Monday, December 19, 2011


Kleberg County, TX -- DANIEL GONZALES On (8-21-1983) plead guilty and was the last
Defendant sentenced with involvement in the Rax Murder. As part of a
plea deal with the State, Daniel Gonzalez plead guilty to two counts
of Aggravated Assault under the law of parties and was sentenced to
the maximum of 20 years in each count. In return, the Murder charge
was dismissed. Mr. Gonzalez also plead guilty on a subsequent charge
of Possession of a Controlled Substance with intent to deliver and
received 42 years in prison, to run concurrent with all other causes.

The Possession of a Controlled Substance case evolved from an
investigation by the Kingsville Task Force, the Sheriff's Department
and the Texas Attorney General's Office when Mr. Gonzales, who was out
on bond on murder charges, was found to be selling cocaine. The
Kleberg County District Attorney's Office reviewed and the Kingsville
Task Force ran a search warrant on August 24, 2011 based on coded
telephone calls the Defendant was making at the time. Assistant Texas
Attorney General Ralph Guerrero, who was appointed as Attorney Pro Tem
in the murder case also assisted the District Attorney's Office in the
possession case.

District Attorney John Hubert said, "The assistance of the Attorney
General's Office, in combination with the cooperation from local law
enforcement, helped to reach this plea agreement. With tightening
budgets and few resources, assistance from the Attorney General's
Office in these complicated cases helped us to reach a fair plea
agreement with limited impact on other pending cases." Two other
Defendants in the August 8, 2010 Rax Murder case were previously
sentenced at trial to life in prison for their involvement in the
murder. There are still four unrelated murder cases pending in
Kleberg County.

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