Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fourth Minuteman vigilante sought in the murder of Mexican family

Fourth Minuteman vigilante sought
in the murder of Mexican family

After arresting three Minutemen vigilantes involved in the murder of the Flores family in Arivaca, Arizona on May 30th, Pima County Sheriff's detectives are now actively seeking a fourth they believe participated in the home invasion and killings. The mother who took three shots from the vigilantes in the after midnight invasion of her home told detectives that the murderers consisted of a group of three men and one women.

Already arrested are Shawna Forde, National Director of the Minutemen American Defense organization and its Director of Field Operations, Jason Eugene "Gunny" Bush. Arrested also, along with the two officers of the Minutemen group based in the state of Washington, was Albert Robert Gaxiola from Arizona.

Detectives have now determined that the shooter of 8-year-old Brisenia Flores was Jason Eugene "Gunny" Bush. Grisly details of the murder of Brisenia and her father Raul Flores are now emerging. Jason Eugene "Gunny" Bush has also been charged with the 1997 stabbing death of a Mexican youth in the state of Washington. Brisenia Flores was a third grader at Sopori Elementary School.

These murders and other violent acts against Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and other Latinos by the Minutemen are sure to have grave consequences. There are now Latino civil and human rights organizations calling for the US Department of Justice to declare the Minutemen a domestic terrorist organization. These civil and human rights groups are also calling for "border vigilantism" to be officially defined as a federal hate crime.

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These Minuteman need to go down as terrorists under the patriot act. Can't white supremacists channel their energy somewhere else and accept the fact that America is a melting pot?