Friday, August 24, 2012


THE POPULAR MARK SKURKA - DIST. ATTORNEY OF NUECES COMING TO HEARTLAND OF ROBSTOWN, TX --  See Flyer below.   DA Mark Skurka is coming to Robstown  Saturday morning -- Taqueria EL CHARRO...  He and other democrats will be there in the heartland of Robstown.  This area is orbited by several barrios such as CASA BLANCA and other working people neighborhoods that carry great emotional and cultural identity.. While many a politico try to distance themselves from the working class and poor --> Skurka says: "Let's get together... Soy puro corazon."

Thursday, August 2, 2012



NUECES COUNTY & REGION -- Many are referring to SUSIE LUNA-SALDANA's political advocacy  on radio for JERRY TREVINO (a failed candidate for US Congress)during the Democratic Party Run-Off as "THE SUSIE LUNA-SALDANA EFFECT."  Ms. LUNA-SALDANA, 60s, a politiquera (for "Yellow Dog Democrat") who rose to prominence helping REPUBLICAN win for office in the 2010 election with a hefty political war chest of resources failed to gain an inch in voter approval for her candidate.  On the contrary, candidate Trevino who had procured a boatload of supporters during the Democratic Primaries and was expected by many a political anyalyist to overshadow his opponent -- Rose Mesa-Harrison-- seems to have plummeted as a result of affiliated with the so-called "bipartisan" Politiquera System of  Susie Luna-Salanda.
   Ms. Luna-Saldana, once involved with the TEACHER UNION (and who now uses her affiliation with it) bought airtime on MAGIC-Q 93.5 and 104.9 during the noon hour to broadcast her sentiments and propaganda for a few weeks and on election day purchased a day long slot on the same radio station which boardcasts as far as Victoria but to no avail.
   Ms. Luna-Saldana expressed her disdain for Congression candidate Ms. Mesa-Harrisan with the venom that can only stem from the deepest part of one's dark chest.  She said on the air:  "You (Rose Mesa-Harrison) better believe it is personal, very personal."  This statement cast a cloud of political "bad breath": hued with all the calculated poison of vengeance.
  Why "vengeance"?   To explain, before  enrolling as a candidate for Congress, Ms. Mesa-Harrison, had served a fair tenure as Democratic Chair of Nueces County.  During her term she queried the STATE PARTY in reference to policy -- specifically precinct chairs (e.g., Susie Luna-Saldana and Roland Garza) who had taken "Republican consultation" dollars and were determined to continue serving as precinct chairs. The STATE PARTY rendered an opinion --i.e.,  it was not allowed.  Therefore and henceforth, she formally drafted a letter asking for the resignation of both Susie Luna-Saldana and Roland Garza as precinct chairs.  Despite the protestations and remonstrations of the two parties in question, they were eventually scratched off their official duties and authority.
  Ms. Luna-Saldana, who had a long track record as being affiliated with the Democratic Party in the region, felt humiliated.  Thus the radio time she bought (or was bought) to promote Trevino's candidacy was utilized informally personally hammer Ms. Mesa-Harrison or at least it was the way it was construed by many a keen observer.
  After receiving news that Ms. Mesa Harrison had been victorious, Ms. Luna-Saldana said told Radio Host Vicente Carranza:  "It is not over.  This just gives me another 100 days to begin a campaign against esa mujer (that woman) Rose Mesa-Harrison who I believe should never serve in that office."
  Ms. Luna-Saldana, soon after that statement, added: "I will be helping her Republican Opponent Blake Farenthold".
  One political analyist concluded: "There is a trend. It appears Hispanic Democrats are retrenching and stratifying themselves in reference to affiliations of the Susie-Luna-Salanda's of this world.  They are a harming agent, not a healthy benefial one for candidates that want to win."
   District Attorney Mark Skurka , who in the last election faced the fury of Ms. Luna-Saldana's rethorical hash said: "I took a beating. My family took a beating.  It is a dirty, vicious, wicked mockery of the political process."