Sunday, May 27, 2012

Besides leading a new congregation in Kalispell that includes well-known white supremacists Randy Weaver and April Gaede, Baldwin hosts a daily one-hour radio program, “Chuck Baldwin Live.” He also is a prolific writer, penning regular columns that are archived on his website and at, a racist website known for bashing immigrants. He has condemned Islam as a “bloody, murderous religion” and referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as an apostate. He sympathizes with Joseph Stack, the tax protester who flew a plane into an IRS office building in 2010, killing himself and an IRS employee. The South, he insists, “was right.” 
 He refers to Tejano Music as "Taco Music" and says that most of the South Texas Hispanics are nothing more than overgrown "anchor" babies.  But such local sentiments were not new in Corpus Christi, Talk Radio personality Eric Von Wade when he was associated with KEYS RADIO stated on the air that immigrants coming in from Mexico should be "stamped with a number on their feet, like the ducks at a carnival."
Politics may come and go for Baldwin. But out in Montana, as it is here in NUECES COUNTY far away from the “Orwellian machine” of the federal government, the indignation and xenophobia  and paranoia — just keep on snowballing.

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