Monday, October 18, 2010


El Defenzor took a sample on FB (over 2,456 FB members, 162 bloggers with standard deviation of 0.5)
1. Bill White 48.2; Rick Perry 51.8%: GOVERNOR
2. Loyd Neal 54.5; Clarissa Gonzalez 45.5%: COUNTY JUDGE
3. Manuel Banales 52.2; Angelica Hernandez 47.8% 105th DISTRICT COURT
4. Mariseal Saldana 52.5%; Guy Williams 47.5% 148TH DISTRICT COURT
5. Joe A. Gonzalez 61.4%; Gil Hernandez 38.6% : COUNTY COMMISSIONER PCT 2
6. Joe Benavides 55.6%; Amanda Torres 44.4%: JUSTICE OF THE PEACE PCT 1, PL1
7. Mark Skurka 68.7%; Anna Jiminez 31.3%: DISTRICT ATTORNEY
8. Terry Shamsie 51.8%; Brent Chesney 48.2%: FAMILY COUNTY COURT AT LAW NO.
9. John Longoria 38%; Jenny Dorsey 34% Tottsy Armadillo 28%: SCHOOL BOARD RACE DIST 1
Political Analysis
In the majority of races there is no clear indication of which party may have the upper hand. The last 10 years have demonstrated that Republicans do have an opportunity to gain more seats but as of late the Democrats have rallied through grassroots efforts and the press for media coverage on political media outlets owned by the Lopez Family such as radio 104.9 and Televisions channel 6 KTMV with South Texas Politics (Marez, Saenz and Grenado hosts) educating the voter and the creation of multiple political shows by attorney and activist Joe Flores.
The phemonenon that has also occurred that political analysts such as Dr. Bob Bezdek simply cannot predict is the voice of the internet. Blogs and Facebook and comments on the Caller Times are shaping and bending the perception of candidates and the issues that are involved. More individuals simply cannot turn off politics if their friends are politicos and many enjoy the drama unfolding. One poltical activist replied:
" I don't read the articles in the Caller Times on printed format anymore. I just go to and read about the article but then I race down to see what comments were made in order to break down the spin the media wishes to put on it. I don't think media gives the complete story and I think that through comments and dialogue on the internet we see what people are really thinking. I learn more about the perception of a candidate by how he is being hit and I can sift through the haters and the people with an agenda and make up my own mind and I can participate in it myself and jump in at any time if I wish to. No longer am I being passively spoonfed information to digest. I also love reading Facebook, seeing political commercials on and reading about what people are doing on their campaigns through pictures and words being uploaded. We don't have to rely on the paper the next day or the news at 10. We are creating our own news and filtering it how we want to at that very minute at that very second."
At this point we cannot count on Island Republicans or West Side Democrats pulling straight ticket either R or D. Every vote counts and each and every vote can cost an election. This election more than ever is about people's pocketbook. It is interesting to note that during the summer the Republicans were smug but now candidates such as Chesney and Anna Jiminez are running for cover as the media hits them hard. On Chesney it was for texting and being a City Councilman living away and Anna Jiminez for her perceived poor choices in running the D.A."s office and firing key people.
Another poll shall be taken in a few days after analyzing the voter turnout. It is anyone's race in any of these elections. Stay tuned.
More to come.

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