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Nueces County, TX -- Rolando Garza, once an authentic member of a "Civil Rights Organization", at first was in a “denial” phase in reference to being quired by many bona fide civil rights activists and other Hispanic pillars of the community as to why he seems to be playing as "an instrument of validation" for a few powerful Republicans such as County Commissioner Mike Pusley and a minor echo for an agenda put out by Jim Lago’s radio show and entourage.
Now as persons, who once supported and had high expectations for him, are now asking him to answer questions related to being linked up with an agenda that on many an occasion vents racial frustrations against Mexican Americans and immigrants. Also in question in his participation and support for a lawsuit that sought to dilute Hispanic representation in the area via techniques such as the infamous "cracking" and "stacking" and "packaging" methods. The questions as far as to his new political posturing and lawsuit he endorsed against Hispanic Voters in Nueces County in order to aggrandize Commissioner Pusley’s district making it more Anglocentric.
“Anger” – this is the word many are using to describe his (Roland Garza's) behavior and his vicious threats via phone texting and by way of FACEBOOK to prominent officals of the court and media before a Federal Hearing on Redistricting. His text message and FACEBOOK messages reflect the vulgarity and gutter-level tactics he resorts to when seriously queried about his behavior.
Roland Garza is attempting to use “name-calling” and “vulgarities” (see previous article related to a “Text Message” he send to many pillars and even officials of the court system) to dissuade an inquiry into his apostasy. The suspected abuse of influencing public officials to make “charges go away” and “to go easy on family members who have committed infractions” and “to try and manufacture a peudo-integrity amidst the crisis of bad publicity -- how many are the things at issue.

He joined know foes of the regional civil rights movement. At other levels, he has a track record of suing and even busing bizarre methods to placate inquiries. The Caller-Times and other media entities who are quickly taken down links and articles -- he is clearly using legal intimidation -- i.e. attornies with clout and bragging about the loyalties of many a judge of his cause... Not to long ago, an infamous case lingers, in which a District Judge expunge about half a dozen charges against him. What message does it send to respectable society and other entities who dare attempt to hold him acountablity as a public figure?

Political intimidation? – Clearly, he has used it. The masses of the people in the area have to be the judge once the full picture is show of various sides in reference to this matter.
A “red-herring” tactic: Rolando Garza is now saying his “family has been attacked – especially his wife and daughter and he is going to fight back and ‘bring down many’”. The truth is that his “wife” nor “daughter” have never been the elemental issue but Rolando Garza ("the Public Figure” as he defines himself on FACEBOOK). El Defenzor did make reference to an incident in the past in which his “wife” (two TV stations reported) was charge for stationing her vehicle in a “no parking zone” and charged with various other infractions such as an expired vehicle sticker and other ones by a school police officer. It turns out that it was not his wife but his daughter – according to Vicente Carranza.

The aforementioned said and done, the issue remains that the mentioned incident involving a “family member” (to be exact) was brought up to shed light in regards to Roland Garza’s (the Public Figure's) behavior by way of his status. Still making reference to the same case: When his “family member” was cited by the police officer (Roland Garza was called to the scene via phone by the party involved to the school and upon his arrival argued and even assaulted the police officer). Garza, the self-proclaimed “Civil Rights” activist according to the law enforcement officer was asked the “family member” to illegally flee from the scene. The police officer tried to not to intervene. The officer was physically assaulted by Roland Garza (he has been formally been found guilty of such a charge in a County Court At Law Court – Judge Lisa Gonzales-Barrera's. Roland Garza says he will appeal it).

A point of clarification: This publication never used the name of any of Roland Garza’s family members (they were not the focus of this twirl on the story). Again, Rolando Garza – how many are the “red-herrings” he is rusing to attempt to avoid public accountability as a "public figure." “He does not want to be measured by the same ruler it appears” said a law enforcement officer this morning at LILA’s Restaurant in Corpus Christi.

The “Red-Herring” by Rolando Garza is to detract from the fact that he has been hired as a “consultant” in the past and in the present to assist ambitious key Republicans. More importantly, the fact lingers that he has publically taken a position and advocated on behalf of the perceived harsh "Anglocentric Agenda" in regards to a redistricting map that many feel will dilute Hispanic and minorities voting rights as Citizens of the United States of America. The federal agencies have expressed concerned in reference to redistricting maps and plans may be discriminatory in that they favor creating many a precinct Anglo Repubican candidates to win. It is the leaders electing themselves mentality at the cost of Hispanics and Minorities that is involved.
It appeared that an elite circle of Republicans needed what many Hispanic activists are calling “token-heads” (and Rolando Garza) was quick to enroll his advocacy in their cause. Republican Anglos are starting to hold the majority of many of the seats in Nueces County from Sheriff to County Judge and so forth despite the fact that Hispanic population has multiplied in numbers to acquire the majority seats. Yet the tactics of "cracking" and "stacking" and "packaging" remain in place. This county has serious issues with Gerrymandering that need to be addressed.

EL DEFENZOR insists that ROLAND GARZA needs to stop using his “civil rights” hat (self-imposed) and be held accountable for reinforcing the evils of Gerrymandering in our area. He has humiliated not only the Civil Rights Movements but the majority of the Hispanic population that stuggles in a disenfranchise mode and carries the burden of poverty on its shoulders.

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