Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Nueces County, TX – In the Democratic Primaries Clarissa Gonzalez won the party’s endorsement as their candidate for County Judge in the General Election over Juan Reyna. Ms. Gonzalez procured 60.72 percent of the vote; Reyna, 39.28 percent.
There were numerious factors that contributed to Clarissa Gonzalez success. She was able to tap into a issue that carried “emotional weight” with the Democrats – i.e., that it is time that a “collaborative” style (which she espoused) replaced the traditional “ego-driven” style. It did not help her opponent, Reyna, to question Ms. Gonzalez’ military record a few days before the election: it backfired. It seemed to have just affirmed her analysis. Reyna accused Ms. Gonzalez of lying about military discharged; it turned out that it was mere a “typo” in a publication known as EL POLITICO.
There were other factors that theoretically boosted up the number of votes in favor of Ms. Gonzalez. For instance, there were more than a few females running for offices – e.g., from Democratic Chair to County Commissioner to Justice of the Peace in the Democratic Primaries. Some females polled reported voting for almost every woman the ballot running in the county.
The low voter turnout in Election Day did not help matters. And Ms. Gonzalez rising up the day before the election in defense of her honor from a desperate rival propelled the momentum.
Ms. Gonzalez will be facing the Republican candidate – incumbent Loyd Neal in the General Election that will take place in November.

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