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In a stomach turning events Mauricio is in the can. Kaelin putting him in with some animals? Will Celis have to buy his protection in an overcrowded jail? Will Celis be playing a harmonica or wearing an iron maiden? Judge Lutjen has slammed down the gavel. An appeal bond is unlikely to be successful with Rose Vela and Rene Rodriguez wife on there as well as Gina Benavides and all the others who have watched with baited breath as Mauricio like an arrogant lion in the Serengetti has fought against the system. Now will he have to pay back the 1.3 in attorneys fees to the attorneys or to the Paloma Steele's of the world? Time will tell.

The weird thing is that I just don't understand is that he has down time and Mauricio must realize that he was going to have to do some time. Our bailbond experts say that the appeal bond of $700,000 can be paid with a surety bond of 10 percent of that. Is Mauricio running out of money? Can he still continue to pay Big Tony? Each trial will cost at least several hundred thousand dollars.

Another issue, is the bondsman. What bondsman will put that up? What if Celis runs? Bondsman is up for $630,000 of risk. The truth is the only one to write the bond easily is big Tony. He's worth at least 4 times the bond. Perhaps Tony should write the bond but Tony would be smart to ask for 50% of the bond.

more to come

Monday, March 23, 2009

Alice, Texas: WHY ELIDA GARZA WAS TARGETED!!! (Article submitted by a Concerned Citizen Of Alice, Texas)

Dear Defenzor:

Let me make an appeal to you-- check out what really happened to Elida Garza. I was at that School Board Meeting, man and it was UGLY.

The White coalition of folks who used to run the School Board were all there in opposition to Chris Soza coming back to Alice-- How can we pay a home town boy-- aka a Mexican-- 90k to come work here? I don't see things in terms of race-- I see politics but Homero-- this was PURE RACE. It was blatant. Elida beat Steve Findley and they never forgave. His was the last White seat they had on School Board.

As soon as Elida got up to speak the White group- the Tillers, Mr. Sisson from Edward's Furniture and a couple of others-- they started to boo her and try to keep her from being heard. She told them they would have no problem paying Chris if his last name was Whatley. Then they got really loud-- proclaiming they were not racists.

She was trying to explain to Lupe Martinez (Board member) that most AD's make more money than the High school principals. Martinez was saying he could vote for Soza to come unless the High school principal, Rincon got a raise to earn as much as the AD. (that was ll bullshit-- she is on contract and had to room for negotiation. It was a smoke screen).

Elida tried to give Martinez a printout from TEA with earnings charts of ADs and Principals. The White group was SHOUTING HER DOWN and she got louder to speak over them. Martinez stood up and dramatically tore the pages in her face. He is a sitting Board member and le falto respeto-- big time. If he can't respect Elida-- fine-- but what about us and what about the 30+ students who were there? He calls her often and he calls her "baby". Cuando quiere algo el cabron-- pero-- not that night-- he took advantage of the White crowds sentiment against her to join in and try to take her down. She didn't go down.

R. David Guerrero didn't do a damn thing about the White crowd and their ugly behavior. He let them run ruckshot on HIS MEETING. He is the president in charge of ensuring the flow and decorum of the meeting. he lost control of the meeting and then he lost self control.
Elida yelled at Martinez that he ought not take her on-- he stared it. Sh told him she knew too much about him. At that point Guerrero yelled at her about how he would not allow her to threaten members of the Board. He wouldn't allow her to make threats! She turned to him and reminded him that she knew things on him too-- that was ALL she said and he went nuclear-- face all red and veins all popping and his tone went to scary-- he told her , Don't go there Mrs Garza, Don't Go There, Don't Go THERE-- OR I WILL RIP YOU UP!
I'm sitting on the second row-- shocked at the lack of integrity of this board. I've got another story to tell you about. I got up and yelled at david--- you just threatened her you need to apologize. He didn't.
Again-- if he doesn't like Elida and he can;t respect her-- fine but what about the meeting-- what about the rest of us and what about the 30+ students who were there. Homero if any one of those students had done and said what Guerrero did-- Para Alternative con tigo!
Why does he get a pass?

Elida has a mouth on her but Homero she her heart is as big as Alice. She has no agenda past the well being of the students. And the shame is-- brown took out brown. Damn all this in fighting. How can we advance when we keep chopping each other up. And Guererro and Martinez are ALL AGENDA ALL THE TIME. It's all about them.

This story deserves an airing out. She's the second coming of Tina Villanueva-- a woman for the people. And how dare these folks lose their own soul to politics in being so damned disrespectful to an older woman. She's someone's mother and she's grandmother too. Shame on all these folks. Mexicans know better and if we forgot how to behave-- we best to remember lest we lose the best of ourselves in the struggle to get ahead. At the end the journey will be for nothing.


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Mireya Garcia formerly of Univision and Fox News
Thank you for the e-mail Homero and the link. Just like I was saying mi raza, we need young Latina voices in the community. I would like to say thanks to Mireya Garcia formerly of Fox and Univision for her new political show Hola Tejas which can be seen on and in Laredo and KTMV. We need a strong voice for the new and young Latinos coming up. Keep up the good work Girl!

Elida Garza in Alice: Filing false charges against District Clerk David Guerrero


As I was filing down my nails to write another column I thought of yet another hot button issue in Alice and that is of Elida Garza at a school board meeting. This rabid dog reportedly tried to blast everyone and When the illustrious and well intentioned David Guerrero in his own gentlemanly way told her to sit her old bitch ass down what does she do? ONly in Alice, Texas does she file charges and leave the taxpayers having to pay for a groundless investigation and take up space in their local newspaper. This woman Elida Garza has had an ax to grind with certain school board members for years. Frustrated and postmenopausal she yearn for the days when they could give her a good one and she would be satisfied, but noooooo. As with many people with too much time on their hands she goes after people who do nothing but try to serve the community, manipulate the media and the County Attorney's office and leave countless man hours at Jesusa Sanchez Vera's office to have to deal with politically motivated pressing of charges that will go nowhere. Elida: Please, take some ex-lax, concentrate on reviving your sex life and shut the hell up and quit complaining. Chingao mujer, from a younger woman, perdona me pero ya caya te lo sico and move in. Whew...I feel better. Back to filing my nails, french cut and flawless. If Elida knows how to use a computer and reads this she can also pick up another device and use it to ease the tension, just don't brown out the electricity in Alice. Por Favor.

I am Purahispana, The Scorge of South Texas.

Con su licensia Homero but it is best a woman handle a woman on these issues, Ok?


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New Print Edition of EL DEFENZOR being distributed.... pick it up...

Our latest edition of El Defenzor which came out monday has been reprinted -- the demand is high. Make sure you pick it up at various points of distribution in Corpus christi... nueces county courthouse, Garibaldi's, Memorial Hospital, City Hall, Kikos, Taquerias Jaliscos, Altenos, San Luis, Enriques' etc...

Two At-Large City Council Candidates In Corpus Christi Striking Hard On Hispanic Radio and Media: David Loeb and Brent Chesney

Two Popular City Council at large Candidates Are Striking A Chord with the Hispanic Community:
David Loeb and Brent Chesney
Corpus Christi, Texas -- Businessman David Loeb, 27, a political newcomer, and Brent Chesney (former city councilman and part owner of the Corpus Christi Rayz) are gaining ground quickly as candidates for the City Council at-large positions. The reason: because they have turned to a net of veteran Hispanic politicos and other long forgotten sectors in the area to bounce ideas with the citizens; they want to both learn how to fine tune their campaign strategies. They indisputably want to help the residents to assist them in identifing themes to incorporate in their platforms, themes that carry a lot of emotional weight to better the lives of the average Jose and Maria in the ignored enclaves of Corpus Christi.
A newcomer’s campaign is quickly snowballing. David Loeb – young, smart, responsive to the multicultural community – has done his heartfelt best to identify reoccurring themes that reliably exemplify the Hispanic presence in the city. “I didn’t just throw my hat into the political arena to become a public personality, but to bring out the best in every sector of Corpus Christi and make sure they have a voice,” he said.
Loeb, who has served on the Corpus Christi Planning Commission from 2007 through January, 2009 – has been part of a family that has a long history in this region. He is the son of Leon Loeb, who founded Landlord Resources (a management company) where he himself (i.e., David) serves as Vice-President. “Our generation should help this community evolve, not digress,” he shared a highlighted thought running through his mind.
One Hispanic businessman, who has known him a long time, chimed in: “David (Loeb) does not only think on his feet but is able to see the social issues and concerns with his heart. He is a young man filled with the vital inspiration of putting together a better community and is packed with the essential good judgment to begin to proactively map out a workable and sensible plan to accomplish such goals.”
Loeb has served on the Downtown Management District Board of Directors and has served on the city Board of Adjustment. He is also one of the founders of the Bay Area Smart Growth Initiative.
He symbolizes the vitality the city needs -- he asking the “tough questions” to make sure the city government is spending money wisely. “We need and I will seek concrete programs for maintaining our parks, public buildings, and roads. We currently spend massive resources on replacement of facilities and utilities because we do not budget and maintain these services properly. When we do maintain them they will last longer, make our city look better, and save us money. A city that doesn't maintain and improve its basic services will not attract new investment and jobs,” he provided more insight.
His vision for downtown: “Having a vibrant city core is essential to our long term prosperity. A great downtown encourages tourism and adds to the quality of life for people who live in Corpus Christi. I support the idea of a 24 hour downtown neighborhood with urban residences, office workers, entertainment, tourism, and cultural amenities co-existing to create a vibrant and strong community.”
His outlook for dealing with old neighborhoods: “Large parts of our older neighborhoods and commercial areas have vacant land or buildings. Every one of those that we redevelop becomes an economic contributor to our tax base. In order to encourage this I support removing the disincentives for growth and offering limited short term incentives.”
“Will he sell out?” some have asked. “I don’t think so said businessman Butch Escobedo. I feel he has the financial security to remain balanced and not kowtow to any charged vested interest group.”
His view on compensation: “I'll accept $6,000, and nothing more. No cell phone, no healthcare, no reserved parking at City Hall, no free trips, no hotels, no tickets. I'll bring a sack lunch and my own diet coke to meetings. I won't advocate or vote for more money for council members. I am running to make this a better community.”
Also, former Councilmen Brent Chesney, 45, who served from 2001 to 2007 is seeking another term on the council. He is the former president of First American Title (Corpus Christi Division), former business manager of Hunter & Handel, PC, and former Chief of Staff for State Representative Todd Hunter. He is part owner of the Corpus Christi Ice Rayz.
Chesney said that this municipality needs leaders in the best sense of the word: “We need leaders who are not afraid to make decisions and to move this city forward. I will do my best to inclusive and let all parties that want to be heard be allowed to so we as representatives can make more conscientious decisions."
Adopt Fiscally Responsible Policies on the Council, Attract High Paying Jobs, Support Programs to Prevent Juvenile Crime, Improve Street and Road Maintenance, Support A Balanced Budget – how many are the things that Chesney says if elected he will continue to support.
Chesney has stated that he is doing his best to connect with the synergy and dialogue of both groups and persons who want to model a collective vision for the future. “This is a plan we cannot impose on the people as many politicians have done in the past, but a plan that stems from the heart and soul of the entire community.”
Brent Chesney is married to Ashley and has two sons.

Alice, Texas: City Council Races

Alice, Texas – The race for the city council in the city of Alice will be one that will not have contested mayoral election. Mayor Pro-Tem Juan Rodriguez, who was appointed by default mayor will not be seeking the top post after all. He just won a seat for Justice of the Peace and has stated that he wants to make sure he avoids any insinnuations that there might be a conflict of interest. So thus, only one person announced the he will be running for the office – and thus has already assured his changes as mayor (due to not having a challenger).
What impact the above viable on the mayor’s race have on the other city council races? Some observers are predicting the turnout might ebb; a few say that it might flow. Some of the interesting candidates for the city council? Leo Escobar is seeking reelection. Many a resident feel that he has done a good job. There is a new-comer – Yvette Terrell-Johnson; she is the past president of the Chamber of Commerce. Many are jumping into her bandwagon. Then there is John Lemon, a local attorney who works for the District Attorney’s office, who was appointed to council who is seeking the office for a full term in this cycle.
There are other candidates running, but have not formally connected with this publication. We will be doing everything possible in our next edition to insert a more in-depth view of the various campaigns and attempt to analyze the political dynamics involved.
Alice, Texas is a community that is clearly low-key, yet trying to define itself in this day and age. Not too long ago, the incumbent mayor resigned under pressure due to a major controversy of the ownership of a dog. It ended up in court. She eventually returned the dog to her rightful owners and completely vanished from the political scene. Juan Rodriguez, the mayor pro-tem was then appointed as the intern mayor. Now, he will be replaced by a single person who filed for the office.

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El Defenzor Radio -- Mon thru Fri (for the next 2 weeks)

Are you ready for two full work weeks of El Defenzor Radio -- starting Monday on radio 104.9 FM at 1:00 p.m. That is, the two weeks mentioned are explained: March 16 - 20 then March 23 - 27. ... After those two weeks the radio talk show will return to it's regular Friday only routine.

Many are forecasting that it will be one of the most talked about Talk Radio Shows during this political season.

Defenzor Radio -- how many will be the listeners, listeners that will be armed with necessary info to transform the political history in the area.

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A local man was released and thrown out into the streets by Memorial ER. This is not the first time this department at Spohn has done this.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


In the worst unemployment since the early 80's and the worst economic downtown since 1933, many individuals are becoming increasingly nervous about economic survival in this country.
El Defenzor will be providing the unfiltered truth about these circumstances. One thing is certain, if you have debt try to pay it down, look at your resources for 3 to 6 months of emergency financing. In the event of a massive devaluation of the dollar which may come very soon be sure to have "Hurricane Awarness" packets available. What does this mean? Flashlights, batteries, canned food and water and be prepared to have a social network in place to rely on and pull resources together. This is not a doomsday scenario. Look around us: Because of the mortgage crisis and Americans refinancing mortgages and not taking responsiblity for their spending and wanting to keep up with the Jones and Garcias and wanting the two car garage and fajitas every Sunday and flatscreen TVs and cars on easy credit, and living beyond our means many Americans are living in homes that are not worth half of what they owe on the mortgage. The bitter pill we are looking to swallow is that many of us have lived beyond our means and those that haven't will have to shoulder the load like everyone else. The economic crisis has gone beyond Citigroup and 50 million dollar jets and a trillion dollar bailout to the regular consumer and your neighbor. Take the example of our imaginary friend John Smith Garcia for example who bought a home for 100,000.00. had a good construction job for 25/hour and a wife who made 12.00 an hour at a bank. All is well and they are paying their bills but they want more. due to easy lending practices and easy access to credit cards of up to 25,000.00 they are tempted to accumulate more debt. The buy the house with a 10,000.00 downpayment and after taxes their payments are 1000.00 per month. They get three home equity loans to repair the home, for vacations, to live the good life, to buy 15,000.00 in furniture, to send their child to a private school they cannot afford. Soon enough Mr. Smith-Garcia and his lovely but now worried wife have missed a few payments on their mortgage because he has been laid off (is placed on COBRA insurance which has now tripled what they were paying to 1,500.00 per month in insurance for he, his wife and son. That is the first thing they drop. His unemployment rolls in and he is making 2000.00 per month for an uncertain time, his wife has been "furloughed" from work(new term, not fired or laid off in order to skirt many issues for employers) and is not working. The smith-garcias are going under fast and are going to lose our home. The pervading thinking is that we should bail them out because if they lose their home it is just another vacant house which will invite crime, drive down property values and shall also place a drain on all of us if they end up in the street.
As the crisis deepens what about the millions of Americans, one in five, who are facing the same dilemma. Banking is getting tight, many are thinking that there will be a great deal of unrest in America. Some say that American troops are coming home to handle this unrest and the advent of private detention centers that are going to be used for immigration problems may be used for those Americans who attempt to protest against these situations. What of the homeowner who is being forced off is land because of the easy credit and subprime mortgages with few details explained? If they resist will they be detained. Very harsh questions.

Cut and paste this link to listen to a reality check on the ECONOMIC CRISIS and be prepared and be forewarned:


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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


To a couple -- Mark Scott and his wife Carol Scott -- it is all about personal power, “personal service” (not “public service”): many veteran regional political observers (and rivals) are pointing out. “This couple has made a cottage industry from public tax payer dollars via their involvement with Corporate sponsors and bankers and construction giants and top power brokers that sit or have a hefty influence on the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development board (a group that has been compared to a “small Military-Industrial-type Complex,” a former Hispanic Board Member of the EDC told El Defenzor. “’The SCOTTS, in my opinion, have functioned as MESSENGERS for some top figures within this group. This has seriously affected the credibility status of the EDC.”
The cited source added: “The perception is that when a member of this couple runs for office (be it the city council or school board -- taxing entities) it is for all the wrong reasons. They have ulterior motives – their objective is to muster personal power and/or personally beneficial contracts by way of the public office they hold or via the network for gain they have established. They even use non-profit appointments such as in the United Way or the Del Mar Foundation and so on to network.”
A local businessman who has sat on many of the boards with the Scotts said: “I feel this couple is the culprit both for placing the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation and also Las Brisas Engery project in a bad light. I feel the issues such as the EDC and Las Brisas are becoming ‘clouded’ in that the regular guy is confusing and displacing his anger and antagonism with the Scotts and attributing it to the projects this couple are affiliated with at the time. Carol Scott, for instance right, now due to her ‘network for profit’ fiddle, is representing Las Brisas Energy (via her marketing company, KAILO – it was previously known as SCOTT PUBLIC RELATIONS). I feel it was a collisional mistake that Las Brisas made by putting this lady as the face and as the public relations/marketing voice for their already controversial project.”
To illustrate the above point: On Saturday, February 14, about 200 people protested that a permit be given to Las Brisas Energy Center by a state agency to operate in the area. The protesters had signs and posters after a march to City Hall in Corpus Christi. A sample of the protesters interviewed by this publication brought up a theme that needs to be examined. Almost 35 percent of the protesters interviewed answered that they were highly suspicious of an project that any of the SCOTTS are affiliated with in the region. Despite the fact that officials representing Las Brisas have indicated the proposed power plant which (if granted the permission) would operated on a parcel next to the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and be fueled by petroleum coke (an abundant residue from a local plant), would not seriously alter the air control score in the region – however, the disillusionment with the SCOTTS is also a prime variable the company is now additionally being faced with at the time. As one protester put it: “I don’t necessarily understand the full consequences of the project being pushed by Las Brisas, but one thing I am sure about, I have absolutely no confidence in Carol Scott (and the company she created known as KAILO).”
Not only have environmentalists positioned themselves against Las Brisas Energy but most interesting a few teachers groups that were affected by the political ploys and maneuvers of Carol Scott in her capacity as a Corpus Christi ISD School Board Member. Ms. Scott has been involved in a “belly to belly” verbal dual with an influential member of the American Federation of Teachers/and representative of a local civil rights group (that is, Susie Luna). The AFT used to be a voice in negotiating contracts for teachers; their power now has been diluted via a political ploy by Ms. Scott. As one teacher put it: “How could Las Brisas Energy and the EDC be so ignorant to put this lady – Carol Scott – as the face and voice of this project. Sure I am all for using cleaner technology such as gasification, but if a SCOTT had not involved in this permit endeavor I would not be protesting the plant here today.”
The reoccurring argument (among some of the insiders interviewed) is that this couple – the SCOTTS -- via their contentious ly charged networking track record are attempting to influence public funded entities like the EDC and trying to transform it into a political machine and/or investment club funding their roles in public life. The accusations are that the SCOTTS are operating under the radar, according to many, as political MESSENGERS or FOOTSOLIDERS OF FORTUNE for the highly charged vested interests of corporate interests. “At least, this is the appearance. My question is ‘Why should taxpayers fund the EDC and some of the highly charged personal wealth agendas if individuals with a dark chest are exploiting it?’ It is one thing to compete in the free enterprise system out there; it is another to use an entity funded by public dollars (e.g., the city and the school and the EDC) that has been hijacked via positional networking to make deals,” a city councilman who wished to remain anonymous said.
Mark Scott, her husband, is running yet again for the city coucil as an At-Large Candidate. Just a handful of years ago when Mark Scott was still a councilman he was being targeted by the Beach Access Coalition and being accused of conspiring with corporate giants against the “regular working class citizens and taxpayers.” This group used to refer to him (then-Councilman Mark Scott) as “the puppet of developer Paul Schexnailder.” The couple was perceived by some of the key members of the Coalition as “messengers of the developers sent to STEAL OUR BEACH.” And during that heightened confrontation, Carol Scott, his wife used KAILO Communication to further position herself and her business. She went as far to say that her company could connect interested prospects with “the movers and shakers” of the political system in the region (citing her website at the time) if you commissioned her services. Even one conservative talk radio stations had translucently taken notice and raised “red flags.”
Currently, Carol Scott sits on the School Board;, and serves as its president. School Board member John Longoria (who is one of her strongest line and supporter) is being accused of using the same “not to be trusted” model to position himself. He (Longoria) has sat on the city council (now now on the school board) and concurrently sits on the RTA Board – in short, he sits in two taxing entities and has been enrolled by the EDC and Las Brisas to promote the same projects. Even Longoria is catching the “friendly fire” in the great rift. This publication understands that a member of the community intends to file a formal complaint against Longoria for sitting on two taxing entities simulatiously. Hopefully, a legal decision will settle the matter once and for all.
City Councilperson Nelda Martinez is also being criticized for her “above and beyond” loyalties to the same suspects that legitimize themselves under the umbrella of “Economic Development” and the EDC. Most pressingly the fact that Councilperson Martinez positioned herself herself against the appointment of a well-respected Hispanic candidate – Angel Escobar – for City Manager. It was the swing vote of Mayor Garrett during a heated council meeting that saved him from not being appointed. An esteemed local businessman yelled out to Councilperson Martinez: “Why do you always oppose a professional Hispanic when he is being considered for office? ?Se Te Ah Olvidado El Olor De Los Frijoles? (Have you forgotten the aroma of Pinto Beans?” (a statement that you have forgotten your roots). …
“An awareness has been created due to necessity in many persons. Many in the community are more conscious of these individuals who are running for office or who have been appointed to a board that is participating in the deliberation of certain issues and have a conflict of interest. We cannot allow such Politicians For Profit to corner the market, to corner financing contracts, to corner insurance and construction contracts. We cannot allow them to use the public office they hold and/or their appointments and tax resources to make money (or gain) for themselves. How will Corpus Christi and the region ever grow? It won’t. It is being sucked dry. It is time that mainstream media take their blinders off and write the truth and not legitimize this networking for profit,” Pedro Avalos, a local commentator chimed in.

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How I ended With EL DEFENZOR

My Companion In The Highest Cause Of all,

My full name is Homero Roel Villarreal -- hey, just call me Homer.

My background: I was born in Robstown, Texas. I come from a family of twelve. My mother used to refer to me as La Ultima Fruta “the last fruit” on the tree. My mom was very smart and now I hope you realize how intimidating that can be to a child. She had me in her early 40s.
She had been a literacy teacher (teacher at an "Escuelita")before she got into the “children having business.” Hehehehe. My father? He came as a young man from Mexico and then as an adult married this very sophisticated lady from Robstown, that is, my mom.

I am basically a by-product of the above. My mom had me in her mid-years and my father was not that great of a provider. Yo Soy Sufrido. I was given a lot of latitude intellectually to grow and experiment. My father was afraid that I would become a cold, insensitive and stoic human being, so he did his best to sensitive me to a higher cause then myself. Eventually, I eventually finished high school. Later, college: Bachelors, then a Masters of Arts, then a Masters of Education, then I worked on a Doctorate at Texas A&M University (but I had a family crisis and did not complete my dissertation).

After that I found myself in a mental tug-of-war, experiencing the push-and-pull factors of what I wanted to really do in life. My eldest sister, graduated from the University of Texas and when on to marry a Professor of Physics who resides in Boston and makes hefty contributions to various causes, even the Harvard Fund and so forth said: “Homer, come here and attend the elite schools of higher education and you will be cultured into a gem.”

“Hehehehe,” I said to myself. “My heart is not over there, but here – here in my challenging environment – among the masses of the poor.” I wanted to rise from the dust into the light. I felt (to be subjective) an epiphany; I came to the cultural/spiritual awareness that I wanted to humanize the institutions of South Texas, institutions that lagged behind the rest of the country (in my perceived estimation).

I was a high school teacher only for about two years; then I also was a Visiting Profession at the former Texas A&I University in Kingsville. I even gave it a whack at being an administrator: I also when on to hold a few titles at Robstown ISD such as – Community Education Director, Adult Educator Director, Student At-Risk Coordinator. But to be honest, every program that I head I started from scratch and built it up – and I guess the reason I held all those titles was because of my creative adroitness in GRANT WRITING. Why the latter? Because of necessity? Maybe?

In the 1990s I felt I had outgrown the “four walls” of a class room. I felt both constricted as a teacher and administrator. I felt that if I really wanted to “educate” people and empower them, I had to educate them about the social, health, educational, political institutions around them. If they wanted to humanize any institution – e.g., the health system; they first had to understand the set up; then take action to solve the problems. Action Without Reflection is merely ACTIVISM. There has to be both reflection and action to have praxis. Does it make sense so far?

About fourteen years ago I founded and “underground” newspaper known as El Defenzor (newspaper) in the small community of Robstown, Texas (a town that is 99.5 Hispanic). El Defenzor means “The Defender.” … Why did I choose that name? It sounded like “Zoro” and had the characteristics of a Batman or Green Hornet (a mythical hero of an oppressed people). What gave me the most satisfaction was that the “little people” (mostly Hispanics at first) felt empowered. The paper was a socio-psychological shield. The “Little People” knew how to get a hold of El Defenzor, not the powerful. Hehehehe. Hey, it was fun while the “underground status” lasted. Back then many a “high-dollar” attorney were trying to sue me – so as to “shut me up” or better phrased “shut us up.”

But then after a handful of years in operation, El Defenzor became legitimate – we registered at the courthouse and went through the whole bureaucratic and legal ritual. Hey, I even put on a suit and a tie. Hehehehe.

I had never tried to use my name publically (not that I was scared of the legal repercussion) but because I knew the socio-psychology of the masses that felt alienated from the formal world of institutions. “El Defenzor” was not me but a psychical concept.

Eventually a Tejano station invited us to have a show on Sundays entitled “El Defenzor live.” I was invited to many a group of both mainstream and independent media as a guest. Even conservative radio, one of my arch rivals – The KEYS Morning Show (with Bob Jones) made me a regular guest for a few years.

Currently I have a radio show on a Tejano Station – i.e., 104.9 FM on Fridays. El Defenzor newspaper comes out every two weeks – it serves Nueces, Jim Wells, Duval, San Patricio, Kleberg, Brooks, Bee and a few others. We also have an internet site. We load up videos on YOUTUBE.COM …

I also used to operate a newspaper in Callalen/Annaville for a while known as the Callalen Patriot; and a newspaper in the Southside of Corpus Christi known as the Southside Defender – which I am seriously considering of reactivating.

My initial goal in life was to be a “janitor.” I had made this decision when I was a young boy in elementary school during a time when all my teachers were females. The janitors that worked there were my role models – I love their carefree existence: mopping floors and painting walls and enjoying the wind as soft as silk. How did I end up this complex web of work? I DON’T REALLY KNOW. I DID NOT CHARTER THE COURSE OF MY SHIP TO THIS HARBOR.

During the course of my life, I have interviewed very interesting individuals: from former President George Bush to Jesse Jackson to the street philosphers in the street. About seven years ago I founded a marketing company called ROYALHOUSE MARKETING & PUBLISHING. I have brainstormed and been commissioned by Corporate Giants such as CP&L (Now AEP) to Motion Picture Companies to powerful politicos (such as U.S. Representatives, to State Representatives to Thirteen Court Of Appeals Judges to District Court Judges to local elections to influential citizens in the community such as Mauricio Celis who felt they have been wrongly targeted).

So what? You might be saying by now!!! You’re right. I’ve learned the powerful and influential are used to being worshipped by many that orbit them – that might be a reason why their egos are so flatulent. Hehehehehehe. Just a joke. Someone needs to get a pin and ...

I guess you are wondering by now – “How did he make his fortune?” The answer: NO! My appetites can be satisfied with a bowl of frijoles (beans) and a tortilla.

God Bless you brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios for now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lawsuit to recover the skull of Geronimo may help to recover the one of Pancho Villa

Lawsuit to recover the skulls of Geronimo
and Pancho Villa -- by Ernesto Cienfuegos, La Voz (Aztlan)

February 20, 2009 - On Tuesday, exactly 100 years after the death of Geronimo, 18 lineal descendants of the Indian Chief and members of the Mescalero Apache Reservation filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against Yale University, the Skull and Bones Society and the US government to recover the skull of Geronimo and other of his bones that are locked inside a building called the "Tomb" on the campus of Yale University.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of the Apaches by Attorney William Ramsey Clark, who served as U.S. attorney general under Lyndon Johnson, alleges that members of Skull and Bones, called Bonesmen, robbed the grave of Geronimo located in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and brought his skull and bones to their headquarters called the "Tomb" at Yale University to use in their initiations and many other bizarre rituals. The lawsuit also alleges that among the Bonesmen that robbed the grave was Prescott Bush, father of one Bush president and grandfather of the other. Both former Bush presidents are also Bonesmen.

What is not generally known is that the Skull and Bones Society of Yale University is also in possession of the skull of Mexican revolutionary Francisco Villa, the great nemesis of General John J. Pershing and leader of the first military invasion of the USA through Columbus, New Mexico on March 9, 1916. At this battle General Villa's troops attacked and wiped out the local detachment of the U.S. 13th Regiment.

The skull of the legendary Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa was stolen by the "Soldier of Fortune" Emil L. Holmdahl at the request of "Bonesmen" Prescott Bush who paid $25,000 for it in 1926. Emil L. Holmdahl robbed Villa's grave located at the "Panteon de Dolores " cemetery in Parral, Chihuahua and was a USA agent of pre-CIA operations. In 1926, while Emil Holmdahl was on a "prospecting and hunting trip" to Mexico, he was arrested for desecrating Villa's tomb. Influential friends in the US government, notably Prescott Bush and other precursors of the CIA, arranged for his release and he returned to the United States.

There is ample evidence that Emil Holmdahl, along with an assistant by the name of Alberto Corral of Los Angeles, went to the Parral, Chihuahua cemetery on the night of Friday - February 5, 1926, opened the tomb of Villa and severed and stole his skull for sale to Prescott Bush, a member of the "Skull and Bones Society" based at Yale University. Most of the evidence is found in 1926 newspaper reports published on the "grave robbery". At least five newspaper clips are archived in the Pancho Villa Collection which is part of the West Texas Collection at Angelo State University.

On February 8, 1926, three days after the grave desecration, El Paso Herald Post published the headline "Villa's Grave Robbed" that details the circumstances of the decapitation of Villa's interred body and the arrest of Emil Holmdahl and Alberto Corral for the crime. The news clip outlines a sophisticated and well planned operation to steal the skull of Pancho Villa. The El Paso Herald Post news clip reports that the caretaker of the cemetery told Mexican investigators that an "Americano" was inquiring about the location of Villa's tomb a few days before the grave robbery. Chihuahua state authorities later arrested Emil Holmdahl through a description by the cemetery caretaker. The grave robbers left a note at the tomb in an attempt to throw off investigators. The note said that Villa's skull was on its way to Columbus, New Mexico, the site where Villa conducted a raid into US territory to recuperate a number of gold bars he had paid for arms and ammunition he never received.

The skull of Pancho Villa was in fact already on the way to El Paso, Texas and into the hands of a Holmdahl cohort by the name of Al Jennings for eventual turnover to a Frank Brophy who was an intimate friend of Prescott Bush at Yale University. A news article titled "US Investigates Holmdahl's Arrest" published in El Paso Herald Post on February 9, 1926 clearly indicates high level US government interference and pressure on the Chihuahua state authorities to release Emil Holmdahl. This was accomplished on February 11, 1926 and was reported in another news report by the El Paso Herald Post titled "Expect Holmdahl to Reach El Paso by Friday". It looks like the Bushes have a long history of manipulating USA intelligence covert activities and the secret "Skull and Bones Society" in New Haven is an intimate part of these operations.

Emil Holmdahl arrived in El Paso on February 12, 1926 according to Ben Williams of an organization in El Paso called "The Wednesday Group". Williams, in his memoirs, details the deal made between Emil Holmdahl, Al Jennings and Frank Brophy. Frank Brophy, working on behalf of Prescott Bush, paid $25,000 dollars for the skull of Pancho Villa. The skull is now displayed in a trophy cabinet , along with that of Geronimo, inside the crypt-like headquarters of the "Skull and Bones Society" called the "Tomb" at Yale University.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who will succeed as the New Federal Judge

El Defenzor is opening up the discussion on who will succeed Hayden Head, Jr? Discussion please.