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EDITORIAL: “SINCE WHEN HAS THE FIL VELA-RENE RODRIGUEZ FACTION been interested in Robstown and its surrounding area?”

“SINCE WHEN HAS THE FIL VELA-RENE RODRIGUEZ FACTION been interested in Robstown and its surrounding area?” – This Is The Question Being Asked.

Nueces County, TX -- Since when are they (the FIL VELA/RENE RODRIGUEZ FACTION which is now a new power within the Republican Party) interested in the larger Nueces County region such as Robstown, Texas and other satellite towns?

The answer: “Only on Election Season.” Robstown has had lots of battles – historically; this faction has never been around to use its resources to address many of the problems.

Since when have they been involved in the socio-political and economic development battles and concerns of Robstown? Only when this “faction” is running judicial candidates for office. In fact it was during the 90s when Fil Vela and RenĂ© Rodriguez first ran some young Hispanic female attorneys for judicial office?

Now it all makes sense. The women candidates sponsored by Vela/Rodriguez ran were not affiliated with the Hispanic Civil Rights Movement nor the Raza Unida Party (or what was left of it). It was not really the Democratic Party, and surely not the Republican Party (at that time, they considered it as the party of ultimate vendidos – sellouts). These women were associated with the radical wing of the Feminist Movement (NOW). In fact, Nanette Hassette and others donated funds to that unique cause. Other women were used to run and enervated and then thrown in the disposal shelf such as Diana Martinez.

Back then: Vela/Rodriguez fought with other factions within the Democratic Party. They went as far as to label the original KUNO radio “Comentarios” (not the present station) and the Coffee Club (founded by Ray Madrigal) as: “the place where Republicans and sellouts hangout.” A particular radio Spanish Talk Radio Show (airing via KUNO Station) was recruited as a media mouthpiece to validate and reinforce their carefully crafted propaganda messages.

Rodriguez, back then as he is now doing, was just a front piece instrument for a much more significant player – Phil Vela Jr. (eccentric son of the late Phil Vela Sr.). Vela was the clandestine money man: the outlandish “behind the scenes” architect of this power grab.

What they leave the Democratic Party (“Republican need to know this tidbit of information” – a few insiders claim)? This faction would demonize most of other candidates that were not within their network of control. They would hire so-called high-paid "consultants" that were really hecklers to target other Democrats. This very tactic has mysteriously resurfaced (but now being commissioned by the Republican Party).

When they faced financial competition from Attorney and politico Mikal Watts, who began to bankroll hand-picked Democratic Party candidates, this faction blasted him with “both barrels” as many specialists remember. “They wanted him out of the picture to be able to control the Democratic Party in the region.”

The faction did accomplish the above but severely segmented the party to the point it was not effective anymore. The only sizeable and real identifiable faction now left is the Solomon P. Ortiz Sr./Lencho Rendon faction. As for Phil Vela Sr. and his wife (Rose Vela)? They turned Republican for expedient reasons. They needed to begin anew; to use a readymade organization to continue their mutual endeavors.

Vela, recruited Mike Bertuzzi to run for Republican chair (and unseat the real conservative) so he would be able to posture himself in a superior manner. Vela engaged in pretentious benevolent gestures: he paid for the rent and other expenses related to the operation of the Nueces County Republican Headquarters. Additionally, the Velas opened their Ocean Drive home to the upwardly mobile and, of course, the bon ton members of the Republican Party. It goes without saying that their social class status did not differ much from the latter. Fil Vela used to comment: "It's funny how social class can transcend even political parties at certain gatherings."

The germ had been embedded. Vela, who had been raised in a politically astute family, (his father was the late Federal Judge of the Valley: Filemon “Fil” Vela Sr), had Trojan-horsed his new political virus. His wife, Rose, ran for the 13th Court Of Appeals as a Republican and won. Local Republicans as well as Valley ones felt empowered. Beforehand, she had been elected District Judge while running as a Democrat.

This election season Rene Rodriguez (Vela’s side-kick and business partner) decided to recruit – again, using the same previous political recipe -- Hispanic women lawyers to run for office: Angelica Hernandez, Amanda Torres and Anna Maria Jimenez. Instead of using the former KUNO Talk Show host (who is semi-retired now) as their main media spearhead this election cycle, they turned to a self-labeled CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER to put out their message and attempt to reach the sizeable Hispanic Population, especially Robstown, Bishop, Agua Dulce, Petronilla (areas which have function traditionally as a voter bloc): a significant voter bloc that can abruptly swing an election.

Remember that the so-called senior Republican, County Judge Loyd Neal, mid 70s, does not want any major economic development for Robstown area nor the Fairgrounds. He has his own network of interests and sites made up already. Neal was a major decision-maker in recruiting Vela and Rodriguez to attempt to capture via this brokering deal a large portion of the Hispanic Population vote. The Loyd Neal Republican candidates want to “tail-coat” themselves in behind this faction as one Republican Strategist told El Defenzor anonymously. "What upsets me is listening to hired hand and former Democrat Susie Luna-Saldana using the racial card to target Anglo Democrats. She uses words such as 'El Gringo Mike Skurka' and 'El Gringo Ray M.' and 'La Gringa Jenny Dorsey.' This incoming faction is cheaping the image of our party. Racial animosity is being used to instigate hate against Anglos associated with school board races and running for District Attorney and other offices. This sounds too Rene Rodriguez style. What will the future hold for our party? Will we, the Nueces County Republicans, be associated as the new bigots?"

If the Vela/Rodriguez’ faction (or “girls” as they are tagged jestingly) all win for office, they will control a larger portion of the core group of the regional Republican Party. In essence, a Republican victory for this faction will equate to more power and influence for Vela and Rodriguez and respective network members of the Republicans.

“Will the Vela/Rodriguez faction end up dividing the local Republican Party as they did with the Democratic Party?” – this is the question that lingers in many a political activist. “Is a vote for the Vela/Rodriguez Faction for positive change?”

Thursday, October 21, 2010


In a startling development, Joe Benavides received an expected full dismissal of any complaints to the Judicial Ethics Committee. Both the inexperienced leader of the Republican party and a two year lawyer (aka baby lawyer) in Amanda Torres didn't check the rules and filed on Joe Benavides for JP to attempt to discredit him.
Joe Benavides was quoted as saying, "In all my years in politics and in my service to our congressman Solomon Ortiz in Washington I have never seen such poor judgment or tactics out of desperation. It is clear they are threatened by the support from both parties in this community for the right judge. My opponent harped on her being a lawyer and her knowledge of the law, but in a JP court you don't need to be a lawyer and 95% of the JP's in Texas aren't. This proves her inexperience as a lawyer and emotional reactions got the best of her. Her campaign consultant also filed false reports to the Center for the Deaf on McCardle that I had broken some rule. The voting judge indicated that the man was harassing the judge and other voters by complaining repeatedly in order to try to get me in some hot water when we did nothing wrong. This is not the kind of judge or people she surrounds herself with you want in office."
As for the new fledgling Republican Chair, she has in bad faith, according to reliable sources, filed on many Democratic candidates. What was thought to be a banner year for local Repubilicans has turned into a nightmare. The superstars of the party, Neal and Hunter are not campaigning hard and the only one campaigning for selfish reasons is unopposed Mike "Sugar Daddy" Pusley (as Referred to by some Republicans disenchanted with him) who is wanting to take over Neal's throne in 2011 and prays nightly that Neal retires soon. Therefore, there is no enthusiasm and the Republicans are getting worried with the gaining momentum of the Democratic Party.




NUECES COUNTY, TX – ROLAND GARZA, who served as a CIVIL RIGHTS coordinator, has TURNED REPUBLICAN and has become a “Hired Gun” for some candidates associated with KNOWN HATE GROUPS. Records reveal GARZA is being paid thousands of dollars for being a “consultant”. But are his “intellectual skills” and “social organizing” skills being utilized to help them? No, he is functioning mainly a hired heckler, a hired to intimidate and humiliate Hispanic Democrat Candidates at forums and debates and/or launch attacks on his media program. He is also trying to cloak extremists as being "Hispanic Friendly."

The problem is that ROLAND GARZA is using his “civil rights hat” and associated Hispanic and minority base “popularity” to help organizations and individuals that have “hitched horses” (so to speak) with “anti-collective bargaining” groups and troublingly with known hate groups (as classified by Government entities) such as the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan but without the hood – an organization that has a history of supporting segregation), with known members of the Minuteman Organization (anti-Latino, anti-Immigrant group). On a regular basis you see the local leader of Corpus Christi chapter of the John Birch Society (Chuck Bernett) putting up signs and attending functions along with Roland for Republican candidate Angelica Hernandez . It goes without saying that what is wrong with this picture is perceptible on a daily basis; it can be summed up in one sentence: ROLAND GARZA needs to immediately relinquish his “Civil Rights hat” and engage in the politics of his choice. It is his right to join with tagged HATE GROUPS – but he has not right to drag the emblem of civil rights that history represents diligent and sincere struggles into the sludge, into the grime of own selfish expediency and financial profit.

What Roland Garza is doing is reprehensible – the CIVIL RIGHTS CAUSE cannot be compromised one minute longer. Garza associating with known hate groups and movements in addition to attempting to deceive the public that he is still a civil rights leader is disconcerting. It breaches all sense of propriety and decorum -- what he is doing is sleazy, revolting and is a Judas Kiss: an insult to many a person that put his or her life on the line in the human rights stuggle to create a more egalitarian and representative society.

What ROLAND GARZA IS DOING not only drains the young new generations of HISPANICS AND MINORITIES and the OPPRESSED of their true being: it also tries to fill them with desire to be somebody else – strangers like GARZA, who have packaged and “sold-out” the cause of many generations of Civil-Rights for a profit. Garza is trying to establish a bad precedent. Just because he is caught in a trap, rejecting the scared principle of “Never Sell-Out The Cause” in the community, does not permit him to drag others into his own abyss of becoming a divided person inside.

Joe Ortiz, civil rights Coordinator for the American GI Forum said: "I am so disappointed that Roland Garza is doing this. I trained him with the intention of helping the community. He knew this movement for Human and Civil Rights carried a lot of responsibly and good judgment. This position should never be used for personal gain and should never be associated with Hate Groups -- who have harmed or continue to harm out community. He should immediately dissociate himself with any civil rights movement. My question is -- "What civil rights group has appointed him? He is a rogue activist who get paid to advocate for them. It is discrediting out movement."

How did ROLAND GARZA end up on the other side of the “fence of principles” he used to espouse? He followed Attorney Rene Rodriguez that turned Republican because he was offered a lucratic deal. Garza by following demonstrated that he loyalty was more to Rodriguez than the “cause” he scripted and harped on a daily basis. Garza now is encouraging an agenda that goes against what the Late Hector P. Garcia, the Late Cesar Chavez, and Later Martin Luther King valued. Garza is encourage EL PUEBLO HISPANO and other oppressed communities who carry the burden of poverty and social barriers to fight against each other. Garza might not realize that both (everyone) is being taken, all are being used against each other. This fight is what the leaders of the HATE GROUPS wanted. The joke is on us.

Garza has also begun to demonstrate a sense of cruelty against his own. He has begun to attack JOE BENAVIDES (who is running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1). Joe Benavides’ father – Benny Benavides, a civil rights leader and strong voice for the Hispanic and Oppressed Communities, just passed on a few weeks ago. Garza has ventured to a realm that is taboo. He has to answer to the elder members of this movement.

Garza has launched false allegations against Joe Benavides claiming that he treats women badly – all part of a “Female Model” political attack plan put together not by females but Rene Rodriguez. Benavides, those who know him well will vouch, has been anything but what Garza erroneously accuses him: he has been a loving father; and much more, he has served his community in voluntary and altruistic efforts that go beyond the call of duty. He has been a pillar of the community and excellent role model – but Garza, who is not a paid agent for the oppressor, knows Joe Benavides is in a grieving episode in his life (his father’s passing), and seems to want to not just hurt him but break his very soul.

ROLAND GARZA, when all is said and done, is trying to tag JOE BENAVIDES as an enemy of the people (Garza is being paid by Benavides' political rival). Garza himself (it is so graphically apparent) has become a harming agent to El Movimiento De Derechos Civiles: the cause of causes -- civil and human rights.

El Defenzor on Radio today & Tomorrow at 5 p.m. 104.9 FM

HOMER VILLARREAL, FOUNDER - EL DEFENZOR (NEWSPAPER) will be on radio for a few minutes today and tomorrow at 5 p.m. – tune in to 104.9 FM. Next Week (all week) Villarreal will begin “El Defenzor Life” where he will be doing 15 minutes radio commentaries… Pass the word (stay tune for for details)… Get excited.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


El Defenzor met with the new and captivating founder of Young Voters of South Texas, Ms. Danielle Oldham. Young Voters of South Texas is a movement started Over the last several months many have seen her attending events and recruiting young people to work on the various democratic campaigns and appearing on radio, television and on Facebook.
Danielle exemplifies what is needed in the Democratic party: A new generation of leadership. Born and raised in the Mid-west, Ms. Oldham comes from a conservative Democratic background. Working on her second degree at Texas A&M University she has found time to launch Young Voters of South Texas and has taken a page from other young politicos who are using the internet, television and radio to bring out their voice.
Ms. Oldham is one of the few young people in the community who are exhibiting leadership skills in politics while using up to date technology to get out her message and unify the party for people under 30. " I have a great deal of respect for the strong efforts that the Democratic party has made. However, I have noticed deeply entrenched factions within the party that often make it difficult to have unity. Through my analysis of South Texas political trends over the last 10 years it is clear that formerly a dominating faction could control the rest of the party, but now that the Democrats are catching more and more Republican opponents, we need to set aside factional disputes and be much more inclusive. This is where the media comes in: If we can bring on candidates who are able to educate the public on their qualifications and show the face of the Democratic party in the most positive light. This strategy cuts through the factions and creates a sense of unity that is much needed."

When asked if she thought that the Democratic party and liberalism are one and the same she responded, "I am originally from the mid-west. I see a lot of commonalities with the predominately hispanic population here. My fiance Anthony Gomez from Robstown, and his family, exhibit the typical Democratic conservative example I am acquainted with from the mid-west, which is hardworking blue collar people who are patriotic and have a strong sense of family and service to our country with deep convictions regarding their belief in God. He is currently in San Antonio receiving therapy, under the Wounded Warrior program, after returning from a tour of duty in the military in Afghanistan. What Republicans are saying is simply not true, when they accuse all Democrats of being in favor of abortion or that all Democrats are socialist that is not only an inaccurate comment but also self-serving and irresponsible."
Her past experience in politics has been on local and national races. Over the last 3 years while in South Texas she was a grassroots organizer for the Obama campaign and is now an advisor for the Joe A. Gonzalez and Joe Benavides campaigns. "Mr. Flores, the chief advisor for both Gonzalez and Benavides has taught me a lot about bringing out a strong message and a seemingly overnight presence in the media. The Lopez family and Joe Flores have been gracious enough to create a show for me on the station which has been quite successful and well-received."
Ms. Oldham recognized the contributions of the Lopez family in South Texas political broadcasting and was appreciative and humble: " Few appreciate the efforts that these two gentleman (Carlos Lopez and Joe Flores) have made in creating a sense of community and enthusiasm within the Democratic party and helping turn out the vote. Joe created my show's concept and we recently have had 8 candidates on the show which will be shown throughout the early voting time period as well as election day. Judge Marisela Saldana, Mark Skurka running for District Attorney, Jenny Dorsey running for school board, Judge Joe A. Gonzalez for County Commissioner, Joe Benavides for Justice of the Peace and upcoming guests Terry Shamsie for Family court along with Manuel Banales seeking re-election for the 105th District court are among the guests who will appear on KTMV.'
When asked about her political aspirations Ms. Oldham was quick to add, "I am not ruling out a future seeking office, but at my age, 25, I am looking towards completing my second college degree and entering graduate school while collaborating with Mr. Flores to create more political and community programming. I am grateful for the support and welcome that I have received from the Democratic party and am confident that candidates that have worked so hard will be victorious November 2nd. I also want to thank El Defenzor and the Villarreal family for the conscious awareness created through its publication and internet presence and for this interview."
When asked about trying to keep our youth in South Texas, Ms. Oldham concluded the interview with the following soundbyte, "I believe in Corpus Christi and this community. We have excellent education, colleges, and people. We just need more true economic development that is open to bringing outside help. We as a community collectively have turned away excellent opportunities and I hope with my media message I can help encourage young people not only to vote but to stay here to build a life and become civic-minded citizens who will help our community and contribute to job growth and economic prosperity."
It is clear that this is only the beginning of the movement for young people that Ms. Oldham is creating and we at El Defenzor will be watching her progress very carefully and with enthusiasm.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nueces County, TX: The Mascaras Come Off As Confrontations Occur -- Gil's and Anna's ire has reached inordiante levels

Word circulates quickly in Nueces County, Gil Hernandez (candidate for co commissioner) and Anna M. Jimenez (candidate for Dististrict Attorney) are going crazy feeling the heat. Gil verbally accosted Ray McMurrey the union leaders for teachers CCAFT and tried to justify his comment that he said on South Texas Politics that all Democrats are in favor of abortion. McMurrey reportedly told Gil that he was inexperienced and unsophisticated in politics and must choose his words more carefully. Gil then continued his rampage and accused JAG of being a liar. Gil is reportedly throwing tantrums near the polls and is in coohots to the tune of $8.000.00 with Susie Luna, former Democratic consultant now helping Republicans. To make matters worse Gloria Caceres was in deep hot water for helping Susie and Gil in order to exact vengeance on JAG for defeating her badly in the primary. Shame, shame no your name. The consensus is for Gloria to Get OVER IT. Anna Jiminez reportedly is very bitter and caused a scene at City Hall and indicated that no one knew her voting record and knew nothing about her beliefs when accosted by a local attorney and media personality about being a RINO. El Defenzor has released her shocking voting record where she voted Democrat until she fanagled the Republicans to get her the D.A. job. Mysteriously she then voted Republican and is closely associated with Rene Rodriguez so many republicans are put off for her and are voting for Mark Skurka (see poll taken from October 11-15th, 2010).


El Defenzor took a sample on FB (over 2,456 FB members, 162 bloggers with standard deviation of 0.5)
1. Bill White 48.2; Rick Perry 51.8%: GOVERNOR
2. Loyd Neal 54.5; Clarissa Gonzalez 45.5%: COUNTY JUDGE
3. Manuel Banales 52.2; Angelica Hernandez 47.8% 105th DISTRICT COURT
4. Mariseal Saldana 52.5%; Guy Williams 47.5% 148TH DISTRICT COURT
5. Joe A. Gonzalez 61.4%; Gil Hernandez 38.6% : COUNTY COMMISSIONER PCT 2
6. Joe Benavides 55.6%; Amanda Torres 44.4%: JUSTICE OF THE PEACE PCT 1, PL1
7. Mark Skurka 68.7%; Anna Jiminez 31.3%: DISTRICT ATTORNEY
8. Terry Shamsie 51.8%; Brent Chesney 48.2%: FAMILY COUNTY COURT AT LAW NO.
9. John Longoria 38%; Jenny Dorsey 34% Tottsy Armadillo 28%: SCHOOL BOARD RACE DIST 1
Political Analysis
In the majority of races there is no clear indication of which party may have the upper hand. The last 10 years have demonstrated that Republicans do have an opportunity to gain more seats but as of late the Democrats have rallied through grassroots efforts and the press for media coverage on political media outlets owned by the Lopez Family such as radio 104.9 and Televisions channel 6 KTMV with South Texas Politics (Marez, Saenz and Grenado hosts) educating the voter and the creation of multiple political shows by attorney and activist Joe Flores.
The phemonenon that has also occurred that political analysts such as Dr. Bob Bezdek simply cannot predict is the voice of the internet. Blogs and Facebook and comments on the Caller Times are shaping and bending the perception of candidates and the issues that are involved. More individuals simply cannot turn off politics if their friends are politicos and many enjoy the drama unfolding. One poltical activist replied:
" I don't read the articles in the Caller Times on printed format anymore. I just go to caller.com and read about the article but then I race down to see what comments were made in order to break down the spin the media wishes to put on it. I don't think media gives the complete story and I think that through comments and dialogue on the internet we see what people are really thinking. I learn more about the perception of a candidate by how he is being hit and I can sift through the haters and the people with an agenda and make up my own mind and I can participate in it myself and jump in at any time if I wish to. No longer am I being passively spoonfed information to digest. I also love reading Facebook, seeing political commercials on youtube.com and reading about what people are doing on their campaigns through pictures and words being uploaded. We don't have to rely on the paper the next day or the news at 10. We are creating our own news and filtering it how we want to at that very minute at that very second."
At this point we cannot count on Island Republicans or West Side Democrats pulling straight ticket either R or D. Every vote counts and each and every vote can cost an election. This election more than ever is about people's pocketbook. It is interesting to note that during the summer the Republicans were smug but now candidates such as Chesney and Anna Jiminez are running for cover as the media hits them hard. On Chesney it was for texting and being a City Councilman living away and Anna Jiminez for her perceived poor choices in running the D.A."s office and firing key people.
Another poll shall be taken in a few days after analyzing the voter turnout. It is anyone's race in any of these elections. Stay tuned.
More to come.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Inner Core DEMOCRAT Player GLORIA CACERES Betrays Party? NOT HEALED OVER LOSSING HER ELECTION Meets With Republican Hired Hand To Target JAG

In a disappoining development, it is confirmed that Gloria Caceres, closely associated with the Solomon Ortiz Jr. campaign, fed a false and misleading question to now Republican advisor, formerly Democratic stalworth, Susie Luna-Saldana who has received thousands of dollars, confirmed by campaign finance reports, from Gil Hernandez. According to public records Hernandez has not filed two campaign finance reports as mandated by law, but those filed reveal thousands of dollars paid to Saldana for her "consulting".
The question was pointed at Judge Joe A. Gonzalez at the League of Women Voters Forum on October 14, 2010 at City Hall. The forum is being broadcast the 20th through the 23rd of October on Channel 20, Time Warner. The question was, "Are you aware that you and your organization is being investigated by the Texas Rangers?" to which Judge JAG replied that the question was cowardly, false and only served to help Gil Hernandez his opponent.
Gloria Caceres reportedly fed the question to Susie Luna and Luna was allowed by the League of Women voters, who usually have a screening process in place, to ask the question. JAG issued a statement that the notion that senior citizens who run Education is Our Freedom are being investigated is absolutely false. Local criminal attorney Gerald Rogen reportedly investigated the false claim thoroughly and there was not a shred of proof that ANYONE was investigating this organization which has helped hundreds of primarily hispanic children attend college.
JAG was reached earlier today: "It is disappointing to me that my former defeated opponent Gloria Caceres would stoop to such tactics to exact revenge on me and my campaign and my family. Many saw her openly speaking with Luna that night and it was clear and painfully obvious that the question was allowed to discredit me and for her to get her vengeance on me. Gloria does not realize that when she does not get past things like this she hurts the whole Democratic party, the Ortiz faction, and puts a very negative light on politics and it cheapens the League of Women Voters forum."
Chief campaign advisor and attorney Joe Flores for Joe A. Gonzalez reportedly contacted the League of Women Voters to inquire as to who allowed the question and if so, to have the question and its inflammatory effects to be removed from the program by redaction, which will air several times on Time Warner. "My client Joe A. Gonzalez was attacked for months by Ms. Caceres and her camp. When JAG brought out her child support issues and caught her in an inconsistency on how much was owed to the government on South Texas Politics during the runoff she became obviously bitter. An ad on television ran claiming the same thing that was substantiated by public record. Such a question which was allowed to be asked was so inflammatory that even the most thickskinned politician would wince. I am a stauch supporter of the League of Women Voters and it is disappointing that such a prestigious forum was used as a tool by Caceres to exact revenge upon Joe A. Gonzalez for his victory in March and directly and indirectly it aided Gil Hernandez, JAG's Republican opponent, and the whole Republican Party."
JAG also stated, "Gloria complains her family was hurt by negative campaigning which is hypocritical. My family has suffered because of efforts by her and We the People, led by John Kelly to attack a fine organization. Ms. Caceres could obviously dish it out but she couldn't take it. She harbors this bitterness and need for revenge so much that she will go to the other side, help Susie Luna and Gil while simultaneously wanting to help Solomon Ortiz, Jr. You can't have it both ways. Either you are a solid Democrat or not."
El Defenzor tried to reach Ms. Caceres for comment and was unsuccessful.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Nueces County, TX – Justice of the Peace Amanda Torres, who was appointed to fill in the vacant judicial post and who is running for the seat as a Republican, late this week decided to take down a group photo of former persons who had occupied the seat of Justice of the Peace. It is a photo that taken to memorialize the last request made by former Justice of the Peace Armando Flores – a charasmatic and respected pillar of the community. It is a photo that was intended to hang there forever.

Late this week Judge Joe A. Gonzalez (JAG) was called by the staff of Justice of the Peace Torres’s office and told something to the effect: “Come and pick up the group photo or it is going to the trash.”

Then Justice of the Peace Jose. A. Gonzalez appears along with Former Justice Armando Flores, Former Justice of the Peace Enselmo “Blackie” Longoria, Former Justice of the Peace Mike Westergren – and at one end appears former Nueces County Clerk Ernest Briones. Gonzalez and Westergren are the only two surviving former JPs that appear on the photo.

Former Justice of the Peace (JAG) Gonzalez said: “I feel Justice of the Peace Amanda Torres should appologize to the families for action. I feel her whim reflects her immaturity. She fails to realize the historic value and consequences of that moment captured in history. It was a photo that took a lot of coordination.”

(JAG) Gonzalez concluded: “Again, it was former Justice of the Peace Armando Flores’ last wish – for all parties to put aside their diffences and gather in one place in time to send a loud message to the new generations that the struggle to humanize the judicial institutions was not an easy one. For the new generations to be reminded that there is still so much work to be done to better this area.”

Wednesday, October 13, 2010




Nueces County, Tx – AMANDA TORRES, candidate for Justice of the Peace, resorts one of the dirtiest and most cruel tactics used in politics. She tries to rattle the spirit of her grieving rival Joe Benavides – whose father (the beloved Benny Benavides passed away Sunday. Torres’ consultant, Jeff Butler, has a history of insensitive and gutter-level tactics.

Torres, as her campaign beings to spiral down in the polls, she resorts to grubby tactics so as to try and optimize her chances in this campaign. She has linked up together with her campaign consultant and the new leader of the Republican Party in Nueces County, Kimberly Curtis (who has become known as the “Walk-In” Chair of the regional GOP in that she was not elected by the popular vote) and they have devised an attack plan. They have threaten Joe Benavides and they are considering filing some impractical ethics violations against him – this publication is aware of them and seem more like thrumped up accusations. They are claiming Benavides finance campaign reports have a “lot to be desired.” Word circulates amidst the talk of insiders: Chair Ms. Curtis is also compulsively being steered openly by such individuals such as County Commissioner Mike Pusley to use her seat to impair Benavides’s spirits during this election cycle.

This publication dug deeper and met with Benavides’ consultant and lawyer and he summed it up in one sentence: “Amanda is revealing her cruel nature: she hitting my client at a low point in his life… for God’s sakes, when he is burying his best friend, his dad. How low can some people stoop?”

This publication has thus in turn examined Ms. Torres’ campaign reports and discovered that she has chanelled thousands of dollars for opague services of her campaign manager (Jeff) Butler; yet Benavides has not darted at her with the vernacularity and insenstiveness that Ms. Torres has.

Many individuals have been placed on payroll to harp on the “trumped” up charges: many former Democrats and even a so-called Civil Rights Activist.

Jeff Butler, who not too long ago a political consultant of Joe A. Gonzalez (JAG) who is running for county commissioner, Benavides' attorney is suspect of using information that was confidential and has turned it over to his new client -- Amanda Torres. The latter if authenticated if a very serious violation of fiduciary duty.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Benny Benavides, a long time community and political activist, passes on

Corpus Christi, TX -- Benny Benavides, a long time community and political activist, passed in the early morning hours. The man was known as an outspoken civic leader and Democrat who helped champion civil rights for Mexican Americans in South Texas. He served our country proudly as a sargeant in the Air Force and was an invaluable member of the Congressman Solomon Ortiz' organization for years. He leaves behind sons and daughters and many grandchildren. One of the greatest moments of pride he related to many was seeing his son Joe Benavides win the democratic primary for Justice of the Peace. Those who knew him best can relate that he was a man of principle and conviction and a defender of those in need on the west side of Corpus Christi. Not only will has family grieve for him but an entire community. Benny's long time attorney Joe Flores related to El Defenzor that Benny suffered a stroke and had been ill for several months. 'Benny Benavides defended the elderly and
the downtrodden of his community on the west side of Corpus Christi. He was a pivotal figure in South Texas politics for decades and impacted the lives of thousands of Mexican Americans. He was a distinguished veteran and a man of great intellect and humor. He will be greatly missed by us all.' Services shall be announced shortly for this great man that has gone to his reward.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Nueces County, Tx – County Judge Loyd Neal is so concerned about keeping his seat and control over the majority on the commissioners commission that he has not only allowed the “race baiter” Rene Rodriguez to become one of the top advisors in the Republican Party, but has disgustingly adopted his value system and accepted the shady POLITIQUERA SYSTEM (pronounced: POE-LEE’TEA-CARE- AWE) – a system where politiqueras (or ladies – and some men – solicit votes for a candidate – who usually is the highest bidder, and then via their shady tactics conduct personal home visits or reach them over the phone. They usually follow the cited recipe to inveigle by inviting the intended target to vote for the candidate that has commissioned their services -- e.g., mailing ballots and so forth. The selective pool of voters targeted usually do not even know the candidates running for office yet via professed crafty methods are coaxed to go throught the motions as a personal favor for the politiquera. The most disturbing and unethical part is the exploitation of senior citizens and the sick by many an unscrupulous politiquera. Some aggressive politiqueras are also infamous for heckling down political rivals following a pre-planned script. What regional person could possibly fit this bill of personality?

Elite members inside the Republican Party have decided to hire Susie Luna Saldana – who has been a union activist and a super aggressive politiquera – who has in the last few years guised her operation under the new placard of doing business as “Grassroots Consultants”. This trend signals both a very important development and paradox in the regional GOP. While the Democratic Party frowns on and tries to remove itself from having any overt connections with the dappled, sullen reputation of the POLITIQUERA SYSTEM, the Republican Party (both under the furtive control and steerage of Loyd Neal) has adopted it. Neal (with the guidance of Rene Rodriguez) has personally gone as far as to hand pick his politiquera line-up, a “Tokyo Rosa” and “Tokyo Benedicto” list (as some analysts in the region have tagged it). This list will be shared with our readers later, a list that will shock many that are not “IN THE KNOW.”

To Return: a dagger has cut deep into the Democratic Party as Susie Luna Saldana endorsed County Judge Loyd Neal (i.e., his re-election campaign) on LA VOZ (translated: “The voice”), a radio program that transmits via radio 104.9 FM. In an unprecedented move, “old guard” and “politiquera” (former?) Democrat Saldana said she favored Judge Loyd Neal (Republican) over Clarissa Gonzalez (Democrat). She even went as far as to say she was supporting John Longoria for the Corpus Christi ISD school board of trustees. Longoria is a loyalist of the NEAL Republican faction and even had a lot to do with suppressing Saldana’s union voice at CCISD. “What could possibly be the reason Ms. Saldana has decided to put aside her charged disagreements with Longoria?” – this is a question that is being asked.

LA VOZ is activist Abel Alonzo’s radio program. Saldana was quoted as saying, “I urge the public to vote for the most qualified candidates and vote their conscience.” She was consumed in her miff and went as far as to state that for too long “La Palanca” (voting straight ticket) has dominated the Democratic Party in the region. She felt it was time to vote for Republicans. Saldana equated being educated with Hispanics voting Republican as Loyd Neal (and others) listened. She endorsed Neal – but the contradiction is she was offered a package deal.

What triggered Susie Luna Saldana to switch party loyalties? “It was money, pure and simple and that is why she stepped down as precinct chair of the Democratic Party,” a member of the Democratic Part Women's group opined. “Saldana has pretty much made it clear in her own way that she will blast on radio and by other means those who do not hire her. Ironically, Saldana has joined sides with those that would favor Minutemen (remember she was a staunch critic of the Minutemen organization) and further link up with other politiqueras oppressing the poor and the elderly. She gladly has joined sides to help in the cover-up and exploitation of millions of taxpayer dollars by the good ole boy network and the EDC and has essentially endorsed some ethnically distant Republicans who do not want people like Susie at their functions, who do not embrace anything but the vote but do not want her kind at their lawn parties. This speaks miles for Susie being in it for Susie herself and not for the next generation of voters and her failed attempt at trying to demoralize the Democratic party.”

Does the accusation above have any validity? County Judge candidate Clarissa Gonzalez, a small businessperson, who is challenging Neal for the post, received a telephone call from Saldana (less than a handful of weeks ago) at her place of employment. Saldana, apparently using high pressure tactics, asked Ms. Gonzalez if she had come up with ten thousand dollars to advocate for her in the campaign or she would be impelled to make a tough decision and advocate for the rival.

Ms. Gonzalez, who was obviously distressed by the matter, told El Defenzor that she decided not to commission Saldana's services and instead to use the funds to address more important priorities -- e.g., such as purchasing more signs and purchasing mainstream advertisement. The new manner in which Saldana has postured herself politically has shocked many, but Ms. Gonzalez expected her shifting quake of wrath.

Word also began to circulate a few months back that the Neal machine was trying to recruit a female politiquera (or equivalent) to challenge Ms. Gonzalez in order that he may be able to maximize his changes at being re-elected in the November 2nd General Election of this year. Some consultants have pointed out that it is culturally inappropriate (at least in the founts of daily South Texas Hispanic culture) for a male to chop suey down to size a female publically. Saldana – considered too aggressive for the norm, with an enslaving penchant for politics, fuming mad that she did not acquire a contract with Ms. Gonzalez – is clearly an expedient choice. She and Rene Rodriguez have a long history of working together for mutual benefit.

To add a few more notes: Neal, mid-70s -- who has been in the insurance business over 40 years and is in the twilight of his life. He has serious neurological health problems and yet is diligently working on one of the county’s most important group health insurance deals of his life. He has hired not only the secretary of his insurance business as "administrative assistant to Loyd Neal" (earning over $80,000 salary/benefits) but also his insurance business associate (Tomas Duran) and other associates whom he has an intimate relationship with in the field to work for Nueces County government. Neal specializes (as Duran) in promoting a “Non-Fully Insured” type of Group Health Plan. The latter plan is controversial in that if a catastrophic loss is incurred, the employer (and not the company) have to cover the losses. This is the plan being considered for the county. Neal while mayor for the City of Corpus Christi voted to go along with this plan, a plan that was sold to the city by non-other then Duran (yes, Neal's business associate -- both were working as agents for the same "Not-Fully Insured" Group Health Insurance known as ENTRUST. In fact it was Neal working as an agent that landed the first business opportunity for the cited corporation in the region).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Nueces County, TX -- Breaking news. SUSIE LUNA SALDANA, union activist, former precinct chair, longtime compatriot and unflinching advocate of the Democratic Party, in the radio show LA VOZ today (October 5) endorsed Loyd Neal, the incumbent Republican running for county judge.

Trust can take years to build,but only a second to break. Saldana – who had stood up to MINUTEMAN ORGANIZATION, who had advocated for humantistic immigration rights, who had admiringly advocated for many civil rights causes – now has formally bowed and kowtowed and pledged allegence to her former political “foe’s” platform.

A former friend said: “Susie, do you remember when we were the best of friends in our party? When we'd share our every thought for the common person?Every smile and disappointment?And every laugh and our pain? Oh, and now do you feel anything that you broke our heart? Because I seem to remember that more than anything.I trusted you, I trusted you to take care of the platform of the people’s party and stomp on it.”

Apparently before she made her final decision, she called up Clarissa Gonzalez, Democratic Candidate for County Judge, and asked her point blank if she was going to pay her ten thousands dollars. Ms. Gonzalez, who is new to the game, and does does not the the fund raising capacity as her intrenched opponent, is tapping into grassroots and assertive community organizational tactics to make up for the latter.

Have Saldana’s goals become displaced? Saldana was pressured to stip down as Democratic precinct chair and the outpouring of her ire is clear. She now identifies herself as a “professional consultant” – a “gun for hire” to state it figurative jargon.

Yet, Susie – (now in the final multihued active phase of her life), who was considered the most scathing critic of the platform of the Republican Party – is now angry at the barbarism of her “former” (Democratic) Party and feels she wasted her time “spinning her wheels” in causes that did not fill her purse with a net-gain.

“Will she ever confess the present fact of her artifice? Of her oversize contradiction? Of abandoning a humanistic rebel cause for a few coins?” – how many are the questions being asked by those that were once close to her. Saldana’s life has been an endless journey in body and spirit in search of an answer to questions she first posed when she joined politics. Her own family were politicos in Hebbronville.

Susie Luna Saldana’s inner tragic circumstances, her inner struggle cannot be sung in a simple words. Many that have know her for years claim she has this unusual ability to create gestures and conversational states that take you just beyond the pale of what one feels is the natural course of what is to be expected. When it comes to politics, she is compulsive and relentless and she goes out “for blood.”

Now in the mirage of deceptive reality, Saldana is constructing a new enemy, a new target to throw darts at – and this time, unlike previous years: the eyes, the lips, all the entire faces are DEMOCRATS. Devoid of all fear – gently ironic, shie is a master of freezing enemies and as such she affords us a microcopic vision of her small world in all its South Texas pettiness and semi-tropical languor.

As Mike, a former activist associate put it: “I have been around her for the longest time. Susie (Luna-Saldana) prepares for ‘war; before an election. She sometimes secludes herself; but it is not the secusion of a saint, not the isolation of a hermit, but that of a fuming political woman with a consuming fixation to terrorize her opponent and to tear apart her target, and then puff it away into the distant sea. What did Rene Rodriguez put in her skull as well as others. We looked up to her, but she is no longer with us.”

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Joe A. Gonzalez, JAGs debate leads to political suicide for Gil after he announces that Democrats are all in Favor of Abortion
In a soon to be released debate from South Texas Politics that will be on Facebook, Gil Hernandez, Republican candidate ordered by Mike Pusley, Commissioner (R) and the County Judge to run, came out and said that Democrats are in favor of abortion. Draws dropped and the temperature rose at KTMV studios when this blow richocheted and struck hill in his political heart. JAG, Joe A. Gonzalez looked at Gil incredulously and said, "Whoa, what did you just say, All Democrats believe in abortion?? You are wrong Gil". Gil began to stammer and backpedal. To make matters worse, Gil said he was a Democrat until some Democrat made him mad and he turned Republican. JAG's response was, "What will you do if someone makes you made as Commissioner, act on that anger? I am for the people and have been insulted by Democrats, independants and Republicans...does that make me mad enough to turn on my own party and the people of this community? No!"
The debate also got worse for Gil as he tried to catch his breath but put his foot in his mouth again when he attacked the brainchild of Judge Joe A. Gonzalez, Education is Our Freedom, now run by senior citizens, and Gil dismissed the children's efforts to get their GED and actually smirked when JAG said, "these kids are going to be our future, and they may even be not just firefighters, and policemen, but executives at Coca-cola (a dig at Gil because that is his job)". The final deathblow was when JAG told everyone he was going to work 60 hours a week as your commissioner not 15 hours as week. Gil Hernandez currently works as as executive at Coca Cola 40 hours or more a week. After the interview Jag contacted El Defenzor and commented, "Gil lacks the training, temperament or loyalty to lead. The people do not want another commissioner making $80,000.00 a year and working 15 yours a week. I will be your full time commissioner. Plus, he and his campaign advisors and the advisors of Amanda Torres, who betrayed me and went to the other side, are trying to target the Seniors who run Education is our Freedom and terrorize them with accustions of Tax Fraud which are false. I have recommended the seniors contact an attorney and also report Gil and Amanda Torres who is a sitting judge to the proper authorities. Politics should not be used by anyone to indict or threaten or intimidate and I will not tolerate it and have kids suffer because Gil and Amanda Torres, running against Joe Benavides, are not supported, have sold out and went to the Republicans and are now losing in the polls and have no support in this community."
Polling numbers by El defenzor in a sampling of 1,252 households and via internet, phone and random sampling indicate that if the election was held today the election results would be as follows:
Joe A. Gonzalez (D) 58% of the vote
Gil Hernandez (R) 38% and
4% undecided
In the JP races Precinct 1 Place 1
Joe Benavides 62%
Amand Torres 35%
3% undecided

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Amanda Torres Falling Behind Polls While Benavides Handedly Wins Debate

In what was a shocking debate on South Texas Politics, Amanda Torres came out strong discussing her qualifications as an attorney but what happened next was a shocker even to hardcore Democrats. Joe Benavides, mild-mannered, dynamic and who has reached an almost cult of personality personna in South Texas, turned the tables and stated the following: "There you go again, bragging about being an attorney. The Court I seek is not for attorneys to preside over, it is for the people. Over 98% of J.P.'s don't have a law degree and you have also done very little to help the community. I don't need to be an attorney to preside over the People's Court who are seeking justice and I understand what the people need". Joe Benavides' confidence and ability to deflect the condescending tone that Amanda the republican appointed judge had, visibly impressed the hosts of South Texas Politics who asked her point blank if she is an attorney then why is she running for JP instead of County Court at Law and/or District Court. The answer was not only mumbled but inconclusive.

Joe Benavides has risen among the people as their candidate and has resounding support in a Democratic dominated Precinct. While Amanda has individuals picketing her courtroom and various complaints, it is Joe Benavides, a marine, a teacher and educator who is confident he will win, "The voters did not put her up there. She says you need to be an atttorney to sit on that bench and she is deceiving the public. She has not worked at all in this community, could not make it out in the private sector as a lawyer with barely two years experience and latched on to this position to make money. She is using the position to move on to other positions and that is not fair nor is it ethical to the voters of South Texas. Amanda has never been straight with the voters and I challenge her to explain why she is sending truant children to primarily one charter school that is being controlled indirectly by her political boss Rene Rodriguez. I challenge her to explain why she has not gone out in the community to help our children on weekends, mow lawns, lecture to schoolkids, visit teachers, and help all of be better parents and citizens. I am in it for the longhaul. I don't need a job because I couldn't make it as an attorney, that is Amanda Torres' problem. Why should the taxpayer give her a salary because she went to law school and can't succeed like other attorneys and make a practice. She doesn't belong as an attorney in a justice court and her presence sends a message to the other J.P.'s that just because they aren't attorneys they aren't good enough. Amanda must be voted out. I am here to serve the next 30 years if the voters will have me."

Joe Benavides' electrifying start to the debates shocked everyone and proved that a regular educator can easily defeat even an attorney in a debate and speaks miles for his judicial temperment, knowledge, experience and toughness he undoubtedly got from the Marines.

You hear him Amanda, "Fuera!"