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[He has been stigmatized as being used by key Republicans to “validate” their agenda and to serve as their “political assassin”.]
Nueces County, TX – DENIAL:this is the state of mind Roland Garza was at his KTMV Tejano TV SHOW yesterday. He is in psychological denial in reference to the accusation made by many Civil Rights Leaders and organizations that he has in effect put up the “Civil Rights” and “union movement” and “Chicano Movement” up “for sale” to the highest bidder in the political arena. In the last two elections, the highest bidders seem to have been key ambitious Republicans who will use anybody to achieve their career objectives.
How Roland Garza stood there before his nebulous camera and tried to defend himself against the claim that he is being used to “VALIDATE” a vicious agenda against specific targets – mostly Mexican Americans. Roland Garza’s show is being funded mostly by a few key Republicans during election season -- yet playing the con-game he is claiming between the lines that he is a "Democrat"... typical JOSE on the street. He said "His Lord" told him how to best be the leader and server of humanity ... Wow! Comparing himself to Moses...? Is this the 101 of how to be a typical con artist?... Yet, seriously the stark truth, a trail of paperwork shows Roland Garza was a paid consultant for key Republicans while serving as a precinct chair for the Nueces County Democratic Party – something that is clearly unethical and goes against state policies. Yet Roland Garza, many now describe him, as seeking "naive" people to con with his twisted dogma that he has insight into ultimate truth.
On his show he attempted without success to defend himself against our last editorial. He put on this “denial” state of airs and implied he was still a “Democrat” and a “Union Leader” and a “Civil Rights” Leader and a La Raza Unida Movement activist and an “impartial” media person and a ship load of other things. Despite the aforementioned, he (who used to publically tail after the late Dr. Xico Garcia, brother to the founder of the American GI forum, to publically hector and humiliate him in the most callous and insensitive manner) could not as in the past summon convincing mirages and logical arguments to make to righteous defend himself. Why? Because he knows he has a closet full of fiends waiting to reveal themselves. One by one they are waiting to crane their head out of the dark closet and share a historic glimpse of who Roland Garza is all about in the existential moment… Recently the Police Officers Association sponsored a function to help Roland Garza to paid for his “medical expenses” (he has an eye injury). Plates were sold at $100 each. Roland Garza cancelled the function at the last minute yet there were some complaints from customers that their money was not returned. A person who bought a plate requested his $100 dollars back in our last article. The poor accounting practices at the function cast a bad breath on the suspicious favoritism. Many point out that not too long ago Roland Garza came out in various TV station for defying law enforcement and was arrested for asking his wife/daughter to evade the scene (to escape being give a series of tickets ranging from expired license to expire stickers and so forth).
Roland Garza avoids those whom stood quiet in the past and now are asking that he answer for many an public act?
Why? Because he (Roland Garza) knows he is not an “average Hispanic” as County Commissioner Mike Pusley and other socially distant (from the Hispanic Community) Republicans spin doctors have claimed in the past. Most importantly, Roland Garza, many an activist in various social causes, are openly admitting he is a phony. Many are tired of “bullies” in political campaigns and are calling him out. One of the criticisms is that Roland Garza begins to equate himself with historic activists such as Cesar Chavez and Dr. Hector P. Garcia and others who genuinely had a higher cause in the human rights movement. One activist yesterday told a crowd: “Let it be resoundingly clear that Roland Garza does not, nor has else spoken ‘for El Pueblo Hispano.’ As the community has become aware of his inflated and braggadocios statements. He – the man that was turned down when he applied for the Appraisal Review Board for not meeting the “minimum qualification” of a good candidate -- is being reviewed and taken apart like a substandard onion and is being demystified peeled layer by layer – his whole ‘impression management’ swindle game is being exposed for what it is – that is, an illusory ruse.”
To witness Roland Garza’s Jackel and Hyde alter ego, many an observer, claim just to listen to Radio Jim Logo’s Show – an anti-union, anti-collective bargaining, anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic Heritage Month, anti-Democrat show – where he (Roland Garza) calls in on a regular basis praising them (Logo and Pusley for their excellent leadership and position in the community). The next moment when Roland Garza gets off the air he claims to be a “union” leader and a “Chicano Movement Civil rights activist” and "women's right's activist" and "Afro-American Rights Activist" and "anti-Corporate America activist" -- anything but a Republican -- better stated, troubleshooter and political validator for the regional key Republicans. The contradictions are flatulent to the point of mounting in compressed volume and the very simple laws of moral accountability have to deflate them to eventually achieve equilibrium.
And the above might glimpse at a few key chapters of Roland Garza’s lifespan and his relationships with organizations and others involved in politics and social causes. There is a Mexican saying: “Pero que ladra, no muerde (translation: “The Dog that barks too much, does not bite”). Many describe Roland Garza as someone who gets on his “bully pulpit” of a show (and his “who not to vote for” mostly in the Hispanic Community) as if trying to erase images of where he comes from, a disdain for many a leader in the Hispanic community and especially Democrats (at the moment). He turns right around during his harangues and praises and sycophants to known persons who contradict the ideology he tells the community he stand for on a regular basis.
The system from the courthouse to the police house to city hall many a mockery has been made. “When a person sacrifices his principles to be a paid political mercenary, one loses one’s integrity,” a member of Workforce Corporation told this publication.
During his show Roland Garza quoted Talk Radio Host Vicente Carranza of 104.9 FM to try to rationalize his existence. Vicente Carranza response was concise and expressed tough-love: “He (Roland Garza) got himself into that mess. Let him be man enough to get himself out. He should leave me out of it!”
County Commissioner Joe McComb appeared in Jim Lago’s radio show claiming that the “redistricting move” by Republicans is not anti-Hispanic but related to politics. Roland Garza, who has been a daily staple legitimizing and echocing a special agenda, is now cited as saying that “su raza” (Hispanic/Minorities) should stop the crying over this issue. In a past radio show (Jim Lago’s) dealing with redistricting Roland Garza praised Commisioner Mike Pusley as being “one of the best commissioners” for standing up against the redistricting plan of Democrats. The pattern here is obvious – Roland Garza the self-proclaimed “Civil Rights” and “Union” and “La Raza Unida” leader of the region has become the validator of the onslaught on minorities by ambitious key Republicans.
But can it be truly conceived (or is it just a marage that the “civil rights” and “Union” ideals) have been put up for sale? Beware of being a victim of con artists involved in the field of social activism -- one can always point to the "Charmer". A "Charmer"(con artist) seeks to be perceived as good before the camera because he desperately needs to believe he is good, because he fears he is not. Roland Garza, despite the social pretensions and the self-denials, many genuinely believe seeks to be perceived as good in order to get what he wants. He is trying to use kindness as a smoke screen to troubleshoot himself out of his troubles. He is not a master manipulator but is desperately trying to zero in on others’ point of weaknesse. To lay heavy guilt trips on anyone who confronts his bad behavior in the recent past. He is starting to use irrational and irrelevant arguments if confronted. This he did in his last TV show that aired on KTMV Tuesday evening.

(More on tomorrow’s editorial). SIGNED: HOMER VILLARREAL SR.

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