Monday, March 23, 2009

Alice, Texas: WHY ELIDA GARZA WAS TARGETED!!! (Article submitted by a Concerned Citizen Of Alice, Texas)

Dear Defenzor:

Let me make an appeal to you-- check out what really happened to Elida Garza. I was at that School Board Meeting, man and it was UGLY.

The White coalition of folks who used to run the School Board were all there in opposition to Chris Soza coming back to Alice-- How can we pay a home town boy-- aka a Mexican-- 90k to come work here? I don't see things in terms of race-- I see politics but Homero-- this was PURE RACE. It was blatant. Elida beat Steve Findley and they never forgave. His was the last White seat they had on School Board.

As soon as Elida got up to speak the White group- the Tillers, Mr. Sisson from Edward's Furniture and a couple of others-- they started to boo her and try to keep her from being heard. She told them they would have no problem paying Chris if his last name was Whatley. Then they got really loud-- proclaiming they were not racists.

She was trying to explain to Lupe Martinez (Board member) that most AD's make more money than the High school principals. Martinez was saying he could vote for Soza to come unless the High school principal, Rincon got a raise to earn as much as the AD. (that was ll bullshit-- she is on contract and had to room for negotiation. It was a smoke screen).

Elida tried to give Martinez a printout from TEA with earnings charts of ADs and Principals. The White group was SHOUTING HER DOWN and she got louder to speak over them. Martinez stood up and dramatically tore the pages in her face. He is a sitting Board member and le falto respeto-- big time. If he can't respect Elida-- fine-- but what about us and what about the 30+ students who were there? He calls her often and he calls her "baby". Cuando quiere algo el cabron-- pero-- not that night-- he took advantage of the White crowds sentiment against her to join in and try to take her down. She didn't go down.

R. David Guerrero didn't do a damn thing about the White crowd and their ugly behavior. He let them run ruckshot on HIS MEETING. He is the president in charge of ensuring the flow and decorum of the meeting. he lost control of the meeting and then he lost self control.
Elida yelled at Martinez that he ought not take her on-- he stared it. Sh told him she knew too much about him. At that point Guerrero yelled at her about how he would not allow her to threaten members of the Board. He wouldn't allow her to make threats! She turned to him and reminded him that she knew things on him too-- that was ALL she said and he went nuclear-- face all red and veins all popping and his tone went to scary-- he told her , Don't go there Mrs Garza, Don't Go There, Don't Go THERE-- OR I WILL RIP YOU UP!
I'm sitting on the second row-- shocked at the lack of integrity of this board. I've got another story to tell you about. I got up and yelled at david--- you just threatened her you need to apologize. He didn't.
Again-- if he doesn't like Elida and he can;t respect her-- fine but what about the meeting-- what about the rest of us and what about the 30+ students who were there. Homero if any one of those students had done and said what Guerrero did-- Para Alternative con tigo!
Why does he get a pass?

Elida has a mouth on her but Homero she her heart is as big as Alice. She has no agenda past the well being of the students. And the shame is-- brown took out brown. Damn all this in fighting. How can we advance when we keep chopping each other up. And Guererro and Martinez are ALL AGENDA ALL THE TIME. It's all about them.

This story deserves an airing out. She's the second coming of Tina Villanueva-- a woman for the people. And how dare these folks lose their own soul to politics in being so damned disrespectful to an older woman. She's someone's mother and she's grandmother too. Shame on all these folks. Mexicans know better and if we forgot how to behave-- we best to remember lest we lose the best of ourselves in the struggle to get ahead. At the end the journey will be for nothing.



Anonymous said...

Now a days, many are not encourage to talk about race, but when it is in front of you? It is detail.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to adjust when the world around you is changing.... color.

Anonymous said...

Duh! See 300 Mexicans Video Clip.

Jaime Kenedeño said...

It might seem power and race but it is money and power. There has to be other elements allowing another to be politically targeted. It might be racial but neither calling it as you see it or as it occurs have a positive or convincing effect on the argument. It is about Politics Power and Money but it is difficult to outspend passion and blame falls on the ones who undermine the little people. Look to your tokens.

Political Retaliation is fervent in these parts so much the pattern in becoming obvious.

Jaime Kenedeño said...

First of all it a group who has lost positions, appointments and Power etc etc.....

They are experiencing the depression and using tactics that could get them tasered, pepper sprayed even beat on a little bit for talking out of turn and carted off to jail. To boo at such a meeting is not an unlikelihood BUT it should be without a continued attempt to silence other voices and certainly the public meeting must follow a certain decorum.

Did I read it right or did any board member summon authorities?

All those intelligent leaders and not one of them were smart enough to ascertain ORDER?

You guys better get a recall election or whatever needed to elect some new members who will follow the rules and lead not follow the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Easy for a white guy to say its about politics and money. What a bunch of b.s. People look at the color of your skin first. Always. Delude yourself. White guys all want to say that the world is color blind. Naive and don't know what they are talking about.