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Nueces County, TX – Some key Republican consultants are getting vicious in attempting to gain ground and achieve victories in Nueces County, TX. They look at politics as “war” – and such a mentality has opened “old historic scars” in the community. They have channeled their campaign dollars to Hispanics with at least a small following to inflict major damage.
ONE CURRENT EXAMPLE is KTMV’s Rolando Garza. He is the host of THE ROLANDO GARZA SHOW which airs on the LOPEZ BROADCASTING station, less than a handful of days ago, made a statement he knows not to be true about the Editor of El Defenzor – Homero Villarreal Sr. He claims Mr. Villarreal when he worked as a teacher sold marijuana to students after school. Garza, official papers show has been a hired political consultant and advocate for key Republican candidates and is making statements that he knows to be unfounded to discourage an investigation into his “real” civil rights connections and affiliations.
Mr. Homero Villarreal while working for the Robstown ISD School District many years ago brought in many grants to provide afternoon classes for students and achieved a superior reputation for his efforts. Before teaching at RISD and eventually becoming a Community Education Director and At-Risk Coordinator, he was a visiting Professor at Texas A&M University and continued to teach university level classes in surrounding areas via the Continuing Education Program of the University.
KTMV’s Rolando Garza writes on facebook – www.facebook/pages/El-Defenzor/1325889438055 the above cited. Read Garza’s defamatory FACEBOOK posting below:
“…I’ve know Homoero for about 17 years or so, but he has not changed, Hey Homero tell the bloggers the story you told me, the story that when you worked as a TEACHER for the school , how you sold students marijuana after school to them and on the day of the Chicano Walk OUT DAY. Remember the day, you were laughing and telling me how crazy the administrators drove you crazy.”
Garza adds: “Want some more Storiesstay tuned to the Rolando Garza Show every Tuesday and Wednesday , Lopez Broadcasting from 6:30pm to 7:30pm every week, every month for over 17 years :)…” (note by El Defenzor: Posting by Garza has been left as posted).
The statements made above are untrue and breach all sense of propriety and civility. They mirror something much deeper than what is revealed by the veneer and social pretentions and impression management of a person by the name of Rolando Garza, but glimpse at the corruptive, dishonest nature of an organized mercenary/politiquera-like culture that has surfaced and whose sole survival in based on sordid advantage and/or merely executing a predefined agenda (of others, in this case, key Republicans) for pay.
About half a dozen years ago, a Millionaire Democrat and schooled Politico turned to the Republican Party for expedient reasons to assist in the pow wows of his sponsored candidate’s campaign – that is, his wife. He and his amigos supplied the Republican Party elite at the time with valuable insights into how these intricate politiquera systems worked within the Democrat Party in the region. [Note: The “Politiquera System” dates back to the days of the infamous Political Bosses such as the late George Parr and the late Hayden Head Sr. and others – mostly Anglos. However, the remnants of the system still remain strong in South Texas, and some have falsely associated them as being the cultural architecture of Hispanics).
The early Republican movements in the last decade were more genuine. Tom Greenwell, a local attorney and now a District Judge, ran for judge as a Republican and lost on this first attempt against Martha Huerta; but left a “good taste” (in reference to the spirit of mutualism and cooperation espoused by newly elected Republicans) who wanted to work with highly alienated regions within the Hispanic community.
Democrats, especially Hispanics, began to refer to Judge Greenwell as “Nuestro Republicanito” (our endearing Republican friend). Judge Greenwell, a bona fide “man of the people” campaigner cannot be left out of history. He stamped his seal and his moral fiber in the social walls of the day. He became the workable model for others to follow – not only Republicans. He managed to also tap in the Courthouse culture where he worked as a legal researcher dealing with appeal cases with the system. The latter effords provided and nurtured a ready-made organizational structure and annealed his identity. Additionally, the “Coffee Clubs” and “LULAC” and “GI Forum” functions he attended at local Taquerias and headquarters clearly allowed him to address and mill around a captive audience – and here he chiseled his indispensable base and augmented his chances at mobilizing sizeable support.
But there were other expedient movements that followed – that were not “Tom Greenwell-ish”. Another breed of Republican, by way of both Fil Vela’s assistance and funding frenzied (inserted note: Vela was helping his wife – Rose -- who had turned Republican be elected to the 13th Court of Appeals). Fil Vela assisted the party to win some major victories in a region that was traditionally considered a Democrat Stronghold. Fil Vela (whose father was a Federal Judge stationed in the valley and that was appointed under former President Jimmy Carter) had learned a lot about politics since an early age and Nueces County became his “playground” so to speak – first advocating for Democrat Candidates (alongside attorneys Rene Rodriguez and Terry Shamsie) later with Republicans – and surprisingly enough, he recently announced that he will be vying for a U.S. Congressional Seat as a Democrat.
Local Republicans via the assistance of local Democrats began to identify the financial “life blood” of the local Democrat Party and began to put a face to the flowcharts scribbled on green tablets for meticulous analysis. Targets were identified and via Federal and State entities frozen as clear political foes (during the Bush era Republican officials exerted a mammoth influence during the election process and began a series of legal indictments and wielding pressure in fragile parts of the regional Social and Political Structure of Democrats. Individuals who lingered on contributing to Democrat candidates like Mauricio Celis and Mikal Watts were quickly targeted and discouraged from bankrolling their party. The regional Democrat Party was left with a weak monetary base. As Attorney Thomas J. Henry told this publication: “Mauricio Celis’ big mistake was to give money to candidates. He should have remained in his luxurious office.”
But overtime as Republicans began to overcome the social distance (and began to dabble in previous taboo-ed geography) also started to develop meaningful links to others that were politically oriented to the point of expedient conversions. However in the last few years many an ambitious Republican that had funds to spare and wanted to skip the annoying model left by Tom Greenwell was left with few choices. They began to hire Rolando Garza (once affiliated with a bona fide chapter of the American GI Forum, the FELIX LONGORIA one) as a “political assistant” and funding the flamboyant ROLAND GARZA SHOW which began air on KTMV’s Lopez Broadcasting Tejano Television. “The routine was and is predictable during election season. He opens the show. Plays a civil rights/union activist for a while then begins to tell his Hispanics audience who ‘not to vote’ for in the Hispanic Community and many times vicious blasting Hispanic candidates he does not have advocate for -- calling them ‘Turkeys’, ‘Bananas’, ‘Coconut’ and other cold remarks and cruel names and even racially charged epithets such as ‘Mes si kans’. In the last few years the ,’Republican Dollars’, during election season have started coming in and sadly enough the Democrat piggybank and war chest is low due to past political repressions and fallout it took while Fil Vela was working alongside them,” a Civil rights Coordinator said. “Naturally, what upsets many is the fact that Rolando Garza is using his past ‘Civil rights’ affiliation with us to justify brutally defaming many who are known enemies or perceived threats to an elite within the Republican Party. He will fight to keep that illusive identity because it makes him in my mind more valuable to clients who are in need of his ‘political assassin’ services” especially directed at prominent Hispanics. Sponsorships from County Court At Law Brent Chesney to State Representative Todd Hunter and other Republicans have seriously hurt EL PUEBLO.
As Fil Vela left the pow wows of regional GOP, some key figures in the Republican Party (some with serious social distance problems with average Hispanics and even low-income Anglos and Blacks) had to turn to a lower echelon RECRUIT in the political hierarchy – who was willing to work with them and put out their message. In the last election, KTMV’s THE ROLANDO GARZA SHOW was bankrolled by hefty Republican dollars. However, many Republicans did not know Rolando Garza nor his bouts with the system and his classless political butchery. They began to conveniently portray him as representing the average JOSE and MARIA in the Hispanic community. KTMV’s Rolando Garza in turn validated their agenda -- flaunting and exaggerating his flatulent links to the Civil Rights Movements and suggesting that he knew what was better for them. Never did it become publically know that he was not a member of any genuine civil rights organization in the region and his reasons for leaving those organizations examined. He had a history that left a trail of smut and mistrust, according to interviews with members of various organizations.
The perception of Rolando Garza is changing as his “fiends are coming out of the closet day by day,” a former close friend of Garza said, “I know it to be true that he has become a political assassin for key figures that want to keep their power. Cuidate del el y ellos (Be careful of the bunch).”
A murky plane that craned its head recently glimpses at the above. He was found guilty in a County Court At-Law of assaulting a CCISD Law Enforcement Officer. The contradictory gap is that recently the Police Officer Association assisted in a fundraiser for Rolando Garza who said he needed help to “pay for his medical bills.” One-Hundred Dollars a plate benefit was conducted. The day before the fundraising function Rolando Garza cancels the affair. One of the persons who bought a benefit plate called this publication and question why his $100 were not returned. “What happened to the money?” – this was a question that seem to linger in the moment. “What was it really used for I wonder?”
This publication also came across records that reveal that not too long ago Rolando Garza filed an application to be considered for the Appraisal Review Board (and he felt his connections to City Council Pricilla Leal would place him at an advantage). It turns out that the entity’s attorney after a brief perusal of Garza’s background concluded something to the effect: “Rolando Garza does not meet the minimum qualifications of what the Comptroller defines as a respectable, average citizen”… It turns out that Garza had not one or even two but a multitude of past infractions. In addition, many a media entity in the area who have ventured to unveil squash or expunge legal records by judges from the Municipal Court to the District Court claim have been threatened with legal action by a few powerful attorneys that benefit and advocate for Rolando Garza. “It is not easy looking into Roland’s past because he apparently some powerful lawyers and even judges are protecting him (or going easy on him). But does this protect the communety or does it complicate the problem?”
Rolando Garza continues to play the “political assassin” as reflected in the statements he made on FACEBOOK in reference to El Defenzor and its editor. His rantings and scribblings dart without impunity at their targets and are charged with the calculated toxin of slanderous and libelous statements that are harmful and hurtful. The tolerance of LOPEZ BROADCASTING has been steadfast and loyal. “WHY?” – this question many are asking in the daily flow of social leisure talk (and platica) in conversational circles.
This publication has began to make “open records” requests to make sense of the paths and bypaths that appear to flow into an endless labyrinth. The challenge is to follow the money trail of many persons and organizations involved in these schemes and cabuls charged with the bitter brand of “political assassination” dollars. Early indications suggest that that organized groups and networks are identifiable. Daring and bold journalism is needed (MORE TO COME).

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