Monday, October 18, 2010

Nueces County, TX: The Mascaras Come Off As Confrontations Occur -- Gil's and Anna's ire has reached inordiante levels

Word circulates quickly in Nueces County, Gil Hernandez (candidate for co commissioner) and Anna M. Jimenez (candidate for Dististrict Attorney) are going crazy feeling the heat. Gil verbally accosted Ray McMurrey the union leaders for teachers CCAFT and tried to justify his comment that he said on South Texas Politics that all Democrats are in favor of abortion. McMurrey reportedly told Gil that he was inexperienced and unsophisticated in politics and must choose his words more carefully. Gil then continued his rampage and accused JAG of being a liar. Gil is reportedly throwing tantrums near the polls and is in coohots to the tune of $8.000.00 with Susie Luna, former Democratic consultant now helping Republicans. To make matters worse Gloria Caceres was in deep hot water for helping Susie and Gil in order to exact vengeance on JAG for defeating her badly in the primary. Shame, shame no your name. The consensus is for Gloria to Get OVER IT. Anna Jiminez reportedly is very bitter and caused a scene at City Hall and indicated that no one knew her voting record and knew nothing about her beliefs when accosted by a local attorney and media personality about being a RINO. El Defenzor has released her shocking voting record where she voted Democrat until she fanagled the Republicans to get her the D.A. job. Mysteriously she then voted Republican and is closely associated with Rene Rodriguez so many republicans are put off for her and are voting for Mark Skurka (see poll taken from October 11-15th, 2010).

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