Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who will succeed as the New Federal Judge

El Defenzor is opening up the discussion on who will succeed Hayden Head, Jr? Discussion please.


Anonymous said...

Banales actually thinks he has a chance. Can you imagine? Keep dreaming. After almost killing two people, picking up a hooker and extorting lawyers and being corrupt with your buddy Darrel Barger and let's not forget taking gifts from your wife with taxpayer money, you think you deserve to get the job. Plus so many lawyers say you run your court as fast as old people screw. News is out you got Tina Trevino and Ray Pena as opponents. We are lighting candles your arrogant ass is out.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about Banales (when did the hooker thing happen, I totally missed that?) I have heard rumors of Shamsie or maybe his wife Nannette. You know when Solomon Ortiz picks one it will be from his camp and then that person will flood the federal courthouse with the Ortiz clansmen. And the Banales' are in that camp.