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NUECES COUNTY, TX -- If one could highlight the central, foundational agenda of Roland Garza, the core of his aim, it would be summed up in one word: mercenary. This has been the word many have used to describe Roland in the past few elections. That is, a mercenary who sells his influence, connections and skills for profit – and thus in turn adopts a relative moral fiber to accommodate his dark side. This mercenary culture is all around us in the Hispanic community (and one can witness it in other ethnic groups).
Today, Roland Garza, went to the extremes and filed a lawsuit to suppress Hispanic Vote Representation in the area – this (encouraged by regional Republicans such as Jim Lago and especially County Commissioner Mike Pusley (who stands to benefit -- that is, making his district "more Anglo") and Commissioner Joe McComb and an elite group that claims that “Anglos are the minority” (in terms of political power in the region). He (Roland Garza) filed a lawsuit that specifically targets and attempts to stop a lawsuit movement by four Hispanics who want to ensure the Hispanic Vote is not diluated in the region by the whims and importunity of certain overly ambitious persons in the Republican establishment.
Before filing the lawsuit, Roland Garza when on his show and made bizarre arguments in a failed attempt to rationalize his support for the LAGO Republican elite crowd. But it is also important for Roland Garza to keep “one foot” on the turf of the Democrat Party and the Civil rights Movement. Why? This link makes him more valuable to key Republicans and legitimizes past and future manipulatory political endeavors.

Roland Garza is especially irate that his Republican client -- Mike Pusley's district at least -- is being kept from gaining more Anglo vote via redistricting plans by the Department of Justice and the lawsuit by four Hispanics does not help matters. The objection from the Department of Justice orbits on blantantly shuffling and moving two primarily Anglo voting districts. The county's map moves voting districts 42 and 63, where the majority of voters are Anglo and Republican, from Precinct 3 to Precinct 1. It also moved voting district 61, where the majority is Hispanic, from Precinct 1 to Precinct 3. How expedient! -- this is the murmur.

But there are still many a dark cloud that hovers over Roland Garza’s head. About two weeks he was found guilty of “Assault” against a CCISD Police Officer. He feels he can con the courts in that he feels his connections to Rene Rodriguez are still ever alloyed. Rene Rodriguez’ wife sits n the 13th Court of Appeals and Fil Vela’s and who knows if something can be done if it reaches that level. These Judges are wives to two individuals that have hired him as a political mercenary in the past. There are also local media entities trying to open "squashed" and politically "sealed" court records stored in a hash from the Municipal Court to the County Court At-Laws to the District Courts. Many a political indiscretion have been suppressed due to political cacoonery many suspect.
Roland Garza is no “JOE THE PLUMBER” – this is the what circulates at top clock speed in the community. Check this link out...
But what makes Roland Garza’s different from the less attractive illusory artist?
He has not only put the Civil Rights and Union-oriented organizations and Social Activist movements in a bad light but has made it implicitly and explicitly clear that they can be put up for sale. He has created what some of the most unscrupulous businesses and corrupt government officials have done in the past – he has created what in Political Science is known as a “FRONT PERSON” or “FRONT GROUP”. If one Googles or Yahoos the internet for a definition of the term, it describes the operations and facades Roland Garza has put together. A FRONT PERSON or FRONT GROUP is a person claiming to represent a made-up or hoax cause or group put together to advocate for a usually “hidden” power group – the “hidden” power group finds creative ways to channel funds via advertisements or sponsorships to keep the pseudo (or false) organizational effort by a person or persons running.
Some use the term “ASTRO-TURFING” to describe this phenomenon. The individual (or individuals) used to represent the average persons in the community is usually bribable. The employer or supporting the pre-defined elite portray the FRONT PERSON as the average JOE or MARY (or in Spanish: “Jose or Maria”) – a JOE THE PLUMBER equivalent used by the John McCain campaign in a past presidential election. The “Front Person” or “Front Group” is generalized by the elite leaders (quarterbacking the manipulative operation) to be not only representative of a large target population (they intend to slyly persuade) but claim they have wide-spread support or sympathizers. In this case, ROLAND GARZA “THE ACTIVIST” is used to present the general masses of Hispanics in the region.
What is Roland’s Motivation?
Roland Garza has found a niche and livelihood in playing such the role. He claims to be a Civil Rights Leader of a non-existing civil rights organization: Apparently, he made it up. All the civil rights leaders interviewed in the area claim he is not associated with any of them – and a few claim they ostracized him after discovering his dark side and aberrancy in his disposition of dealing with sensitive matters. Roland Garza claims to be a “union leader” and apparently on a frequent basis mills around with an elite (who bankrolls his ASTRO-TURFING) that is anti-union and anti-collective bargaining. He calls in to shows like Jim Lago’s radio program to validate an anti-Civil rights, anti-Minority Conscious Redistricting Plan, Anti-Immigrant agenda. County Commissioner Mike Pusley, while on Lago’s show braided the Hispanic County Commissioners for questioning the Republican’s Redistricting Plan and publically chided them mercilessly… A few minutes later, Roland Garza calls in (this call is stark pointer of the above arguments) praising Commissioner Pusley for standing up against Redistricting referring to him (Pusley) as “One of the best Commissioners on the Nueces County Commissioners Court”.
Front Persons and Con artists profit through deception. They stretch out and twist the truth, bamboozle and dupe people into thinking they are supporting cause that will benefit the community or the public good, when they are the ones who will be profiting both financially and socially. If that does not work the first time around, they will take advantage of our weaknesses -- loneliness, insecurity, poor health or simple unawareness. The only thing more important to a Front Person than perfecting a con is perfecting a total lack of conscience – lacking of respect for the credibility and efforts of sincere persons who contributed to a bona fide social cause.
And the question lingers, “Do you know this man – Roland Garza -- who claims to be a “Civil rights and “Union” and “La Raza Unida” leader? How he tries to use the political influence he has mustered up by being involved in politics and the limelight of KTMV Tejano Television. Not too long ago he appeared in a few TV station being arrested at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL at CCISD for physically trying to push aside a Female Law Enforcement Officer, after the officer was trying to charge his wife/daughter for having parked her car in a non-parking zone and for having an expired inspection sticker and being in violation of a few others infractions. Roland Garza told his wife/daughter to “leave” and evade the law. The wife/daughter was soon tailed by law enforcement and charged also.
One might think you can spot a “Front Person” (or even a Con Artist) because he is someone one instinctively "doesn’'t trust." But the term” Front Person” as “con artist” seems to be short for confidence artist -- they gain your confidence just long enough to persuade or influence you to go along with them. They can be very charming and persuasive. A good Front Person can even make you believe he is really “an old trusted friend you haven't seen in years.” Less than a handful of weeks ago the Police Officer Association was bamboozled into raising money to pay for Roland Garza’s medical bills. Plates were sold at $100 a piece. At the last money, Roland Garza, a Front Person as unpredictable as ever, cancels the event. A few of the customers have been asking for their money back and it has not been returned.
Front Persons and illusory artists do share certain characteristics, however. Even the best of them can only go on for so long before people start getting suspicious. For that reason, illusory Front Persons tend to move frequently. They may have a job that allows this, or they might claim to have such a job. Socio-Political activist, traveling salesman, videographer and a multitude of others are all parts illusory artists play to cover up their constant relocations.
Roland Garza has been in many an organization that has shunned him after a short spell or they have distance themselves from him. From the credible American GI Forum to Progressives (WE THE PEOPLE Crowd) to LA RAZA UNIDA members and various other unions he has been rejected and at the present chapter he stills claims to be a “Civil Rights” and “Union” leader with an organization that does not exist or at least does in the fantastic imagination of his mind. Last year or the year before he (Roland Garza) submitted an application (after he felt his friend’s Councilwoman Pricilla Leal’s influence would help land an appointment on the Appraisal District Board). The entity’s attorney said something to the effect, he “did not meet the minimum definition of what the comptroller mean by average, respectable citizen”… Roland Garza, the attorney had discovered after a brief perusal of his past and discovered not one or two infractions and bouts with the law but a multitude. Many were shocked because they had not looked at the string of paperwork documenting his background from “DWI” to coyola.
Roland Garza attempted to defend himself against the editorials and articles posted by El Defenzor newspaper. He even went as far as to quote VICENTE CARRANZA, host of “Verdades Y Chismes” on 104.9 FM. He claimed Carranza had inspired him to take a “BIPPARTISAN” POSITION ON ISSUES. His present behavior HE CLAIMS, in other words, mirrored CARRANZA’s AIM.
CARRANZA, after being reached via phone by El Defenzor said: “I read the first series of articles by El Defenzor on the present Roland Garza and I know them to be all true. He should just leave me out of predicament and be a big man and face them on his own. Don’t allow him to entangled me in things gone wrong – they are all of his own doing.”


While Roland "Meniras" Garza ("Mentiras" as some are jestingly labeling him), the so-call "Civil Rights Leader of Leaders" files to suppress Hispanic Voters here regionally, The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest and largest Latino membership organization in the United States, filed suit today against the State of Texas challenging the manner in which redistricting for the United States House of Representatives, the State House of Representatives and the Texas State Board of Education have been drawn or will be drawn.

LULAC attorneys including Luis Vera, Jose Garza, Rolando Rios & George Korbell have been working since last November on the redistricting process in Texas. Once the 2010 Census figures for Texas were made public, George Korbell drew redistricting maps that were used by Texas LULAC leaders in their testimony before the state legislature. These maps made clear that the four new congressional districts that Texas gained as a result of its fast growing Hispanic population, could be drawn in a manner that would create four new Latino performing districts.

The organization released a written statement to El Defenzor: “For 82 years, LULAC has worked to defend the voting rights of Latinos in the state of Texas and throughout the nation,” stated Margaret Moran, LULAC National President. “The lawsuit filed by LULAC today against Texas will ensure that Latinos in Texas benefit from the new districts that state gained as a result of Hispanic population growth.”

LULAC joins by way of intervention the suit filed originally by the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

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