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In the latest of a string of investigations and citations by Child Protective Services The Redbarn "Private School" has been caught allegedly neglecting a child. Jessica Gutierrez' 5 year old son Jonathon reported to his mother that he was left in a van for "a long time". The child also reported that he was screaming and beating on the van door and windows and finally someone came to get him out. The mother reported that even before her child told her this that the staff at Red Barn corraled her and told her that "whatever your son says, he was asleep and dreamed it". The mother was very suspicious when the story went from having the child never in the van, to being in the van asleep and then in the van for only a few minutes. The OWNER OF RED BARNwithout being present allegedly says the incident never happened.

This is not the first time. In March of 2006 Red Barn was in the news for the confinement of a 3 year old boy left alone in the dark after everyone went home at Red Barn. It was only when the mother was frantically beating on the doors did the child hysterically let her know through tears that he was trapped inside. That incident is but one of many say some parents who have left Red Barn. One parent said, "I saw more than once that even when they put the children in the van that they didn't put a seatbelt on them. What if the van gets broadsided or in an accident? I would hate to think about it. And now this child locked in the van.. Praise God it was not the middle of August or freezing cold and the child stayed in there all night and was not heard. I think we all have heard of children who get trapped in vehicles and have died from exposure."

The mother of the boy who was trapped in the van spoke with El Defenzor from her modest home and gave this statement along side her attorney:
"If it was a regular mom who had left a child in a van like that the police would arrest them. No one was arrested here. The police say they will investigate and I hope so. Who knows what will happen but I will never take my child back there again. Many people warned me but I said that the child locked in there 3 years ago would not happen again. But it did."

El Defenzor will be following this investigation and asking the Red Barn for comment. As of yet Red Barn owner and staff only have said they deny the whole thing. Is a 5 year old lieing? Why would a 5 year old lie about something like that and why would they corral the mother first in order to inoculate her with an inconsistent story? El Defenzor has learned that the mother has engaged two local noted attorneys to fight for the rights of her child and all of those children who may be abused or neglected at Red Barn. Parents Beware of the Daycare you take your child to!

Red Barn Private School(361) 855-7555
2013 Holly Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78417

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I saw the news report. The Red barn is covering up. Why would the child lie? Why did they talk to the mother and not let her talk to her kid first. Bullshit.

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That picture is of the women who's kid got locked in right? Not the new case? Who's handling that case from 2006? Did they sue? Did it settle? What the hell is going on?


Though my investigation I went back in the caller times. The case you mention was one where the attorney Mr. Flores was on initially on March 3, 2006, but I contacted him and he said he no longer had the case but could not comment further but the paper says they were his family. I believe he and another attorney, Mr. Bob Hilliard (Spohn Rape case) are on the Red Barn case now with little Jonathon. But Mr. Flores had initially got the other case started but I believe since they were family he did not stay on the case and some other attorney is handling it. I don't know if the case has settled and Mr. Flores said he did not know.

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Somebody needs to investigate more. All the employees need to be interviewed. They are not all gonna lie. Talk to caregivers. Management will lie. That little boy wasn't lying. Put up ad in caller times asking for any info from somebody who witnessed to come forward. Place that big always has parent coming in and out, especially in the afernoon. Owner is rich & probably has childcare licensing paid off. That place should be shut down pending investigation.