Monday, January 16, 2012


Press Release

At 1145am Tuesday January 17th 2012 Mayor Joe Adame of Corpus Christi will read a proclamation and designate January 22nd 2012 as Humberto Lozano Day . Press is invited to cover this event at city hall chambers. Humberto dedicated over 55 years in broadcasting and started his broadcasting career by being the voice of the American GI Forum and was hand picked by Dr Hector P Garcia. Mr Lopez did voice overs for several movies in Spanish like General Patton and Bruce Lee movies. He had one the first national Spanish language tv show which was seen nation wide on the Spanish International Network which is now Univision. He built several radio and tv stations in Corpus Christi, Victoria and San Antonio. In 1989 he built KMIQ FM Majic Q 104 which was was one of the first spanish fm's in the country along with his wife and son. January 22nd 2012 would had been Humberto 75th birthday! Humberto was recognized with a US congressional proclamation state legislative and senate proclamation and received the key of the city of Corpus Christi twice for his service in providing excellent coverage of city issues to his community.

Carlos Lopez was quoted as saying what a great honor it is not only for the memory of his father but for all Hispanics he served and he helped throughout his many years of broadcasting and to the legacy he leaves behind. "My father was a great man and a voice for the community. As I have said in the past and I will underline tomorrow at the proclamation honoring him with a day here in Corpus Christi, although he was very blessed, he always said his family was his greatest accomplishment, he loved his family and his community and that's why even though he could have lived anywhere, he stayed here."

Carlos Lopez said his father never turned down the opportunity to help those in need. He used his media networks to raise funds and give back to local families, churches and charities. Many a family voiced their gratitude when a sickly child was in need of medicine or doctors or when funds were lacking to bury a loved one. Humberto and his family were always there to get out the word and do so today to help the less fortunate.

General Counsel Joe Flores, remembers Humberto Lozano Lopez in these words,"To this day, it's a great loss to all of us," said Joe Flores, attorney for the KTMV Media Network. "He was a giant of a man, he was a pioneer. He gave a voice to those who could not speak for themselves. I honor him by thanking him at the beginning of each political and legal segment of our show. I salute the city and the mayor for recognizing this man, particularly following a tremendous day honoring another great man, Dr. Martin Luther King. May he rest in peace and God bless his family who give so much to the community."

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