Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Nueces County, TX -- Breaking news. SUSIE LUNA SALDANA, union activist, former precinct chair, longtime compatriot and unflinching advocate of the Democratic Party, in the radio show LA VOZ today (October 5) endorsed Loyd Neal, the incumbent Republican running for county judge.

Trust can take years to build,but only a second to break. Saldana – who had stood up to MINUTEMAN ORGANIZATION, who had advocated for humantistic immigration rights, who had admiringly advocated for many civil rights causes – now has formally bowed and kowtowed and pledged allegence to her former political “foe’s” platform.

A former friend said: “Susie, do you remember when we were the best of friends in our party? When we'd share our every thought for the common person?Every smile and disappointment?And every laugh and our pain? Oh, and now do you feel anything that you broke our heart? Because I seem to remember that more than anything.I trusted you, I trusted you to take care of the platform of the people’s party and stomp on it.”

Apparently before she made her final decision, she called up Clarissa Gonzalez, Democratic Candidate for County Judge, and asked her point blank if she was going to pay her ten thousands dollars. Ms. Gonzalez, who is new to the game, and does does not the the fund raising capacity as her intrenched opponent, is tapping into grassroots and assertive community organizational tactics to make up for the latter.

Have Saldana’s goals become displaced? Saldana was pressured to stip down as Democratic precinct chair and the outpouring of her ire is clear. She now identifies herself as a “professional consultant” – a “gun for hire” to state it figurative jargon.

Yet, Susie – (now in the final multihued active phase of her life), who was considered the most scathing critic of the platform of the Republican Party – is now angry at the barbarism of her “former” (Democratic) Party and feels she wasted her time “spinning her wheels” in causes that did not fill her purse with a net-gain.

“Will she ever confess the present fact of her artifice? Of her oversize contradiction? Of abandoning a humanistic rebel cause for a few coins?” – how many are the questions being asked by those that were once close to her. Saldana’s life has been an endless journey in body and spirit in search of an answer to questions she first posed when she joined politics. Her own family were politicos in Hebbronville.

Susie Luna Saldana’s inner tragic circumstances, her inner struggle cannot be sung in a simple words. Many that have know her for years claim she has this unusual ability to create gestures and conversational states that take you just beyond the pale of what one feels is the natural course of what is to be expected. When it comes to politics, she is compulsive and relentless and she goes out “for blood.”

Now in the mirage of deceptive reality, Saldana is constructing a new enemy, a new target to throw darts at – and this time, unlike previous years: the eyes, the lips, all the entire faces are DEMOCRATS. Devoid of all fear – gently ironic, shie is a master of freezing enemies and as such she affords us a microcopic vision of her small world in all its South Texas pettiness and semi-tropical languor.

As Mike, a former activist associate put it: “I have been around her for the longest time. Susie (Luna-Saldana) prepares for ‘war; before an election. She sometimes secludes herself; but it is not the secusion of a saint, not the isolation of a hermit, but that of a fuming political woman with a consuming fixation to terrorize her opponent and to tear apart her target, and then puff it away into the distant sea. What did Rene Rodriguez put in her skull as well as others. We looked up to her, but she is no longer with us.”


Anonymous said...

She's been a political prostitute forever. This woman has absolutely no credibility. Republicans wouldn't let her clean their houses much less take her seriously as a political consultant. Grassroots? More like Assroots.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone suprised? What does she do with all that money she takes and bullies and blackmails from people. This lady is trash.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Neal paid her $10,000 dollars so she offered the same deal to Clarissa Gonzales? Clarissa Gonzales refused so...maybe Neal bought her "consulting services"?

Anonymous said...

Pura Luna is the devil. She stops at nothing to ruin lives of good people. She was never a leader - just a scoundrel and a despot.

Anonymous said...

yeah but who really wants to endorse Clarissa Gonzales. That lady is a joke!!!!

Anonymous said...

Little Susie a political consultant? A "politico?" Are you kidding me? This piece of filth wouldn't be trusted to clean someone's house, for fear of cleaning them out ... she's not an opponent, she's an opportunist.