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NUECES COUNTY, TX – ROLAND GARZA, who served as a CIVIL RIGHTS coordinator, has TURNED REPUBLICAN and has become a “Hired Gun” for some candidates associated with KNOWN HATE GROUPS. Records reveal GARZA is being paid thousands of dollars for being a “consultant”. But are his “intellectual skills” and “social organizing” skills being utilized to help them? No, he is functioning mainly a hired heckler, a hired to intimidate and humiliate Hispanic Democrat Candidates at forums and debates and/or launch attacks on his media program. He is also trying to cloak extremists as being "Hispanic Friendly."

The problem is that ROLAND GARZA is using his “civil rights hat” and associated Hispanic and minority base “popularity” to help organizations and individuals that have “hitched horses” (so to speak) with “anti-collective bargaining” groups and troublingly with known hate groups (as classified by Government entities) such as the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan but without the hood – an organization that has a history of supporting segregation), with known members of the Minuteman Organization (anti-Latino, anti-Immigrant group). On a regular basis you see the local leader of Corpus Christi chapter of the John Birch Society (Chuck Bernett) putting up signs and attending functions along with Roland for Republican candidate Angelica Hernandez . It goes without saying that what is wrong with this picture is perceptible on a daily basis; it can be summed up in one sentence: ROLAND GARZA needs to immediately relinquish his “Civil Rights hat” and engage in the politics of his choice. It is his right to join with tagged HATE GROUPS – but he has not right to drag the emblem of civil rights that history represents diligent and sincere struggles into the sludge, into the grime of own selfish expediency and financial profit.

What Roland Garza is doing is reprehensible – the CIVIL RIGHTS CAUSE cannot be compromised one minute longer. Garza associating with known hate groups and movements in addition to attempting to deceive the public that he is still a civil rights leader is disconcerting. It breaches all sense of propriety and decorum -- what he is doing is sleazy, revolting and is a Judas Kiss: an insult to many a person that put his or her life on the line in the human rights stuggle to create a more egalitarian and representative society.

What ROLAND GARZA IS DOING not only drains the young new generations of HISPANICS AND MINORITIES and the OPPRESSED of their true being: it also tries to fill them with desire to be somebody else – strangers like GARZA, who have packaged and “sold-out” the cause of many generations of Civil-Rights for a profit. Garza is trying to establish a bad precedent. Just because he is caught in a trap, rejecting the scared principle of “Never Sell-Out The Cause” in the community, does not permit him to drag others into his own abyss of becoming a divided person inside.

Joe Ortiz, civil rights Coordinator for the American GI Forum said: "I am so disappointed that Roland Garza is doing this. I trained him with the intention of helping the community. He knew this movement for Human and Civil Rights carried a lot of responsibly and good judgment. This position should never be used for personal gain and should never be associated with Hate Groups -- who have harmed or continue to harm out community. He should immediately dissociate himself with any civil rights movement. My question is -- "What civil rights group has appointed him? He is a rogue activist who get paid to advocate for them. It is discrediting out movement."

How did ROLAND GARZA end up on the other side of the “fence of principles” he used to espouse? He followed Attorney Rene Rodriguez that turned Republican because he was offered a lucratic deal. Garza by following demonstrated that he loyalty was more to Rodriguez than the “cause” he scripted and harped on a daily basis. Garza now is encouraging an agenda that goes against what the Late Hector P. Garcia, the Late Cesar Chavez, and Later Martin Luther King valued. Garza is encourage EL PUEBLO HISPANO and other oppressed communities who carry the burden of poverty and social barriers to fight against each other. Garza might not realize that both (everyone) is being taken, all are being used against each other. This fight is what the leaders of the HATE GROUPS wanted. The joke is on us.

Garza has also begun to demonstrate a sense of cruelty against his own. He has begun to attack JOE BENAVIDES (who is running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1). Joe Benavides’ father – Benny Benavides, a civil rights leader and strong voice for the Hispanic and Oppressed Communities, just passed on a few weeks ago. Garza has ventured to a realm that is taboo. He has to answer to the elder members of this movement.

Garza has launched false allegations against Joe Benavides claiming that he treats women badly – all part of a “Female Model” political attack plan put together not by females but Rene Rodriguez. Benavides, those who know him well will vouch, has been anything but what Garza erroneously accuses him: he has been a loving father; and much more, he has served his community in voluntary and altruistic efforts that go beyond the call of duty. He has been a pillar of the community and excellent role model – but Garza, who is not a paid agent for the oppressor, knows Joe Benavides is in a grieving episode in his life (his father’s passing), and seems to want to not just hurt him but break his very soul.

ROLAND GARZA, when all is said and done, is trying to tag JOE BENAVIDES as an enemy of the people (Garza is being paid by Benavides' political rival). Garza himself (it is so graphically apparent) has become a harming agent to El Movimiento De Derechos Civiles: the cause of causes -- civil and human rights.

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Ron Navarro said...

Roland and I were close freinds until he came to my home pretending to be my freind and wanted to collect TAXES from my daughter .He called the police and took them to her place of business saying I had made some thereats against him .Some where along the line this "coconut" has flipped out to greed and corubation .All statements I have made are the truth so help me God !He is slim of the worst kind .