Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alice, Texas: City Council Races

Alice, Texas – The race for the city council in the city of Alice will be one that will not have contested mayoral election. Mayor Pro-Tem Juan Rodriguez, who was appointed by default mayor will not be seeking the top post after all. He just won a seat for Justice of the Peace and has stated that he wants to make sure he avoids any insinnuations that there might be a conflict of interest. So thus, only one person announced the he will be running for the office – and thus has already assured his changes as mayor (due to not having a challenger).
What impact the above viable on the mayor’s race have on the other city council races? Some observers are predicting the turnout might ebb; a few say that it might flow. Some of the interesting candidates for the city council? Leo Escobar is seeking reelection. Many a resident feel that he has done a good job. There is a new-comer – Yvette Terrell-Johnson; she is the past president of the Chamber of Commerce. Many are jumping into her bandwagon. Then there is John Lemon, a local attorney who works for the District Attorney’s office, who was appointed to council who is seeking the office for a full term in this cycle.
There are other candidates running, but have not formally connected with this publication. We will be doing everything possible in our next edition to insert a more in-depth view of the various campaigns and attempt to analyze the political dynamics involved.
Alice, Texas is a community that is clearly low-key, yet trying to define itself in this day and age. Not too long ago, the incumbent mayor resigned under pressure due to a major controversy of the ownership of a dog. It ended up in court. She eventually returned the dog to her rightful owners and completely vanished from the political scene. Juan Rodriguez, the mayor pro-tem was then appointed as the intern mayor. Now, he will be replaced by a single person who filed for the office.

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Anonymous said...

John Lemon sees no conflict and is seeking two posts I hear. Juanito "Tres Mil Mentiras" is seeking to make as much money without attracting attention. Armando Barrero the new D.A. signed on John Lemon and his son in law a new lawyer in town from the valley. John Lemon's wife is a municipal judge in Alice. My head spins from the politics in Alice. Low Key its not. Keep up the good work and bringing out Coyote political pulse.