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Nueces County, Tx – County Judge Loyd Neal is so concerned about keeping his seat and control over the majority on the commissioners commission that he has not only allowed the “race baiter” Rene Rodriguez to become one of the top advisors in the Republican Party, but has disgustingly adopted his value system and accepted the shady POLITIQUERA SYSTEM (pronounced: POE-LEE’TEA-CARE- AWE) – a system where politiqueras (or ladies – and some men – solicit votes for a candidate – who usually is the highest bidder, and then via their shady tactics conduct personal home visits or reach them over the phone. They usually follow the cited recipe to inveigle by inviting the intended target to vote for the candidate that has commissioned their services -- e.g., mailing ballots and so forth. The selective pool of voters targeted usually do not even know the candidates running for office yet via professed crafty methods are coaxed to go throught the motions as a personal favor for the politiquera. The most disturbing and unethical part is the exploitation of senior citizens and the sick by many an unscrupulous politiquera. Some aggressive politiqueras are also infamous for heckling down political rivals following a pre-planned script. What regional person could possibly fit this bill of personality?

Elite members inside the Republican Party have decided to hire Susie Luna Saldana – who has been a union activist and a super aggressive politiquera – who has in the last few years guised her operation under the new placard of doing business as “Grassroots Consultants”. This trend signals both a very important development and paradox in the regional GOP. While the Democratic Party frowns on and tries to remove itself from having any overt connections with the dappled, sullen reputation of the POLITIQUERA SYSTEM, the Republican Party (both under the furtive control and steerage of Loyd Neal) has adopted it. Neal (with the guidance of Rene Rodriguez) has personally gone as far as to hand pick his politiquera line-up, a “Tokyo Rosa” and “Tokyo Benedicto” list (as some analysts in the region have tagged it). This list will be shared with our readers later, a list that will shock many that are not “IN THE KNOW.”

To Return: a dagger has cut deep into the Democratic Party as Susie Luna Saldana endorsed County Judge Loyd Neal (i.e., his re-election campaign) on LA VOZ (translated: “The voice”), a radio program that transmits via radio 104.9 FM. In an unprecedented move, “old guard” and “politiquera” (former?) Democrat Saldana said she favored Judge Loyd Neal (Republican) over Clarissa Gonzalez (Democrat). She even went as far as to say she was supporting John Longoria for the Corpus Christi ISD school board of trustees. Longoria is a loyalist of the NEAL Republican faction and even had a lot to do with suppressing Saldana’s union voice at CCISD. “What could possibly be the reason Ms. Saldana has decided to put aside her charged disagreements with Longoria?” – this is a question that is being asked.

LA VOZ is activist Abel Alonzo’s radio program. Saldana was quoted as saying, “I urge the public to vote for the most qualified candidates and vote their conscience.” She was consumed in her miff and went as far as to state that for too long “La Palanca” (voting straight ticket) has dominated the Democratic Party in the region. She felt it was time to vote for Republicans. Saldana equated being educated with Hispanics voting Republican as Loyd Neal (and others) listened. She endorsed Neal – but the contradiction is she was offered a package deal.

What triggered Susie Luna Saldana to switch party loyalties? “It was money, pure and simple and that is why she stepped down as precinct chair of the Democratic Party,” a member of the Democratic Part Women's group opined. “Saldana has pretty much made it clear in her own way that she will blast on radio and by other means those who do not hire her. Ironically, Saldana has joined sides with those that would favor Minutemen (remember she was a staunch critic of the Minutemen organization) and further link up with other politiqueras oppressing the poor and the elderly. She gladly has joined sides to help in the cover-up and exploitation of millions of taxpayer dollars by the good ole boy network and the EDC and has essentially endorsed some ethnically distant Republicans who do not want people like Susie at their functions, who do not embrace anything but the vote but do not want her kind at their lawn parties. This speaks miles for Susie being in it for Susie herself and not for the next generation of voters and her failed attempt at trying to demoralize the Democratic party.”

Does the accusation above have any validity? County Judge candidate Clarissa Gonzalez, a small businessperson, who is challenging Neal for the post, received a telephone call from Saldana (less than a handful of weeks ago) at her place of employment. Saldana, apparently using high pressure tactics, asked Ms. Gonzalez if she had come up with ten thousand dollars to advocate for her in the campaign or she would be impelled to make a tough decision and advocate for the rival.

Ms. Gonzalez, who was obviously distressed by the matter, told El Defenzor that she decided not to commission Saldana's services and instead to use the funds to address more important priorities -- e.g., such as purchasing more signs and purchasing mainstream advertisement. The new manner in which Saldana has postured herself politically has shocked many, but Ms. Gonzalez expected her shifting quake of wrath.

Word also began to circulate a few months back that the Neal machine was trying to recruit a female politiquera (or equivalent) to challenge Ms. Gonzalez in order that he may be able to maximize his changes at being re-elected in the November 2nd General Election of this year. Some consultants have pointed out that it is culturally inappropriate (at least in the founts of daily South Texas Hispanic culture) for a male to chop suey down to size a female publically. Saldana – considered too aggressive for the norm, with an enslaving penchant for politics, fuming mad that she did not acquire a contract with Ms. Gonzalez – is clearly an expedient choice. She and Rene Rodriguez have a long history of working together for mutual benefit.

To add a few more notes: Neal, mid-70s -- who has been in the insurance business over 40 years and is in the twilight of his life. He has serious neurological health problems and yet is diligently working on one of the county’s most important group health insurance deals of his life. He has hired not only the secretary of his insurance business as "administrative assistant to Loyd Neal" (earning over $80,000 salary/benefits) but also his insurance business associate (Tomas Duran) and other associates whom he has an intimate relationship with in the field to work for Nueces County government. Neal specializes (as Duran) in promoting a “Non-Fully Insured” type of Group Health Plan. The latter plan is controversial in that if a catastrophic loss is incurred, the employer (and not the company) have to cover the losses. This is the plan being considered for the county. Neal while mayor for the City of Corpus Christi voted to go along with this plan, a plan that was sold to the city by non-other then Duran (yes, Neal's business associate -- both were working as agents for the same "Not-Fully Insured" Group Health Insurance known as ENTRUST. In fact it was Neal working as an agent that landed the first business opportunity for the cited corporation in the region).

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