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Is Roland Garza, a man who has reached the public stage as a public figure, a “voice” for the common HISPANIC or a political assassin of Hispanics associated with the Democratic Party-- or is an opportunist elite trying to brand him as such? Many a Republican have been misled to believe this is the case.
Nueces County, TX – It has become obvious in the past two elections that Roland Garza, who has a show on KTMV, has become a sounding board for what he claims are “Hispanic Issues and Culture” – but just look at his “guest list” and who he “targets”: he is always representing a Republican Colleague above a Democrat.
At first when Joe Ortiz, civil rights coordinator for a few regional civil rights organizations recruited him to join the cause – Ortiz as well as many others had great expectations. But early on he was surrounded and supervised and yes “policed” by colleagues of the Civil Rights Community. He kept the norm. But as the layers of who he was were gradually revealed and his obstinate side and involvement with a loud swarm, and his shocking habits were exposed, things changed.
Why has Roland lashed on to key Republicans ( beforehand he lashed on to JOE ORTIZ, civil rights coordinator, and other activists)?
He called in to a CONSERVATIVE RADIO TALK SHOW (Jim Lago’s) this morning. It seemed to have been staged (but let our readers judge for themselves). He – implied he was still a DEMOCRATIC PRECINCT CHAIR (amazing?) – and criticized Democrats and specifically a commissioner (Democrat) for questioning and asking the floor to address the “redistricting” issue which Republican Nueces County Judge Loyd Neal unduly tabled. It was an important issue a commissioner – a Democrat -- was questioning and was additionally asking for the “attorney” that was hired to deal with the issue (who he felt had done a “poor job”) be held accountable and his respective contract be meticulously reviewed. Garza, praised County Commissioner Mike Pusley (a Republican colleague again) for doing an “excellent” job.
Roland claims to be affiliated with a few lawyers and does video depositions for them. Those citizens who do not know any better – believe he is highly functional and a brilliant role model involved with a mainstream Civil Rights Organization. Joe Ortiz, a civil rights coordinator for over a decade, asked, about Roland Garza’s affiliations with the human rights movement replied – i.e, Ortiz added: “Roland is out doing his thing, no organization that I know of has him on board. He seems to be using the title to aggrandize his name and his status for without it he would not be able to function at this sensitive level.”
A member of a local association told this publication: “Roland claims is sick from an eye (and so he is) and the police officers association got together and other prominent members of the community to sell $100 dollar plates. The fund-raising function was supposed to take place recently. He (Roland) canceled at the last minute. When asked about accountability, no one seems to know who did the accounting and where the money is that I know of… Fundraisers of this nature should be conducted more professional and especially when police officers are involved and they are doing it for a person (Roland) who not too long ago was arrested for telling his wife/or daughter (two TV station reported it was the "wife" but Vicente Carranza claims it was his daughter in actuality) who was illegally parked at a local elementary to leave and ignore the law enforcement officer present. The car – driven by Roland’s wife/daughter had an expired sticker and other infractions were also involved… He got arrested for physically moving aside or forcing aside a local CCISD police officer… This is the Roland Garza I know – Does he speak for me? Of course not. Why do police officers assist a man(who disobeys law enforcement) and that drives a lime green Camero (2011 or 2012) which I surmised is being partially paid by political dollars (Republican)?” The source added: “Contrary to what he says, research shows he is not a civil rights leader in the classical sense of being affiliated with an organized non-profit status organization. He has helped in the past… but those days are long and gone.”
Key Republicans have even voiced that Roland Garza can be bought to sell and validate their agenda. But despite the criticisms Roland Garza claims he is a CIVIL RIGHTS leader and advocates for the average HISPANIC that has been oppressed. “ Is he having delusions of grandeur?” Joe Ortiz, regional Civil Rights Leaders for the American GI Forum and LULAC #1 said it better: “What I recruited back then to work alongside me has gone on his own and become a cult of personality – plain and simple.”
It is easy enough to find out about Roland Garza one member of the Appraisal Board said: “He applied for the ARB (Appraisal Review Board) for Nueces County. The Appraisal District’s attorney did a background check on Roland Garza and concluded openly: “He (Roland Garza) does not meet the basic definition of what the Comptroller defines as ‘minimal qualifications’”. The attorney had found that Roland Garza has not one or two infractions in his record but various.
ROLAND’s Anxiety “Purged” By Former Judge Maricela Saldana?
One of the few Democrats Roland Garza supported in the last election was former District Judge Maricela Saldana that was seeking reelection to a Judgeship – at least he gave lip-service to it. Why? Judge Saldana “purged” a great deal of his anxiety when she stopped legal action taken against him for a publically thwarting incident that he was barefacedly involved in and could have enervated him to the point of being revealed before the masses of the public (according to sources that orbit the courthouse on a daily basis). Instead, as many a case in the past (like the “Oak-Park Incident,” it was dealt with so-called favoristic “discretion” and the matter was put to rest. “So what! Why not for Roland Garza?,” a cynic lawyer who is loosely acquainted with him ranted. There is a larger issue of the community becoming upset at many an attorney covering open acts of deviancy that are harming not helping the community in any salubrious way. “Republicans, need to look at his background,” a local radio commentator said, “It will soon blow up in our face. County Commissioner Mike Pusley needs to stop the sycophanting for political expediency.”
Is Roland Garza a hired political assailant for key Republicans?
Roland Garza has been positioned to “speak for most of the average Joses and Marias – Mexican Americans” and is clearly being used to validate, as was witnessed in Jim Lago’s show this morning: a stark, monopolistic agenda engendered on by Commissioner Mike Pusley and a few others.
Roland Garza’s show on KTMV is no long about what positive role models to mold our children after nor whom to vote for in our community nor primarily about genuine “civil rights” cases – it is more about who “not to vote for” -- and the “not” is usually a crazy quilt of names/candidates that seem to have been marked as targets of political expediency by an elite far-removed from the traditional community. This elite group turns to Roland from their tenebrific enclosed room filled with bad Karma.
CLEARLY, the answer is obvious – he disobeys law enforcement officers openly, was bluntly turned down as a candidate for consideration to sit on the Appraisal Review Board because of his past history of infractions and shady involvements, and that calls off costly fund-raisers (at the last minute) to supposedly pay for his own medical bills.
TO CONCLUDE THIS EDITORIA – to recap: “Yes, Roland Garza got involved with activists in collective bargaining in the past. Aging activists in the civil rights community had great expectations for him – but most of the key leaders interviewed suggest that he “failed the test” of stable long term commitment to the cause. Roland has been placed in adjudicated probation and/or something similar in the past and his record might have been expunged a few times – but enough is enough. At first he used to come across as trying to help the average person or worker, but he has long dropped his cause in the historic trash can and displaced his initial goals. The Roland Garza of today has become perceived by many as a political “hit man for hire” and an convenient validating mouthpiece for Pusley and others on Talk Radio that consider him to be bribable. Roland Garza has become branded as a deviant political mercenary by many activists that will stoop to gutter-level tactics to forward an agenda charged with the cold and callous and insensitive vested interest of stigmatized political vipers.”
THE “MONEY TRAIL” – this publication will be making open records requests in reference to the above matter and more important to let our readers know who is “bank-rolling” the slaughter of many a candidate (mostly HISPANICS) in our community.

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