Saturday, October 2, 2010



Amanda Torres Falling Behind Polls While Benavides Handedly Wins Debate

In what was a shocking debate on South Texas Politics, Amanda Torres came out strong discussing her qualifications as an attorney but what happened next was a shocker even to hardcore Democrats. Joe Benavides, mild-mannered, dynamic and who has reached an almost cult of personality personna in South Texas, turned the tables and stated the following: "There you go again, bragging about being an attorney. The Court I seek is not for attorneys to preside over, it is for the people. Over 98% of J.P.'s don't have a law degree and you have also done very little to help the community. I don't need to be an attorney to preside over the People's Court who are seeking justice and I understand what the people need". Joe Benavides' confidence and ability to deflect the condescending tone that Amanda the republican appointed judge had, visibly impressed the hosts of South Texas Politics who asked her point blank if she is an attorney then why is she running for JP instead of County Court at Law and/or District Court. The answer was not only mumbled but inconclusive.

Joe Benavides has risen among the people as their candidate and has resounding support in a Democratic dominated Precinct. While Amanda has individuals picketing her courtroom and various complaints, it is Joe Benavides, a marine, a teacher and educator who is confident he will win, "The voters did not put her up there. She says you need to be an atttorney to sit on that bench and she is deceiving the public. She has not worked at all in this community, could not make it out in the private sector as a lawyer with barely two years experience and latched on to this position to make money. She is using the position to move on to other positions and that is not fair nor is it ethical to the voters of South Texas. Amanda has never been straight with the voters and I challenge her to explain why she is sending truant children to primarily one charter school that is being controlled indirectly by her political boss Rene Rodriguez. I challenge her to explain why she has not gone out in the community to help our children on weekends, mow lawns, lecture to schoolkids, visit teachers, and help all of be better parents and citizens. I am in it for the longhaul. I don't need a job because I couldn't make it as an attorney, that is Amanda Torres' problem. Why should the taxpayer give her a salary because she went to law school and can't succeed like other attorneys and make a practice. She doesn't belong as an attorney in a justice court and her presence sends a message to the other J.P.'s that just because they aren't attorneys they aren't good enough. Amanda must be voted out. I am here to serve the next 30 years if the voters will have me."

Joe Benavides' electrifying start to the debates shocked everyone and proved that a regular educator can easily defeat even an attorney in a debate and speaks miles for his judicial temperment, knowledge, experience and toughness he undoubtedly got from the Marines.

You hear him Amanda, "Fuera!"


Kenny Williams said...

I happened upon this most obnoxious blog filled with hate and obvious bias by accident. I am so surprised one of these individuals you attack with such hate-filled rhetoric have yet to put you in the defendant's seat in a courtroom. I see blatant defamation of character, use of intellectual property and obvious slander.

You really need to get a life and realize you have no impact on the elections in your city, county, state or country. Even a person with a IQ of below 75 could ascertain you are an imbecile.

I think your hands could you supplemental exercise that may also relieve your obvious issues with self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Williams obviously is an imbecile and doesn't understand how South Texas politics works and needs an education come Nov 3rd. Everyone will also know who Kenny 'powers' Williams is...another redneck listening to Lago en la manana. Amanda has absolutley no experience and nothing has been said that is not part of free speech. Only one slandering anyone is you boy or girl or hermaphrodite or whatever you are.