying, de-masking of local attorneys who have made their living exploiting the oppressed and the misinformed... Their high-paid "mouthpieces" and the merciless and conscienceless stabs on everything that constitutes a democratic system.

In the next few weeks, there will be quakes and segmentation and outrage -- all there are normal considering the unveiling by our team here at El Defenzor and Quetzal newspapers.  But always keep one thing in mind amid  the unpredictable release of each article... THIS IS A SEARCH FOR "Truth"!!!!

 - signed:  Homero Roel Villareal Sr.
     (Somewhere in South Texas)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Besides leading a new congregation in Kalispell that includes well-known white supremacists Randy Weaver and April Gaede, Baldwin hosts a daily one-hour radio program, “Chuck Baldwin Live.” He also is a prolific writer, penning regular columns that are archived on his website and at, a racist website known for bashing immigrants. He has condemned Islam as a “bloody, murderous religion” and referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as an apostate. He sympathizes with Joseph Stack, the tax protester who flew a plane into an IRS office building in 2010, killing himself and an IRS employee. The South, he insists, “was right.” 
 He refers to Tejano Music as "Taco Music" and says that most of the South Texas Hispanics are nothing more than overgrown "anchor" babies.  But such local sentiments were not new in Corpus Christi, Talk Radio personality Eric Von Wade when he was associated with KEYS RADIO stated on the air that immigrants coming in from Mexico should be "stamped with a number on their feet, like the ducks at a carnival."
Politics may come and go for Baldwin. But out in Montana, as it is here in NUECES COUNTY far away from the “Orwellian machine” of the federal government, the indignation and xenophobia  and paranoia — just keep on snowballing.

Monday, May 7, 2012


South Texas -- Candidate Phil Vela appears to be the front-runner in a congressional race now that District Attorney Armando Villalobos  (from the Valley) has been indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges.

A few days before early voting, a few days before candidates start pushing their campaign full throttle, candidate Villalobos in indicted and starkly dragged through the mud of repercussions. 

Villalobos' resultant campaign: frozen, insecure, devastated, sting-ed with shifting loyalties. How many are the feelings being expressed -- summed up in one word, perhaps "panic."  The polls, the odds machines quickly stamping outputs of "invalidity" -- in short, a floodgate of a "free for all" has been unleashed.

But the pragmatist analysts know and some have uttered: "Phil Vela is clearly in the lead. And clearly new appointments have taken priority: haircut, tailor, Juan "Shoe-Shine" Perez, a pow-wow with the core group and "think tank" to maximized the climate of the media."

One analyist stated: "Phil is probably staging a pilot run before the mirror for the grand debut: "Veterans, senors, those caught in the grindstone of poverty and struggle, don't lose hope, esperanza, I have picked up the flag of my Father and Mother before me in the political area as a public official -- WE WILL PEVAIL."

(Note: See link to Brownsville-Herald   related to Armando Villalobos indictment.)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Birth Defects Associated With Antidepressants- HOMERO VILLARREAL INTERVIEWS

Birth Defects Associated With Antidepressants-
Joe Flores, Attorney and Family Nurse Practitioner on This Devastating Phenomena Affecting Our Children and Families

“In this study, PPHN (Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn) was six times more common in babies whose mothers took an SSRI antidepressant after the 20th week of the pregnancy compared to babies whose mothers did not take an antidepressant. As healthcare prescriber I always underline that doctors and nurse practitioners prescribe drugs to their patients with trust that the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies will give us the appropriate warnings. They didn’t do this for our pregnant patients before the mid 2000’s and many women received an anti-depressant with sad results in the form of their babies having birth defects that were in my opinion, unjustified and needless.……” Joe Flores, Attorney and Board Certified FNP

El Defenzor- As a proud grandfather of a brilliant young boy I became deeply concerned about birth defects in children and the link between anti-depressants. I caught up with Joe Flores an attorney and nurse practitioner (FNP) when we began our probe of pharmaceutical companies who may have caused birth defects, and because of increasing reports of mothers who had been given antidepressants as a big selling point by pharmaceutical companies.
Joe Flores, nurse practitioner and attorney, recently was interviewed at his offices in downtown Corpus Christi and said this: "Most of us go through life not knowing the challenges that other families face. For instance, someone having a son or daughter with several birth defects is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. Society has judged families because of their child’s disabilities instead of sympathizing with the challenges that the family faces daily. I’m committed to giving those families voices in and out of the courtroom through legal, political and medical outreach. As a lawyer and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), I have taken care of thousands of people over the years and feel honored I can help people whose child has suffered because of a drugmaker".
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: Joe, what do we know about the link between birth defects and anti-depressants?

JOE FLORES, ATTORNEY AND FNP: Since September 2005, information has been emerging that certain antidepressants may cause birth defects, including cardiac (heart), pulmonary (lung), neural-tube defects (brain and spinal cord), craniosynostosis (skull defect), infant omphalocele (abdominal wall defects), club foot (one or both feet turn downward and inward), and anal atresia (complete or partial closure of the anus), among others. I am currently investigating whether or not the following antidepressants also cause such birth defects:
• Celexa manufactured by Forest Labs (generic form is citalopram)
• Effexor manufactured by Wyeth (generic form is venlafaxine)
• Lexapro manufactured by Forest Labs (generic form is escitalopram)
• Pristiq manufactured by Wyeth (generic form is desvenlafaxine)
• Prozac manufactured by Eli Lilly (generic form is fluoxetine)
• Zoloft manufactured by Pfizer (generic form is sertraline hydrochloride)
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: What should moms who have given birth over the last 10 years and who took anti-depressants be aware of?
Joe Flores, Attorney and FNP:
The extensive information I have reviewed reveals that mothers who have taken antidepressants during their pregnancy because they thought it was safe have given birth to babies with birth defects ranging from cleft lip to life-threatening congenital heart defects and, in some cases, the babies have been required to get full heart transplants.
Many legal and medical experts are establishing the link between antidepressants and the following congenital defects:
• Abdominal Birth Defects / Omphalocele
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Anal atresia (complete or partial closure of the anus)
• Cardiac (heart) defects
• Cleft lip and cleft palate
• Clubfoot (one or both feet turn downward and inward)
• Craniosynostosis (skull defect)
• Limb Defects
• Neural-tube defects (brain and spinal cord, spina bifida)
• PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn)

El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: Joe, what does the government say about all this?
Joe Flores, Attorney and FNP: Well, on heart and birth defects, the FDA issued a Public Health Advisory on December 8, 2005 based on U.S. and Swedish studies showing that exposure to certain antidepressants in the first trimester of pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk of heart birth defects. Most of the cardiac defects observed in these studies were atrial or ventricular septal defects, those are the top and bottom chambers of the heart, conditions in which the wall between the right and left sides of the heart is not completely developed and that can cause devastating disease and shorten a lifespan even with surgery.
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: What is PPHN?
Joe Flores Attorney and FNP: PPHN stands for Persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN) and is a serious and life-threatening lung condition that occurs soon after birth of the newborn. Babies with PPHN have high pressure in their lung blood vessels and are not able to get enough oxygen into their bloodstream. About 1 to 2 babies per 1000 babies born in the U.S. develop PPHN shortly after birth, and often they need intensive medical care.
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: How did you begin hearing about birth defects in pregnant women who took anti-depressants.
Joe Flores-Attorney and FNP: As a nurse practitioner who can prescribe drugs in association with physicians, I receive notices early on, but I also heard anecdotally through my colleagues who treat pregnant women that an alarming number were having babies with birth defects that had been on anti-depressants. Even before studies came out we knew something was wrong. One of these notices that begin my research in earnest was on July 19, 2006. On that date the FDA issued a Public Health Advisory for SSRIs, including Celexa (citalopram), Fluvoxamine, Lexapro (escitalopram), Prozac (fluoxetine), Symbyax (olanzapine and fluoxetine) and Zoloft (sertraline) based on a study that suggests there may be additional risks of SSRI medications during pregnancy. I receive this notice in the mail as I and all prescribers of medicine do throughout the country. I immediately let patients and clients and other healthcare providers know about this study. In this study, PPHN (Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn) was six times more common in babies whose mothers took an SSRI antidepressant after the 20th week of the pregnancy compared to babies whose mothers did not take an antidepressant. This was very alarming to me. Often, if you are not a lawyer you don’t hear about this soon enough and the same is true if you are a healthcare provider who is not in tune with the legal system. I am in both professions and put the two together quickly and began my mission to educate mothers and the public about this but so many suffered because of the failure to disclose this to the public by pharmaceutical companies who don’t want you to hear the truth. As healthcare prescriber I always underline that doctors and nurse practitioners prescribe drugs to their patients with trust that the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies will give us the appropriate warnings. They didn’t do this for our pregnant patients before the mid 2000’s and many women received an anti-depressant with sad results in the form of their babies having birth defects that were in my opinion, unjustified and needless.
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: What’s your message to the citizens of Texas and the U.S.?
Joe Flores-Nurse Practitioner- Attorney: People need to hear more about this. Expectant mothers on government aid as well as more affluent mothers were given anti-depressants that could injure or hurt their child and in many cases it happened.
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: Who’s responsible?
Joe Flores: Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Attorney: I believe that the pharmaceutical companies need to be held accountable. As a healthcare law lawyer and nurse practitioner, it is my duty to alert people. I encourage people to read about this and contact the lawyer of their choice for an evaluation of a claim.
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: You have a television and radio show. Can people contact you about this?
Joe Flores-Attorney and Nurse Practitioner: If people have any questions about this topic I will be glad to pass on the information I have obtained and they can visit me at my web site at or they can call me at 361.887.8670. I’m working on a documentary about this to get the word out, particularly to Latino mom’s who received these medicines unwittingly and without knowing the effects it would have on their unborn child. They can also friend me on FB and message me there or just email me. I will be doing a call in show on this type of injustice in the near future and want people to know what is going on.
El Defenzor- Homer Villarreal: Thank you for taking the time today to speak with us.
Joe Flores NP-Attorney: My pleasure.
Joe Flores is both a trial attorney and nurse practitioner who has been in the medical and legal fields for 24 years. Joe is a civil and community rights activist and has been outspoken on the issues of eugenics, disparate distribution of harmful medicines to third world countries, and minorities, and has fought against corporate profits over people for years. He received his masters degree at Texas A&M University-CC and his law degree from the number 1 rated advocacy school in the nation South Texas College of Law. Joe has also been a professor of medical-legal ethics and death and dying for Walden University in Baltimore, Maryland and Del Mar College in Corpus Christi. Joe is a national speaker on issues where medicine and the law overlap. Joe is also an advocate of the hospice movement to help families cope with their loved one’s terminal illness and to promote death with dignity. He and his wife, Priscilla, an RN, and their daughter, reside in Corpus Christi. Joe has offices in Corpus Christi, Houston, and Chicago( in association with attorneys in Illinois). He is also a director, executive producer and host of the series South Texas Crossfire which in its 8th season has a large television and internet following. He is currently working on a documentary about the role of pharmaceuticals and the use of prescription drugs and its effects on Latinos in America and risk of eugenics in the Latino community. Joe can be reached at or by visiting his web site for more information at
CONTACT HIM FOR QUESTIONS: WWW.FLORESLAWFIRM.COM , 361.887.8670 OR Facebook JOE FLORES ON MY FRIEND LIST. The preceding has been an interview created by El Defenzor under the 1st Amendment. It is not a solicitation for business for El Defenzor or the Law Offices of Joe Flores and no part of this interview should be construed as legal or medical advice. For more information or if you believe your child’s birth defect has been caused by an anti-depressant while pregnant obtain a medical evaluation immediately and contact the attorney of your choice without delay. El Defenzor cares about our children.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Nueces County, TX – Some key Republican consultants are getting vicious in attempting to gain ground and achieve victories in Nueces County, TX. They look at politics as “war” – and such a mentality has opened “old historic scars” in the community. They have channeled their campaign dollars to Hispanics with at least a small following to inflict major damage.
ONE CURRENT EXAMPLE is KTMV’s Rolando Garza. He is the host of THE ROLANDO GARZA SHOW which airs on the LOPEZ BROADCASTING station, less than a handful of days ago, made a statement he knows not to be true about the Editor of El Defenzor – Homero Villarreal Sr. He claims Mr. Villarreal when he worked as a teacher sold marijuana to students after school. Garza, official papers show has been a hired political consultant and advocate for key Republican candidates and is making statements that he knows to be unfounded to discourage an investigation into his “real” civil rights connections and affiliations.
Mr. Homero Villarreal while working for the Robstown ISD School District many years ago brought in many grants to provide afternoon classes for students and achieved a superior reputation for his efforts. Before teaching at RISD and eventually becoming a Community Education Director and At-Risk Coordinator, he was a visiting Professor at Texas A&M University and continued to teach university level classes in surrounding areas via the Continuing Education Program of the University.
KTMV’s Rolando Garza writes on facebook – www.facebook/pages/El-Defenzor/1325889438055 the above cited. Read Garza’s defamatory FACEBOOK posting below:
“…I’ve know Homoero for about 17 years or so, but he has not changed, Hey Homero tell the bloggers the story you told me, the story that when you worked as a TEACHER for the school , how you sold students marijuana after school to them and on the day of the Chicano Walk OUT DAY. Remember the day, you were laughing and telling me how crazy the administrators drove you crazy.”
Garza adds: “Want some more Storiesstay tuned to the Rolando Garza Show every Tuesday and Wednesday , Lopez Broadcasting from 6:30pm to 7:30pm every week, every month for over 17 years :)…” (note by El Defenzor: Posting by Garza has been left as posted).
The statements made above are untrue and breach all sense of propriety and civility. They mirror something much deeper than what is revealed by the veneer and social pretentions and impression management of a person by the name of Rolando Garza, but glimpse at the corruptive, dishonest nature of an organized mercenary/politiquera-like culture that has surfaced and whose sole survival in based on sordid advantage and/or merely executing a predefined agenda (of others, in this case, key Republicans) for pay.
About half a dozen years ago, a Millionaire Democrat and schooled Politico turned to the Republican Party for expedient reasons to assist in the pow wows of his sponsored candidate’s campaign – that is, his wife. He and his amigos supplied the Republican Party elite at the time with valuable insights into how these intricate politiquera systems worked within the Democrat Party in the region. [Note: The “Politiquera System” dates back to the days of the infamous Political Bosses such as the late George Parr and the late Hayden Head Sr. and others – mostly Anglos. However, the remnants of the system still remain strong in South Texas, and some have falsely associated them as being the cultural architecture of Hispanics).
The early Republican movements in the last decade were more genuine. Tom Greenwell, a local attorney and now a District Judge, ran for judge as a Republican and lost on this first attempt against Martha Huerta; but left a “good taste” (in reference to the spirit of mutualism and cooperation espoused by newly elected Republicans) who wanted to work with highly alienated regions within the Hispanic community.
Democrats, especially Hispanics, began to refer to Judge Greenwell as “Nuestro Republicanito” (our endearing Republican friend). Judge Greenwell, a bona fide “man of the people” campaigner cannot be left out of history. He stamped his seal and his moral fiber in the social walls of the day. He became the workable model for others to follow – not only Republicans. He managed to also tap in the Courthouse culture where he worked as a legal researcher dealing with appeal cases with the system. The latter effords provided and nurtured a ready-made organizational structure and annealed his identity. Additionally, the “Coffee Clubs” and “LULAC” and “GI Forum” functions he attended at local Taquerias and headquarters clearly allowed him to address and mill around a captive audience – and here he chiseled his indispensable base and augmented his chances at mobilizing sizeable support.
But there were other expedient movements that followed – that were not “Tom Greenwell-ish”. Another breed of Republican, by way of both Fil Vela’s assistance and funding frenzied (inserted note: Vela was helping his wife – Rose -- who had turned Republican be elected to the 13th Court of Appeals). Fil Vela assisted the party to win some major victories in a region that was traditionally considered a Democrat Stronghold. Fil Vela (whose father was a Federal Judge stationed in the valley and that was appointed under former President Jimmy Carter) had learned a lot about politics since an early age and Nueces County became his “playground” so to speak – first advocating for Democrat Candidates (alongside attorneys Rene Rodriguez and Terry Shamsie) later with Republicans – and surprisingly enough, he recently announced that he will be vying for a U.S. Congressional Seat as a Democrat.
Local Republicans via the assistance of local Democrats began to identify the financial “life blood” of the local Democrat Party and began to put a face to the flowcharts scribbled on green tablets for meticulous analysis. Targets were identified and via Federal and State entities frozen as clear political foes (during the Bush era Republican officials exerted a mammoth influence during the election process and began a series of legal indictments and wielding pressure in fragile parts of the regional Social and Political Structure of Democrats. Individuals who lingered on contributing to Democrat candidates like Mauricio Celis and Mikal Watts were quickly targeted and discouraged from bankrolling their party. The regional Democrat Party was left with a weak monetary base. As Attorney Thomas J. Henry told this publication: “Mauricio Celis’ big mistake was to give money to candidates. He should have remained in his luxurious office.”
But overtime as Republicans began to overcome the social distance (and began to dabble in previous taboo-ed geography) also started to develop meaningful links to others that were politically oriented to the point of expedient conversions. However in the last few years many an ambitious Republican that had funds to spare and wanted to skip the annoying model left by Tom Greenwell was left with few choices. They began to hire Rolando Garza (once affiliated with a bona fide chapter of the American GI Forum, the FELIX LONGORIA one) as a “political assistant” and funding the flamboyant ROLAND GARZA SHOW which began air on KTMV’s Lopez Broadcasting Tejano Television. “The routine was and is predictable during election season. He opens the show. Plays a civil rights/union activist for a while then begins to tell his Hispanics audience who ‘not to vote’ for in the Hispanic Community and many times vicious blasting Hispanic candidates he does not have advocate for -- calling them ‘Turkeys’, ‘Bananas’, ‘Coconut’ and other cold remarks and cruel names and even racially charged epithets such as ‘Mes si kans’. In the last few years the ,’Republican Dollars’, during election season have started coming in and sadly enough the Democrat piggybank and war chest is low due to past political repressions and fallout it took while Fil Vela was working alongside them,” a Civil rights Coordinator said. “Naturally, what upsets many is the fact that Rolando Garza is using his past ‘Civil rights’ affiliation with us to justify brutally defaming many who are known enemies or perceived threats to an elite within the Republican Party. He will fight to keep that illusive identity because it makes him in my mind more valuable to clients who are in need of his ‘political assassin’ services” especially directed at prominent Hispanics. Sponsorships from County Court At Law Brent Chesney to State Representative Todd Hunter and other Republicans have seriously hurt EL PUEBLO.
As Fil Vela left the pow wows of regional GOP, some key figures in the Republican Party (some with serious social distance problems with average Hispanics and even low-income Anglos and Blacks) had to turn to a lower echelon RECRUIT in the political hierarchy – who was willing to work with them and put out their message. In the last election, KTMV’s THE ROLANDO GARZA SHOW was bankrolled by hefty Republican dollars. However, many Republicans did not know Rolando Garza nor his bouts with the system and his classless political butchery. They began to conveniently portray him as representing the average JOSE and MARIA in the Hispanic community. KTMV’s Rolando Garza in turn validated their agenda -- flaunting and exaggerating his flatulent links to the Civil Rights Movements and suggesting that he knew what was better for them. Never did it become publically know that he was not a member of any genuine civil rights organization in the region and his reasons for leaving those organizations examined. He had a history that left a trail of smut and mistrust, according to interviews with members of various organizations.
The perception of Rolando Garza is changing as his “fiends are coming out of the closet day by day,” a former close friend of Garza said, “I know it to be true that he has become a political assassin for key figures that want to keep their power. Cuidate del el y ellos (Be careful of the bunch).”
A murky plane that craned its head recently glimpses at the above. He was found guilty in a County Court At-Law of assaulting a CCISD Law Enforcement Officer. The contradictory gap is that recently the Police Officer Association assisted in a fundraiser for Rolando Garza who said he needed help to “pay for his medical bills.” One-Hundred Dollars a plate benefit was conducted. The day before the fundraising function Rolando Garza cancels the affair. One of the persons who bought a benefit plate called this publication and question why his $100 were not returned. “What happened to the money?” – this was a question that seem to linger in the moment. “What was it really used for I wonder?”
This publication also came across records that reveal that not too long ago Rolando Garza filed an application to be considered for the Appraisal Review Board (and he felt his connections to City Council Pricilla Leal would place him at an advantage). It turns out that the entity’s attorney after a brief perusal of Garza’s background concluded something to the effect: “Rolando Garza does not meet the minimum qualifications of what the Comptroller defines as a respectable, average citizen”… It turns out that Garza had not one or even two but a multitude of past infractions. In addition, many a media entity in the area who have ventured to unveil squash or expunge legal records by judges from the Municipal Court to the District Court claim have been threatened with legal action by a few powerful attorneys that benefit and advocate for Rolando Garza. “It is not easy looking into Roland’s past because he apparently some powerful lawyers and even judges are protecting him (or going easy on him). But does this protect the communety or does it complicate the problem?”
Rolando Garza continues to play the “political assassin” as reflected in the statements he made on FACEBOOK in reference to El Defenzor and its editor. His rantings and scribblings dart without impunity at their targets and are charged with the calculated toxin of slanderous and libelous statements that are harmful and hurtful. The tolerance of LOPEZ BROADCASTING has been steadfast and loyal. “WHY?” – this question many are asking in the daily flow of social leisure talk (and platica) in conversational circles.
This publication has began to make “open records” requests to make sense of the paths and bypaths that appear to flow into an endless labyrinth. The challenge is to follow the money trail of many persons and organizations involved in these schemes and cabuls charged with the bitter brand of “political assassination” dollars. Early indications suggest that that organized groups and networks are identifiable. Daring and bold journalism is needed (MORE TO COME).

Monday, March 12, 2012


Nueces County, TX -- Rolando Garza, once an authentic member of a "Civil Rights Organization", at first was in a “denial” phase in reference to being quired by many bona fide civil rights activists and other Hispanic pillars of the community as to why he seems to be playing as "an instrument of validation" for a few powerful Republicans such as County Commissioner Mike Pusley and a minor echo for an agenda put out by Jim Lago’s radio show and entourage.
Now as persons, who once supported and had high expectations for him, are now asking him to answer questions related to being linked up with an agenda that on many an occasion vents racial frustrations against Mexican Americans and immigrants. Also in question in his participation and support for a lawsuit that sought to dilute Hispanic representation in the area via techniques such as the infamous "cracking" and "stacking" and "packaging" methods. The questions as far as to his new political posturing and lawsuit he endorsed against Hispanic Voters in Nueces County in order to aggrandize Commissioner Pusley’s district making it more Anglocentric.
“Anger” – this is the word many are using to describe his (Roland Garza's) behavior and his vicious threats via phone texting and by way of FACEBOOK to prominent officals of the court and media before a Federal Hearing on Redistricting. His text message and FACEBOOK messages reflect the vulgarity and gutter-level tactics he resorts to when seriously queried about his behavior.
Roland Garza is attempting to use “name-calling” and “vulgarities” (see previous article related to a “Text Message” he send to many pillars and even officials of the court system) to dissuade an inquiry into his apostasy. The suspected abuse of influencing public officials to make “charges go away” and “to go easy on family members who have committed infractions” and “to try and manufacture a peudo-integrity amidst the crisis of bad publicity -- how many are the things at issue.

He joined know foes of the regional civil rights movement. At other levels, he has a track record of suing and even busing bizarre methods to placate inquiries. The Caller-Times and other media entities who are quickly taken down links and articles -- he is clearly using legal intimidation -- i.e. attornies with clout and bragging about the loyalties of many a judge of his cause... Not to long ago, an infamous case lingers, in which a District Judge expunge about half a dozen charges against him. What message does it send to respectable society and other entities who dare attempt to hold him acountablity as a public figure?

Political intimidation? – Clearly, he has used it. The masses of the people in the area have to be the judge once the full picture is show of various sides in reference to this matter.
A “red-herring” tactic: Rolando Garza is now saying his “family has been attacked – especially his wife and daughter and he is going to fight back and ‘bring down many’”. The truth is that his “wife” nor “daughter” have never been the elemental issue but Rolando Garza ("the Public Figure” as he defines himself on FACEBOOK). El Defenzor did make reference to an incident in the past in which his “wife” (two TV stations reported) was charge for stationing her vehicle in a “no parking zone” and charged with various other infractions such as an expired vehicle sticker and other ones by a school police officer. It turns out that it was not his wife but his daughter – according to Vicente Carranza.

The aforementioned said and done, the issue remains that the mentioned incident involving a “family member” (to be exact) was brought up to shed light in regards to Roland Garza’s (the Public Figure's) behavior by way of his status. Still making reference to the same case: When his “family member” was cited by the police officer (Roland Garza was called to the scene via phone by the party involved to the school and upon his arrival argued and even assaulted the police officer). Garza, the self-proclaimed “Civil Rights” activist according to the law enforcement officer was asked the “family member” to illegally flee from the scene. The police officer tried to not to intervene. The officer was physically assaulted by Roland Garza (he has been formally been found guilty of such a charge in a County Court At Law Court – Judge Lisa Gonzales-Barrera's. Roland Garza says he will appeal it).

A point of clarification: This publication never used the name of any of Roland Garza’s family members (they were not the focus of this twirl on the story). Again, Rolando Garza – how many are the “red-herrings” he is rusing to attempt to avoid public accountability as a "public figure." “He does not want to be measured by the same ruler it appears” said a law enforcement officer this morning at LILA’s Restaurant in Corpus Christi.

The “Red-Herring” by Rolando Garza is to detract from the fact that he has been hired as a “consultant” in the past and in the present to assist ambitious key Republicans. More importantly, the fact lingers that he has publically taken a position and advocated on behalf of the perceived harsh "Anglocentric Agenda" in regards to a redistricting map that many feel will dilute Hispanic and minorities voting rights as Citizens of the United States of America. The federal agencies have expressed concerned in reference to redistricting maps and plans may be discriminatory in that they favor creating many a precinct Anglo Repubican candidates to win. It is the leaders electing themselves mentality at the cost of Hispanics and Minorities that is involved.
It appeared that an elite circle of Republicans needed what many Hispanic activists are calling “token-heads” (and Rolando Garza) was quick to enroll his advocacy in their cause. Republican Anglos are starting to hold the majority of many of the seats in Nueces County from Sheriff to County Judge and so forth despite the fact that Hispanic population has multiplied in numbers to acquire the majority seats. Yet the tactics of "cracking" and "stacking" and "packaging" remain in place. This county has serious issues with Gerrymandering that need to be addressed.

EL DEFENZOR insists that ROLAND GARZA needs to stop using his “civil rights” hat (self-imposed) and be held accountable for reinforcing the evils of Gerrymandering in our area. He has humiliated not only the Civil Rights Movements but the majority of the Hispanic population that stuggles in a disenfranchise mode and carries the burden of poverty on its shoulders.


ROLANDO GARZA, host of the ROLAND GARZA SHOW, AND SELF-PROCLAMED “CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST” SEND A PHONE TEXT MESSAGE THREATENING MANY ASSOCIATED WITH EL DEFENZOR and it’s editor Homero Roel Villarreal, Sr. Garza, who defines himself as a "public figure" on FACEBOOK, who has taken frivolous legal action against media entities before feels he is beyond media inquiry -- especially by El Defenzor. An official of the court who received the phone message said: "This guy is implying many of us got involved in unethical activities... He has the gull to even threaten us with the Federal Government, his best friend... heheheh. All I can say are two words: 'That is 'Rolando Mentiras" for you." The entire text send via his cell number is included below:
“Hey friends Homoero Victim Villarreal has stated comments that now told several of my people that u 2 are on board with the LIES he has spewed about me, my wife, my daughter and singled out my wife’s car, be careful he is scatter blasting / bragging /boasting in public that all of yall are in on the LIES, FYI, Someone should have a sit down cuz I ran with powerful Democrats for 20years and I won’t blink an eye to board a flight a remember all I saw and I don’t give a dammm who’s family gets screwed at the end Homo is not my problem when I get upset over LIES ,,,,
‘I can board a flight that will hit the news right in time for the voters and I take care of it , Just ask Reynolds Aluminum, George Moff and my 5 other federal victories, HE MENTIONED YALL, I DID NOT, any Democrats wants to tangle wit my family , I will deliver for FREE Courtesy of the US GOVERNMENT!’
 Rolando Garza send via text message to officers of the court and threatens other prominent figures in the community
“ I can board a flight that will hit the news right in time for the voters and I take care of it , Just ask Reynolds Aluminum, George Moff and my 5 other federal victories, HE MENTIONED YALL, I DID NOT, any Democrats wants to tangle wit my family , I will deliver for FREE Courtesy of the US GOVERNMENT! Don’t let me know anything or respond, Please Homoero is yalls Problem but he’s gunna accomplish something NO PARTY wants FED INDICTMENTS! IF ol even get a whimper from this day forward I will fly asap, asap, asap, asap , send the message since he druggy alls name into it good night my Friends and I can less who wins! God BLESS”

Saturday, March 10, 2012




In a monumental turn of events, Filemon “Blue Eyes” Vela, launching his massive congressional campaign, now has the might of Mikal Watts, the support of national defense trial lawyer Darrell Barger, and the media and political machines of the likes of attorney Joe Flores, backing his candidacy. Several wealthy and prominent trial lawyers and businessmen have also thrown down the political gauntlet behind Vela and it is whispered that the Jim Wells and Kleberg powerful political machines have been supercharged for him as well, not to mention the Rio Grande Valley.
Where did Vela come from and how has he overcome the question of his partisan leanings seemingly overnight? Several Reasons: Mikal Watts and his Good Government PAC is rising like a Phoenix from the Ashes, the Democratic party on a national scale is gaining momentum, and President Obama is gaining traction in leading the country back from the economic abyss much to the anger of stalwart Republicans who have no real candidate to vanquish Obama. Locally, men and women of influence and power remember the support, money, and political genius that lends huge clout and a huge political debt owed to Filemon Vela. One long time precinct chair remarked, “No one can mobilize the Democratic party like Filemon Vela, no one. The Republicans got a brief glimpse of his power and genius when he helped his wife and they don’t’ have a clue of what he is going to do the them.”

Those that threw tomatoes at Vela in 2006 because of his supporting his wife’s choice in parties now eat crow as these so-called Democrats have gone to the other side to support Nueces county Republican Judges such as charismatic and experienced David Stith and popular Judge Missy Medary. Also, the redistricting has cut out Nueces County as an area Vela is running in and the district is now one of San Patricio, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Rio Grande Valley and other areas. Even stalwart Democratic powerbroker Rene Rodriguez has a Democratic judge wife, Nelda Rodriguez, running for court of appeals, but has led over 3 Republican campaigns to the shock of many, and thus any fingers pointed at Vela have been made moot, watered down, and ineffective by the hypocritical actions of his detractors!
The story of Filemon Vela lies in his lifelong learning of politics and of gaining the support of the people. Vela was raised in a Democratic household and remembered the struggle of Mexican Americans. Filemon Vela in 2006 supported his wife’s choice to run as a Republican Judge, but he himself has never run for office as a Republican. Those critical of him are met with the response, “I support my lovely wife of over 20 years and will always stand by her. If a few people have a problem with me supporting my wife and her career , that is unfortunate but out of my control. We all love our spouses, children and our parents and stand by them no matter what.”
Vela’s father was a political fixture and nominated by Democratic President Jimmy Carter. He served with distinction for decades on the bench and was courageous in his fight for Mexican Americans. Filemon’s mother, Blanca Vela, was the mayor of Brownsville, Texas and remains a formidable power in the Rio Grande Valley. Vela began his legal career by studying first at prestigious and Ivy League Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. ,where he was politically active, and saw firsthand how things happen inside the Beltway. He graduated with distinction from U.T. law and began his successful career that led him to Corpus Christi, Texas where his practice thrived for years.
Vela has had landmark cases involving injured Hispanics, has stood up to major corporations, and has sued questionable contractors who endangered schools, and has given the taxpayer and school board’s throughout South Texas a voice, and saved children from injury. His track record has been made not only as a lawyer, but also as a keen political powerbroker who supported Hispanic females , primarily females who rose to power as Judges, including his wife Rose Vela, wife of Rene Rodriguez,, Nelda Rodriguez, and last but not least the present federal Judge Nelva Gonzalez Ramos in her past state races, which situated her for the federal appointment by President Obama. He has supported many more quality judges and leaders from the Democratic party which erases any doubt of his actions or deeds in many prominent Democrats’ eyes.
Vela has been quoted as saying he is a balanced candidate, but the vast majority of his professional and legal career has been as a stalwart Democrat. When his wife ran as a Republican he supported her but soon became personally disenchanted with how Republicans cut much needed programs to children, the elderly, and to the disenfranchised Hispanics in South Texas. From the county to the state level, Republicans have passed legislation and local appropriations that fly in the face of Hispanic voters and Democratic Values.
Vela reportedly stated that he could no longer stand by while this occurred and his own personal beliefs and politics, prompted him to run on the Democratic party. For years, Vela supported South Texas Democratic parties and led many Democratic candidates to victory. He was an architect of Democratic might and control and dominance over the local Republicans who as of late have run amuck led by the likes of powercrazed county commissioner Mike Pusley, who is open about anti-Mexican American sentiment and to cut much needed programs for the poor and elderly, along with his mouthpiece Lago who disrespect Mexican American Values, on white power radio.
It is clear that with Mikal Watt’s support and the support of many prominent young lawyers, who have risen to media and political prominence, support Vela who has become a force to be reckoned with in the Congressional District race that will cut a path from San Patricio to Jim Wells to Kleberg Counties and all the way down to the valley. This is the race to watch. One of his opponents, a district attorney from the Valley, has been cut at the knees with investigations and being linked to corruption, and the remaining candidates have little or no money or support, so it is Filemon Vela who is rising to power- not behind the scenes- but in Washington.
Vela is having multiple fundraisers planned with Powerbrokers in San Antonio and throughout South Texas. Even Doug Allison, multi-millionairre owner of Havana Nightclub in Downtown Corpus Christi, is reportedly having a massive fundraiser for him this coming week with men of power in attendance and to be announced as his support committee. El Defenzor has obtained a highly secure list which includes: attorneys Doug Allison, Powerbroker and National Attorney Mikal Watts, the nationally acclaimed attorney Darrel Barger, Kingpin and trial lawyer, Craig Sico, recently achieving a BILLION DOLLAR VERDICT, former Judge Terry Shamsie, media and political powerhouse and trial attorney Joe Flores, and federal and white collar crime attorney Juan Reyna, among many others. The power club support list is rumored to be within the hundreds. In Jim Wells County men such as Atkinson, Fugate of Kingsville and others are rising head and shoulders above other men to support Vela overtly or covertly.
It is whispered also that a secret meeting of supporters is scheduled at a privileged location to include the support committee noted above- rumored to be occurring possibly at Mikal Watts sky box at the San Antonio Spurs venue. Power and money going hand in hand with young men rising to power as the new generation of leaders and our becoming our very own South Texas Illuminatti.
With a mass rise of trial lawyers and businessmen in the region pumping in massive support to Vela, Filemon “Blue Eyes” Vela is situated to bring about a mass exodus of Hispanic voters who may have had in the past Republican sympathy: no more apparently. Now the machine has been turned on and the void Solomon Ortiz left is being apparently filled by a massive machine led by Vela. MORE TO COME!!!! STAY TUNED AS THIS JUGGERNAUT OF A CAMPAIGN GAINS MOMENTUM!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


NUECES COUNTY, TX -- If one could highlight the central, foundational agenda of Roland Garza, the core of his aim, it would be summed up in one word: mercenary. This has been the word many have used to describe Roland in the past few elections. That is, a mercenary who sells his influence, connections and skills for profit – and thus in turn adopts a relative moral fiber to accommodate his dark side. This mercenary culture is all around us in the Hispanic community (and one can witness it in other ethnic groups).
Today, Roland Garza, went to the extremes and filed a lawsuit to suppress Hispanic Vote Representation in the area – this (encouraged by regional Republicans such as Jim Lago and especially County Commissioner Mike Pusley (who stands to benefit -- that is, making his district "more Anglo") and Commissioner Joe McComb and an elite group that claims that “Anglos are the minority” (in terms of political power in the region). He (Roland Garza) filed a lawsuit that specifically targets and attempts to stop a lawsuit movement by four Hispanics who want to ensure the Hispanic Vote is not diluated in the region by the whims and importunity of certain overly ambitious persons in the Republican establishment.
Before filing the lawsuit, Roland Garza when on his show and made bizarre arguments in a failed attempt to rationalize his support for the LAGO Republican elite crowd. But it is also important for Roland Garza to keep “one foot” on the turf of the Democrat Party and the Civil rights Movement. Why? This link makes him more valuable to key Republicans and legitimizes past and future manipulatory political endeavors.

Roland Garza is especially irate that his Republican client -- Mike Pusley's district at least -- is being kept from gaining more Anglo vote via redistricting plans by the Department of Justice and the lawsuit by four Hispanics does not help matters. The objection from the Department of Justice orbits on blantantly shuffling and moving two primarily Anglo voting districts. The county's map moves voting districts 42 and 63, where the majority of voters are Anglo and Republican, from Precinct 3 to Precinct 1. It also moved voting district 61, where the majority is Hispanic, from Precinct 1 to Precinct 3. How expedient! -- this is the murmur.

But there are still many a dark cloud that hovers over Roland Garza’s head. About two weeks he was found guilty of “Assault” against a CCISD Police Officer. He feels he can con the courts in that he feels his connections to Rene Rodriguez are still ever alloyed. Rene Rodriguez’ wife sits n the 13th Court of Appeals and Fil Vela’s and who knows if something can be done if it reaches that level. These Judges are wives to two individuals that have hired him as a political mercenary in the past. There are also local media entities trying to open "squashed" and politically "sealed" court records stored in a hash from the Municipal Court to the County Court At-Laws to the District Courts. Many a political indiscretion have been suppressed due to political cacoonery many suspect.
Roland Garza is no “JOE THE PLUMBER” – this is the what circulates at top clock speed in the community. Check this link out...
But what makes Roland Garza’s different from the less attractive illusory artist?
He has not only put the Civil Rights and Union-oriented organizations and Social Activist movements in a bad light but has made it implicitly and explicitly clear that they can be put up for sale. He has created what some of the most unscrupulous businesses and corrupt government officials have done in the past – he has created what in Political Science is known as a “FRONT PERSON” or “FRONT GROUP”. If one Googles or Yahoos the internet for a definition of the term, it describes the operations and facades Roland Garza has put together. A FRONT PERSON or FRONT GROUP is a person claiming to represent a made-up or hoax cause or group put together to advocate for a usually “hidden” power group – the “hidden” power group finds creative ways to channel funds via advertisements or sponsorships to keep the pseudo (or false) organizational effort by a person or persons running.
Some use the term “ASTRO-TURFING” to describe this phenomenon. The individual (or individuals) used to represent the average persons in the community is usually bribable. The employer or supporting the pre-defined elite portray the FRONT PERSON as the average JOE or MARY (or in Spanish: “Jose or Maria”) – a JOE THE PLUMBER equivalent used by the John McCain campaign in a past presidential election. The “Front Person” or “Front Group” is generalized by the elite leaders (quarterbacking the manipulative operation) to be not only representative of a large target population (they intend to slyly persuade) but claim they have wide-spread support or sympathizers. In this case, ROLAND GARZA “THE ACTIVIST” is used to present the general masses of Hispanics in the region.
What is Roland’s Motivation?
Roland Garza has found a niche and livelihood in playing such the role. He claims to be a Civil Rights Leader of a non-existing civil rights organization: Apparently, he made it up. All the civil rights leaders interviewed in the area claim he is not associated with any of them – and a few claim they ostracized him after discovering his dark side and aberrancy in his disposition of dealing with sensitive matters. Roland Garza claims to be a “union leader” and apparently on a frequent basis mills around with an elite (who bankrolls his ASTRO-TURFING) that is anti-union and anti-collective bargaining. He calls in to shows like Jim Lago’s radio program to validate an anti-Civil rights, anti-Minority Conscious Redistricting Plan, Anti-Immigrant agenda. County Commissioner Mike Pusley, while on Lago’s show braided the Hispanic County Commissioners for questioning the Republican’s Redistricting Plan and publically chided them mercilessly… A few minutes later, Roland Garza calls in (this call is stark pointer of the above arguments) praising Commissioner Pusley for standing up against Redistricting referring to him (Pusley) as “One of the best Commissioners on the Nueces County Commissioners Court”.
Front Persons and Con artists profit through deception. They stretch out and twist the truth, bamboozle and dupe people into thinking they are supporting cause that will benefit the community or the public good, when they are the ones who will be profiting both financially and socially. If that does not work the first time around, they will take advantage of our weaknesses -- loneliness, insecurity, poor health or simple unawareness. The only thing more important to a Front Person than perfecting a con is perfecting a total lack of conscience – lacking of respect for the credibility and efforts of sincere persons who contributed to a bona fide social cause.
And the question lingers, “Do you know this man – Roland Garza -- who claims to be a “Civil rights and “Union” and “La Raza Unida” leader? How he tries to use the political influence he has mustered up by being involved in politics and the limelight of KTMV Tejano Television. Not too long ago he appeared in a few TV station being arrested at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL at CCISD for physically trying to push aside a Female Law Enforcement Officer, after the officer was trying to charge his wife/daughter for having parked her car in a non-parking zone and for having an expired inspection sticker and being in violation of a few others infractions. Roland Garza told his wife/daughter to “leave” and evade the law. The wife/daughter was soon tailed by law enforcement and charged also.
One might think you can spot a “Front Person” (or even a Con Artist) because he is someone one instinctively "doesn’'t trust." But the term” Front Person” as “con artist” seems to be short for confidence artist -- they gain your confidence just long enough to persuade or influence you to go along with them. They can be very charming and persuasive. A good Front Person can even make you believe he is really “an old trusted friend you haven't seen in years.” Less than a handful of weeks ago the Police Officer Association was bamboozled into raising money to pay for Roland Garza’s medical bills. Plates were sold at $100 a piece. At the last money, Roland Garza, a Front Person as unpredictable as ever, cancels the event. A few of the customers have been asking for their money back and it has not been returned.
Front Persons and illusory artists do share certain characteristics, however. Even the best of them can only go on for so long before people start getting suspicious. For that reason, illusory Front Persons tend to move frequently. They may have a job that allows this, or they might claim to have such a job. Socio-Political activist, traveling salesman, videographer and a multitude of others are all parts illusory artists play to cover up their constant relocations.
Roland Garza has been in many an organization that has shunned him after a short spell or they have distance themselves from him. From the credible American GI Forum to Progressives (WE THE PEOPLE Crowd) to LA RAZA UNIDA members and various other unions he has been rejected and at the present chapter he stills claims to be a “Civil Rights” and “Union” leader with an organization that does not exist or at least does in the fantastic imagination of his mind. Last year or the year before he (Roland Garza) submitted an application (after he felt his friend’s Councilwoman Pricilla Leal’s influence would help land an appointment on the Appraisal District Board). The entity’s attorney said something to the effect, he “did not meet the minimum definition of what the comptroller mean by average, respectable citizen”… Roland Garza, the attorney had discovered after a brief perusal of his past and discovered not one or two infractions and bouts with the law but a multitude. Many were shocked because they had not looked at the string of paperwork documenting his background from “DWI” to coyola.
Roland Garza attempted to defend himself against the editorials and articles posted by El Defenzor newspaper. He even went as far as to quote VICENTE CARRANZA, host of “Verdades Y Chismes” on 104.9 FM. He claimed Carranza had inspired him to take a “BIPPARTISAN” POSITION ON ISSUES. His present behavior HE CLAIMS, in other words, mirrored CARRANZA’s AIM.
CARRANZA, after being reached via phone by El Defenzor said: “I read the first series of articles by El Defenzor on the present Roland Garza and I know them to be all true. He should just leave me out of predicament and be a big man and face them on his own. Don’t allow him to entangled me in things gone wrong – they are all of his own doing.”


While Roland "Meniras" Garza ("Mentiras" as some are jestingly labeling him), the so-call "Civil Rights Leader of Leaders" files to suppress Hispanic Voters here regionally, The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest and largest Latino membership organization in the United States, filed suit today against the State of Texas challenging the manner in which redistricting for the United States House of Representatives, the State House of Representatives and the Texas State Board of Education have been drawn or will be drawn.

LULAC attorneys including Luis Vera, Jose Garza, Rolando Rios & George Korbell have been working since last November on the redistricting process in Texas. Once the 2010 Census figures for Texas were made public, George Korbell drew redistricting maps that were used by Texas LULAC leaders in their testimony before the state legislature. These maps made clear that the four new congressional districts that Texas gained as a result of its fast growing Hispanic population, could be drawn in a manner that would create four new Latino performing districts.

The organization released a written statement to El Defenzor: “For 82 years, LULAC has worked to defend the voting rights of Latinos in the state of Texas and throughout the nation,” stated Margaret Moran, LULAC National President. “The lawsuit filed by LULAC today against Texas will ensure that Latinos in Texas benefit from the new districts that state gained as a result of Hispanic population growth.”

LULAC joins by way of intervention the suit filed originally by the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


[He has been stigmatized as being used by key Republicans to “validate” their agenda and to serve as their “political assassin”.]
Nueces County, TX – DENIAL:this is the state of mind Roland Garza was at his KTMV Tejano TV SHOW yesterday. He is in psychological denial in reference to the accusation made by many Civil Rights Leaders and organizations that he has in effect put up the “Civil Rights” and “union movement” and “Chicano Movement” up “for sale” to the highest bidder in the political arena. In the last two elections, the highest bidders seem to have been key ambitious Republicans who will use anybody to achieve their career objectives.
How Roland Garza stood there before his nebulous camera and tried to defend himself against the claim that he is being used to “VALIDATE” a vicious agenda against specific targets – mostly Mexican Americans. Roland Garza’s show is being funded mostly by a few key Republicans during election season -- yet playing the con-game he is claiming between the lines that he is a "Democrat"... typical JOSE on the street. He said "His Lord" told him how to best be the leader and server of humanity ... Wow! Comparing himself to Moses...? Is this the 101 of how to be a typical con artist?... Yet, seriously the stark truth, a trail of paperwork shows Roland Garza was a paid consultant for key Republicans while serving as a precinct chair for the Nueces County Democratic Party – something that is clearly unethical and goes against state policies. Yet Roland Garza, many now describe him, as seeking "naive" people to con with his twisted dogma that he has insight into ultimate truth.
On his show he attempted without success to defend himself against our last editorial. He put on this “denial” state of airs and implied he was still a “Democrat” and a “Union Leader” and a “Civil Rights” Leader and a La Raza Unida Movement activist and an “impartial” media person and a ship load of other things. Despite the aforementioned, he (who used to publically tail after the late Dr. Xico Garcia, brother to the founder of the American GI forum, to publically hector and humiliate him in the most callous and insensitive manner) could not as in the past summon convincing mirages and logical arguments to make to righteous defend himself. Why? Because he knows he has a closet full of fiends waiting to reveal themselves. One by one they are waiting to crane their head out of the dark closet and share a historic glimpse of who Roland Garza is all about in the existential moment… Recently the Police Officers Association sponsored a function to help Roland Garza to paid for his “medical expenses” (he has an eye injury). Plates were sold at $100 each. Roland Garza cancelled the function at the last minute yet there were some complaints from customers that their money was not returned. A person who bought a plate requested his $100 dollars back in our last article. The poor accounting practices at the function cast a bad breath on the suspicious favoritism. Many point out that not too long ago Roland Garza came out in various TV station for defying law enforcement and was arrested for asking his wife/daughter to evade the scene (to escape being give a series of tickets ranging from expired license to expire stickers and so forth).
Roland Garza avoids those whom stood quiet in the past and now are asking that he answer for many an public act?
Why? Because he (Roland Garza) knows he is not an “average Hispanic” as County Commissioner Mike Pusley and other socially distant (from the Hispanic Community) Republicans spin doctors have claimed in the past. Most importantly, Roland Garza, many an activist in various social causes, are openly admitting he is a phony. Many are tired of “bullies” in political campaigns and are calling him out. One of the criticisms is that Roland Garza begins to equate himself with historic activists such as Cesar Chavez and Dr. Hector P. Garcia and others who genuinely had a higher cause in the human rights movement. One activist yesterday told a crowd: “Let it be resoundingly clear that Roland Garza does not, nor has else spoken ‘for El Pueblo Hispano.’ As the community has become aware of his inflated and braggadocios statements. He – the man that was turned down when he applied for the Appraisal Review Board for not meeting the “minimum qualification” of a good candidate -- is being reviewed and taken apart like a substandard onion and is being demystified peeled layer by layer – his whole ‘impression management’ swindle game is being exposed for what it is – that is, an illusory ruse.”
To witness Roland Garza’s Jackel and Hyde alter ego, many an observer, claim just to listen to Radio Jim Logo’s Show – an anti-union, anti-collective bargaining, anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic Heritage Month, anti-Democrat show – where he (Roland Garza) calls in on a regular basis praising them (Logo and Pusley for their excellent leadership and position in the community). The next moment when Roland Garza gets off the air he claims to be a “union” leader and a “Chicano Movement Civil rights activist” and "women's right's activist" and "Afro-American Rights Activist" and "anti-Corporate America activist" -- anything but a Republican -- better stated, troubleshooter and political validator for the regional key Republicans. The contradictions are flatulent to the point of mounting in compressed volume and the very simple laws of moral accountability have to deflate them to eventually achieve equilibrium.
And the above might glimpse at a few key chapters of Roland Garza’s lifespan and his relationships with organizations and others involved in politics and social causes. There is a Mexican saying: “Pero que ladra, no muerde (translation: “The Dog that barks too much, does not bite”). Many describe Roland Garza as someone who gets on his “bully pulpit” of a show (and his “who not to vote for” mostly in the Hispanic Community) as if trying to erase images of where he comes from, a disdain for many a leader in the Hispanic community and especially Democrats (at the moment). He turns right around during his harangues and praises and sycophants to known persons who contradict the ideology he tells the community he stand for on a regular basis.
The system from the courthouse to the police house to city hall many a mockery has been made. “When a person sacrifices his principles to be a paid political mercenary, one loses one’s integrity,” a member of Workforce Corporation told this publication.
During his show Roland Garza quoted Talk Radio Host Vicente Carranza of 104.9 FM to try to rationalize his existence. Vicente Carranza response was concise and expressed tough-love: “He (Roland Garza) got himself into that mess. Let him be man enough to get himself out. He should leave me out of it!”
County Commissioner Joe McComb appeared in Jim Lago’s radio show claiming that the “redistricting move” by Republicans is not anti-Hispanic but related to politics. Roland Garza, who has been a daily staple legitimizing and echocing a special agenda, is now cited as saying that “su raza” (Hispanic/Minorities) should stop the crying over this issue. In a past radio show (Jim Lago’s) dealing with redistricting Roland Garza praised Commisioner Mike Pusley as being “one of the best commissioners” for standing up against the redistricting plan of Democrats. The pattern here is obvious – Roland Garza the self-proclaimed “Civil Rights” and “Union” and “La Raza Unida” leader of the region has become the validator of the onslaught on minorities by ambitious key Republicans.
But can it be truly conceived (or is it just a marage that the “civil rights” and “Union” ideals) have been put up for sale? Beware of being a victim of con artists involved in the field of social activism -- one can always point to the "Charmer". A "Charmer"(con artist) seeks to be perceived as good before the camera because he desperately needs to believe he is good, because he fears he is not. Roland Garza, despite the social pretensions and the self-denials, many genuinely believe seeks to be perceived as good in order to get what he wants. He is trying to use kindness as a smoke screen to troubleshoot himself out of his troubles. He is not a master manipulator but is desperately trying to zero in on others’ point of weaknesse. To lay heavy guilt trips on anyone who confronts his bad behavior in the recent past. He is starting to use irrational and irrelevant arguments if confronted. This he did in his last TV show that aired on KTMV Tuesday evening.

(More on tomorrow’s editorial). SIGNED: HOMER VILLARREAL SR.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Editorial: Do WE Really Know Roland Garza? "Please Return My $100!"

“ROLAND GARZA, Refund My $100 For The Plate I Bought To Help You!”
Nueces County, TX – Roland Garza, who has become a shady public figure, due to the fact that he has a show on KTMV (sponsored mostly by key Republicans) is now the talk at most political circles. A function was held at his request to help him pay for his “medical bills” – plates were sold at $100 each. Due to the humanitarian slant he spiced up his “fast talking” request even the Police Officers Association became involved. Roland Garza – as unpredictable as ever – cancels the function at the last minute. “But where is the money that was raised?” – this is the question being asked.
An angry and disappointed Nueces County employee called this publication (El Defenzor) and specified that he bought a plate to “help Roland out” but since the function was cancelled he wanted his “$100” return – pronto. He said he saw Roland Garza in his brand new vehicle, a lime green Camero, and tried to follow him but could not keep up with the animated swiftness.
The employee added: “This incident has made me ask: ‘Do I really, really know Roland Garza? Upset as I was, I get up the next morning and turned on the radio and as I am turning the knob at random I hear his (Roland’s voice) on the Jim Lago Radio Show. As slyly bouncy as ever Roland is praising County Commissioner Mike Pusley for his job and slamming Democrats for questioning the ‘Redistricting issue – that many of the general masses feels dilutes the Mexican American voice and that of other minorities… Be that as it may, I began chanting in my car as I listened to the show, ‘Roland where is my money? BUT I realized at that moment that something much more is involved here – words like ‘tappy’, ‘misleading’, ‘artful’ came to mind… Yet I had a bias, I want my money back.”
Who is this shady public figure? A Civil Rights Leader? Union Leader?
Of course not! Joe Ortiz, a civil rights coordinator for over a decade and a half for the American GI Forum and LULAC, said Roland Garza is not a member of any of the regional organizations. “He is out on his own doing his own thing. The agenda from a credible civil rights organization he does not carry… He makes up his own.. The title is one he imposed on himself, making a mockery of the organizations – yet he is cunning enough many believe he is legitimately tied into a respectable organization.”
Civil Rights Coordinator Ortiz is disenchanted in that initially he had great expectations for Roland Garza when he first met him – taking him on as an assistant in that Ortiz was too busy at the time with the pressing demands of other responsibilities. But those high aspirations were soon puffed into the distance like cobwebs when he saw a deviant, guileful side to Roland Garza. The day came when Roland Garza publically “tongue-lashed” the late Dr. XICO Garcia to the point of what was considered an act of cruelty by many activists. Bullying the late Dr. Xico (brother to the founder of the American GI Forum – Hector P. Garcia) on many an occasion. It was normatively perceived as incorrect in that Dr. Xico was elderly and had a heart condition. According to Agnes Horne (early founding activist of the American GI Forum), he (Dr. Xico) before passing on (due to a major heart attack) was listening to a harangue again him on Spanish radio. “I will never forget that day. I saw an organized poison that was now inside our own community.”
Later, Roland Garza tried to link with the extreme leftists and then the unions; then the remnants of La Raza Unida; then joined the “WE THE PEOPLE” and milled around with know state party SOCIALISTS who want to transform the institutions of America and want to do away with the military and the Free Enterprise System – but even many within those extremists groups caught a peek beyond Roland Garza’s impression management, and with time eyed the back region of who he really was: stratified and distanced themselves from him.
After being brushed aside from credible civil rights circles, Roland Garza tried to reintegrate himself in the political scene using his friend’s influence – Councilwoman Pricilla Leal – to make deals and rebrand himself in the public eye. Many established political observers with a high moral fiber feel that Councilwoman Leal seems has a sincere cause and is perceived as a highly respectable official. However, many feel her only drawback was that Roland was someone she knew and he (Roland) took advantage of the relationship. Roland Garza went as far as to use it for lobbying and landing deals behind her back. She might have been quite aware of it but she at first took it with a grain of salt. During this course of time he was orbited by powerful movers and shakers of the city and county, so he decided to latched on in the past two elections to key Republicans who were looking for hook a Mexican American “Joe The Plumber”-type recruit affiliated with the Democratic Party that would echo and validate their agenda – but did they really know about his dappled track record?
Roland Garza, feeling he was a pillar of respectable society and a sleek power-broker, submitted an application to sit in the Appraisal District Review Board. But after a brief perusal of Roland Garza’s application by the entity’s attorney he was turned down… The attorney, after noticing Roland Garza had not one or two encounters with the law as well as past infractions, concluded: “Roland Garza does not meet the minimum qualifications of the definition the Comptroller expects….” Many in the community that found out were shocked because they only knew about the Roland Garza in the limelight (and many had fallen for slick marketing and had a somewhat “positive” bias injected with all the spin doctoring of Roland Garza) and had never bothered to look at his past record – especially his encounters with the law – his apostasy to those who had brought him on board in mainstream organizations.
His own political “buddies” circle has even caught been verbally victimized by his wrath: he called Abel Alonzo – “Es Puro Republicano” and “A billboard on wheels”… John Longoria, he called him “Coconut of the Month” and “Turkey of the Month”. Amusing and entertaining? Abel Alonzo, was so upset at one time, that he went as far as to a statement to El Defenzor in years past that Roland Garza was trying to knock him out of his wheelchair and hurt him physically after a Coffee Club session.
Roland Garza, kept low key for a few months and then set out in his course again – hooking up with a sector of the community that had been too historically and socially distant to know about El Pueblo’s history). He chose to latch on to County Commissioner Mike Pusley, an overly ambitious Republican that wants to climb the latter of the political arena quickly. Here, with this power clique, Roland Garza found a ready-made clientele, a loaded “cottage industry” so-to-speak to fund his new sly endeavor – “The Roland Garza Show” on KTMV – a Tejano TV Station (a show dedicated to push out “Who Not To Vote For”). And KTMV (a television that is struggling to stay afloat amid a tough economy) accommodated him due to expediency.
Republicans had regrouped, especially the well-funded CITIZENS AGAINST LAWSUIT ABUSE movement under the key leadership of a couple -- Mike and Connie Scott. Angelica Hernandez has been supposedly recruited by Mike Scott to run first (unsuccessfully) against Bobby Galvan and then against District Judge Manuel Banales (who to Angelica’s advantage had received a mount full of bad publicity after he was involved in a vehicle incident that result in injuries to a state employee). Key Republicans needed to validate their party especially at a time that the “anti-Mexican, Anti-Immigrant” xenophobic fervor was high and being pontificated by extremist zealots. Ambitious Key Republicans, on the other hand, needed a Mexican American “token-head” (as a politico put it) to validate their agenda. They needed someone (a Mexican American) to POSITION as an equivalent of “Joe The Plumber”(used by the McCain strategists in a past Presidential Election). They needed someone they wanted to position as representing the “Average Jose and Maria” who would validate their whims.
Angelica Hernandez, who knew Roland Garza well and about his present predicament and had worked alongside him in the past, brought him into the fold for a very specific purpose – to pull on a single string (that is, D-FLAT) on a pre-turned political harp. The key Republicans themselves did not know much about Roland Garza’s past and his bouts with the law and the “squashing” of his records at the courthouse and municipal courts by alleged politicos who owned him favors. They taught he was a typical “Joe The Plumber” and looked bribable enough to pull on the “D-Flat” note
Roland Garza was hired as “political consultant” by key Republicans (and there is a hefty paper trail to confirm this point) while still serving (against State policies) as a Democratic Precinct Chair… State policies dictate that a Democratic Precinct Chair cannot receive money from the Republican Party nor their candidates. Roland Garza refused to step down after being asked, and unethically grasped on to the title because he needed it to use it in his show to legitimize his statements of supporting Republican colleagues over Democratic ones. Rose Meza Harrison, Democratic Chair of Nueces County at the time, after reading our previous article, said: “I had to replace him because he was clearly in violation of state policies.”
“For a moment, put aside Roland Garza serving as a paid consultant for key Republicans and being an echo for Conservative Radio Jim Lago’s rants and serving to validate a Republican’s elite agenda – and ask the question: ‘Do I really know Roland Garza? The one before me today, not the one I had impressions of yesterday?’” – this is the question now being asked by both Democrats and Republicans as well as Independents. But the question remains: “Why would law enforcement officers contribute their time to make a fundraiser to pay Roland Garza’s bills and knowing he has defied police instructions in the past and asked his close family members to do so also?
A disenchanted Police Officer interviewed by this publication said: “Is it time law enforcement start being relative in the application of favors and the law and put aside political expediency and union interests in favor of a much larger cause -- the public good and thus and so practice a universal code in applying the constitution of the United States of America. Law enforcement should be a helping agent, not reinforce cunning, harming agent to the community just because they want to placate play sly politicos. If a fund-raiser (where tickets amounting to $100 a plate were sold), should or shouldn’t Law Enforcement return the money in all fairness to the parties who purchased them in good will?”
Clearly a deviant culture is taking root because even those inside the system are legitimizing the bullies on the political pulpit who mercilessly target and silence those voices that are not to their advantage.
(In a Subsequent Article We Will Be Looking At The Money Trail to fund THE ROLAND GARZA SHOW).

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Is Roland Garza, a man who has reached the public stage as a public figure, a “voice” for the common HISPANIC or a political assassin of Hispanics associated with the Democratic Party-- or is an opportunist elite trying to brand him as such? Many a Republican have been misled to believe this is the case.
Nueces County, TX – It has become obvious in the past two elections that Roland Garza, who has a show on KTMV, has become a sounding board for what he claims are “Hispanic Issues and Culture” – but just look at his “guest list” and who he “targets”: he is always representing a Republican Colleague above a Democrat.
At first when Joe Ortiz, civil rights coordinator for a few regional civil rights organizations recruited him to join the cause – Ortiz as well as many others had great expectations. But early on he was surrounded and supervised and yes “policed” by colleagues of the Civil Rights Community. He kept the norm. But as the layers of who he was were gradually revealed and his obstinate side and involvement with a loud swarm, and his shocking habits were exposed, things changed.
Why has Roland lashed on to key Republicans ( beforehand he lashed on to JOE ORTIZ, civil rights coordinator, and other activists)?
He called in to a CONSERVATIVE RADIO TALK SHOW (Jim Lago’s) this morning. It seemed to have been staged (but let our readers judge for themselves). He – implied he was still a DEMOCRATIC PRECINCT CHAIR (amazing?) – and criticized Democrats and specifically a commissioner (Democrat) for questioning and asking the floor to address the “redistricting” issue which Republican Nueces County Judge Loyd Neal unduly tabled. It was an important issue a commissioner – a Democrat -- was questioning and was additionally asking for the “attorney” that was hired to deal with the issue (who he felt had done a “poor job”) be held accountable and his respective contract be meticulously reviewed. Garza, praised County Commissioner Mike Pusley (a Republican colleague again) for doing an “excellent” job.
Roland claims to be affiliated with a few lawyers and does video depositions for them. Those citizens who do not know any better – believe he is highly functional and a brilliant role model involved with a mainstream Civil Rights Organization. Joe Ortiz, a civil rights coordinator for over a decade, asked, about Roland Garza’s affiliations with the human rights movement replied – i.e, Ortiz added: “Roland is out doing his thing, no organization that I know of has him on board. He seems to be using the title to aggrandize his name and his status for without it he would not be able to function at this sensitive level.”
A member of a local association told this publication: “Roland claims is sick from an eye (and so he is) and the police officers association got together and other prominent members of the community to sell $100 dollar plates. The fund-raising function was supposed to take place recently. He (Roland) canceled at the last minute. When asked about accountability, no one seems to know who did the accounting and where the money is that I know of… Fundraisers of this nature should be conducted more professional and especially when police officers are involved and they are doing it for a person (Roland) who not too long ago was arrested for telling his wife/or daughter (two TV station reported it was the "wife" but Vicente Carranza claims it was his daughter in actuality) who was illegally parked at a local elementary to leave and ignore the law enforcement officer present. The car – driven by Roland’s wife/daughter had an expired sticker and other infractions were also involved… He got arrested for physically moving aside or forcing aside a local CCISD police officer… This is the Roland Garza I know – Does he speak for me? Of course not. Why do police officers assist a man(who disobeys law enforcement) and that drives a lime green Camero (2011 or 2012) which I surmised is being partially paid by political dollars (Republican)?” The source added: “Contrary to what he says, research shows he is not a civil rights leader in the classical sense of being affiliated with an organized non-profit status organization. He has helped in the past… but those days are long and gone.”
Key Republicans have even voiced that Roland Garza can be bought to sell and validate their agenda. But despite the criticisms Roland Garza claims he is a CIVIL RIGHTS leader and advocates for the average HISPANIC that has been oppressed. “ Is he having delusions of grandeur?” Joe Ortiz, regional Civil Rights Leaders for the American GI Forum and LULAC #1 said it better: “What I recruited back then to work alongside me has gone on his own and become a cult of personality – plain and simple.”
It is easy enough to find out about Roland Garza one member of the Appraisal Board said: “He applied for the ARB (Appraisal Review Board) for Nueces County. The Appraisal District’s attorney did a background check on Roland Garza and concluded openly: “He (Roland Garza) does not meet the basic definition of what the Comptroller defines as ‘minimal qualifications’”. The attorney had found that Roland Garza has not one or two infractions in his record but various.
ROLAND’s Anxiety “Purged” By Former Judge Maricela Saldana?
One of the few Democrats Roland Garza supported in the last election was former District Judge Maricela Saldana that was seeking reelection to a Judgeship – at least he gave lip-service to it. Why? Judge Saldana “purged” a great deal of his anxiety when she stopped legal action taken against him for a publically thwarting incident that he was barefacedly involved in and could have enervated him to the point of being revealed before the masses of the public (according to sources that orbit the courthouse on a daily basis). Instead, as many a case in the past (like the “Oak-Park Incident,” it was dealt with so-called favoristic “discretion” and the matter was put to rest. “So what! Why not for Roland Garza?,” a cynic lawyer who is loosely acquainted with him ranted. There is a larger issue of the community becoming upset at many an attorney covering open acts of deviancy that are harming not helping the community in any salubrious way. “Republicans, need to look at his background,” a local radio commentator said, “It will soon blow up in our face. County Commissioner Mike Pusley needs to stop the sycophanting for political expediency.”
Is Roland Garza a hired political assailant for key Republicans?
Roland Garza has been positioned to “speak for most of the average Joses and Marias – Mexican Americans” and is clearly being used to validate, as was witnessed in Jim Lago’s show this morning: a stark, monopolistic agenda engendered on by Commissioner Mike Pusley and a few others.
Roland Garza’s show on KTMV is no long about what positive role models to mold our children after nor whom to vote for in our community nor primarily about genuine “civil rights” cases – it is more about who “not to vote for” -- and the “not” is usually a crazy quilt of names/candidates that seem to have been marked as targets of political expediency by an elite far-removed from the traditional community. This elite group turns to Roland from their tenebrific enclosed room filled with bad Karma.
CLEARLY, the answer is obvious – he disobeys law enforcement officers openly, was bluntly turned down as a candidate for consideration to sit on the Appraisal Review Board because of his past history of infractions and shady involvements, and that calls off costly fund-raisers (at the last minute) to supposedly pay for his own medical bills.
TO CONCLUDE THIS EDITORIA – to recap: “Yes, Roland Garza got involved with activists in collective bargaining in the past. Aging activists in the civil rights community had great expectations for him – but most of the key leaders interviewed suggest that he “failed the test” of stable long term commitment to the cause. Roland has been placed in adjudicated probation and/or something similar in the past and his record might have been expunged a few times – but enough is enough. At first he used to come across as trying to help the average person or worker, but he has long dropped his cause in the historic trash can and displaced his initial goals. The Roland Garza of today has become perceived by many as a political “hit man for hire” and an convenient validating mouthpiece for Pusley and others on Talk Radio that consider him to be bribable. Roland Garza has become branded as a deviant political mercenary by many activists that will stoop to gutter-level tactics to forward an agenda charged with the cold and callous and insensitive vested interest of stigmatized political vipers.”
THE “MONEY TRAIL” – this publication will be making open records requests in reference to the above matter and more important to let our readers know who is “bank-rolling” the slaughter of many a candidate (mostly HISPANICS) in our community.