Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Our Dear Bloggers,
I will be playing an even more attentive role both in this website and in the community as the November General Election draws near. It is crucial that I receive as much input from our readers -- and with all the confidence in the world email me if you can at southsidedefender@gmail.com or at thedefenzor@gmail.com.
Also, I would also like to welcome my son -- Homero Villarreal Jr. -- to this mystifying and beneficial cause of the search for truth. He will be out in the field reinforcing the business and marketing aspects of this endeavor. The time has come for this publication to be formalized and adopt a more coherent structure so that it can be perpetuated into the future. Hopefully he will find a home here in this corner of the universe in South Texas and here with us in this blog in cyberspace. Keep him in your prayers.
The input from you (be you Democrat, Republican or Independent or whatever) all is important in that a mutual dialogue will be a way of cementing the various parties and opinions and world views that shape the concept of this newspaper known as El Defenzor (The Defender). The Defenzor is a concept... We launched the print edition of this newspaper twelve years ago. El Defenzor (The Defenzor) symbolizes the hero in us all that believes there can be a better world. The activists in the community are the real defensores (defenders of the community). We merely provide an avenue and a facilitiating medium to initiate dialogues and share critical social perspective of happenings. Yes: we do take positions. We will be formally endorsing at least one candidate for State Representative as well as a candidate for Sheriff -- which we will announce soon. There comes a time when we have to do our best to push candidates that we believe in sincerely -- especially those that orbit our world and make a daily contribution in it.
More than ever, as President George Bush and as Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz Sr. prepare to step down from their respective posts -- a void is surfacing, a void that must be filled. We cannot be blind "sheep" that will follow any leader that emerges naturally or is imposed on us by the high dollar influence of a handful of factions that have traditionally dominated the political and economic and social area.
Here on El Defenzor our readers want salubrious meaning; here on El Defenzor our readers want strong voices that stir the spirit of the community, the heart of long ignored citizens, the very nuclei of their existence.
Again, I intend to play a proactive role in this website... Without this dialogue we will go under; we will end us in hell if we become disinterested participants. Let's connect our heart to our eyes and take the gospel of humanization (not dehumanization) to everyone we can. Let us raise people from the lowest depths of despondency and poverty and self-depreciation and lift them up to the stars, to the light of this movement of faith and social consciousness.
Signed: HOMERO R. Villarreal, Sr.


Anonymous said...

Well said! Welcome Homero, Jr!

Anonymous said...

Another generation to keep the politicians honest. Welcome Homero, Jr.

Kenedeno Media said...

Welcome Homero Jr we look forward to engaging in a most productive and synergistic alliance. We hold your father in high esteem and with great respect.