Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Update Regarding the Texas Primary Election

Update Regarding the Texas Primary Election

As a result of the actions taken by the Federal District Court in San Antonio and the U.S. Supreme Court in recent days toproperly review the issues associated with the redistricting maps in Texas, the U.S. District Court in San Antonio, the Republican Party of Texas and the Texas Democrat Party reached an agreement last Friday regarding the date of the Texas Primary Election for 2012.

The general primary election for Texas was originally scheduled for March 6, 2012, but because of the judicial review of the redistricting plans, many of the election deadlines will need to be moved. The agreement will be contingent upon the Court entering redistricting plans for the Texas House, Texas Senate, and United States Congress by February 1, 2012. If this takes place the Texas Primary Election schedule for the Republican and Democrat Parties will be:
Feb 1, 2012: New residency deadline for candidates seeking election to the Texas House and Texas Senate.
Feb 2, 2012: The respective state party chair will deliver their list of candidates to the Secretary of State.
Feb 3, 2012: County Executive Committees will conduct their drawing for candidate order on the ballot.
Feb 11, 2012: First day for a voter to submit an application for an early ballot by mail for the primary election.
April 3, 2012: Texas Primary Election for the Republican and Democrat Parties for all positions on the ballot.
April 14 or April 21: County and Senatorial District Conventions. The date will be determined by the respective party chairman.
June 5, 2012: General primary run-off election (if necessary).

Monday, December 19, 2011


Kleberg County, TX -- DANIEL GONZALES On (8-21-1983) plead guilty and was the last
Defendant sentenced with involvement in the Rax Murder. As part of a
plea deal with the State, Daniel Gonzalez plead guilty to two counts
of Aggravated Assault under the law of parties and was sentenced to
the maximum of 20 years in each count. In return, the Murder charge
was dismissed. Mr. Gonzalez also plead guilty on a subsequent charge
of Possession of a Controlled Substance with intent to deliver and
received 42 years in prison, to run concurrent with all other causes.

The Possession of a Controlled Substance case evolved from an
investigation by the Kingsville Task Force, the Sheriff's Department
and the Texas Attorney General's Office when Mr. Gonzales, who was out
on bond on murder charges, was found to be selling cocaine. The
Kleberg County District Attorney's Office reviewed and the Kingsville
Task Force ran a search warrant on August 24, 2011 based on coded
telephone calls the Defendant was making at the time. Assistant Texas
Attorney General Ralph Guerrero, who was appointed as Attorney Pro Tem
in the murder case also assisted the District Attorney's Office in the
possession case.

District Attorney John Hubert said, "The assistance of the Attorney
General's Office, in combination with the cooperation from local law
enforcement, helped to reach this plea agreement. With tightening
budgets and few resources, assistance from the Attorney General's
Office in these complicated cases helped us to reach a fair plea
agreement with limited impact on other pending cases." Two other
Defendants in the August 8, 2010 Rax Murder case were previously
sentenced at trial to life in prison for their involvement in the
murder. There are still four unrelated murder cases pending in
Kleberg County.

Friday, December 16, 2011



Robstown had a vampire? In 1958 or so lived in “el campo-santo” (cemetery) and he used to stand and comb his hair in the St. Anthony church area -- especially when a couple got married – even at quinceaneras (15th year birthday).

Emiliano Carreon shared his enchanting mythological story – but he cited it as if it was yesterday. According to him, there was/is an underground chamber in the “campo-santo viejo” (old cemetery). He lived there, TV and other regular modern appliances.

“Era un hombre vestido de negro como Dracula (he was a man that dressed in black much like Dracula),” stated Emiliano Carreon at the local McDonalds. "I asked the vampire why he always placed himself in front of the bride and groom.." He (the vampire) said: 'Come here…' he showed me an espejito (mirror) and he could see the novia (bride) disrobed…”

No one ever talked to him – but Emiliano had the gumption to approach him and satiate his curiosity at a time when he --… Emiliano was there helping at church with a raffle/fundraiser.


“The vampire would go walking to the church through the railroad tracks… I live in that area.” He would, according to Emiliano, even to inside the church and pray. A priest which I will not name would stand far away in the altar when he came in and burn 'copal": some kind of smelly incense."

“The old testament says, God is the god of both evil and good. It is up for us to decide… Like a circuit, we are, a positive and a negative wire.. our brain has a positive and a negative and it controls the body and other things.. Even the angels in heaven (like those in hell) God allows them to be mischievous. It is man which he gives liberties to while they are alive,” he shared his beliefs.


“Apparently he was not a vampire pobre, because he could not afford to buy bags of blood that are sold at Memorial Hospital by the way.. todo se manija con dinero (all can be managed smoothly most of the time with money).”

“I don’t know what happen to him; if he died or not… he just disappeared. He preyed on women - especially Robstown women, Mexicanas. He loved their thick cheekbones and spunky resistance....There was another after that would dress like Freddy Fender, but when he died they didn’t like him because he was gay,” he concluded.

Friday, December 9, 2011


PHIL VELA FOR CONGRESS??? Just got wind of news that yes, phil vela, is considering running for the newly redistricted congressional seat 27 – runs from this area to Brownsville. Phil is 13th court of appeals judge rose vela’s husband. His late, beloved father was a federal judge in the valley: his mom, was mayor of Brownsville… he once played a leadership on this area – first as a democrat, then as a republican. He help placed many in judicial posts – he helped open a flood gate of political opportunities for republicans here in the region. Has the whole expectional agende being messed up???