Friday, May 3, 2013


Ex DA indicted in Edna,texas. Has karma come back to bite her after her "Red Queen" attitude towards other lawyers and the public. Reportedly she has laughed at Prosecutor Bell's indictment for aggravated perjury involving a capital murder case. Ana Jiminez was best know as changing to a Republican overnight to grab power as DA in Corpus Christi. Once she was installed by the government she fired Mark Skurka who crushed her in a November 2012 election and has led one of the most smoothly run departments in Nueces County history. Jiminez was also known for her nasty divorce and making light of a child molester trial by making fun of sexual molestation in mock pleadings sent via fax to a local attorney. Angering democrats and republicans alike she became a social and professional pariah. Is this curtains and prison time or yet just another embarrassment for ana"flipflopper" Jiminez whos political status on Facebook reads" its complicated"? Tune in dear reader since mainstream TV seems not to care a jot or a tiddle about this vital issue of a former DA bent upon self destruction.

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rkollman said...

Anna Jimenez has been charged with four counts of aggravated perjury. The conduct by Ms. Jimenez described in the perjury indictment, which occurred in the context of another capital murder-of-a-child-case, vindicates Sandra Eastwood, the former Nueces County assistant district attorney who successfully prosecuted Hannah Overton for murdering her four-year-old foster child, Andrew Burd. The Overton case has received extensive national media attention. Ms. Eastwood's insistence in the Overton case that Ms. Jimenez falsely testified, both by affidavit and at a writ hearing in April 2012, has so far fallen on deaf ears. But the strikingly similar conduct alleged in this indictment occurred within months of Ms. Jimenez's testimony at the Overton writ hearing. And, in yet another bizarre twist to the Overton saga, Mrs. Overton's writ lawyers, including Cynthia Orr, now represent Ms. Jimenez as well. We understand that Ms. Jimenez also has listed among her attorneys one of Mrs. Overton's trial lawyers, John Gilmore. 

We believe this indictment has profound implications in the Overton case. Apparently Ms. Orr and Mr. Gilmore agree, which is why they also now are defending Ms. Jimenez. An indictment for aggravated perjury against a practicing lawyer is a rare event. The indictment carries far greater weight than Mrs. Overton's defamatory allegations about Ms. Eastwood based on Ms. Jimenez's false testimony, which the Huffington Post, Texas Monthly, ABC and 20/20, the San Antonio Express News, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and others have reported, blogged about, and recklessly repeated, without regard for the truth or falsity of Ms. Jimenez's statements, despite Mrs. Overton's failure to persuade any tribunal of the truth of her allegations. We applaud the Jackson County District Attorney for revealing Ms. Jimenez's capacity for intentional deceit by bringing these perjury charges. We encourage you to continue to report immediately, accurately, and completely all further developments. She can laugh in the face of felony charges if she chooses (who does that?), but this is the beginning of the end for Ms. Jimenez, and for Mrs. Overton.