Sunday, December 16, 2007


Welcome to Defenzor Magazine's Blogspot. It is my goal to bring viewpoints together on this site and to break apart from the Patron and Palanca mentality that has pervaded not only South Texas politics but that of politics state and nationwide.

Through this blog I shall be posting articles from the latest Defenzor publications and welcome commentary. I also shall be making guest appearances on several radio and TV programs to provide our audience with alternatives in getting the Defenzor message delivered to them. The mainstream media, in our estimation, has been co-opted. No longer can we hope to get the unfiltered message. Therefore, it is my hope that through this blog and the Defenzor newspaper we all can share in a free and open internet forum.

I shall immediately be requesting that the blogspot be allowed to be linked to South Texas Chisme, The Burnt Orange Report and to Jaime Kenedeno's site. These sites provide many individuals with their political news and provide another vehicle for people to get uncensored political reports.

I only ask that we attack the issues and not the person if at all possible.

Homero Villarreal


Jaime Kenedeño said...


Thank you for the acknowledgment, we are honored to link Defenzor Magazine to our website network.

It will take some time to get the link on all of our websites.

For all of the readers, Homer and I do not always agree; but we always respect each other. This is an important element that brings out the best in us.

Nueces De La Parra: Synergy & Diversity

Jaime Kenedeño said...

EL B.A.C.A.L.A.: Velacrat is making friends with the Federal Entrapment gang and sycophants up to the ones he believes will elevate his Rose