Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Editorial:Destination Bayfront or Final Destination (the horror movie)?
Destination Bayfront is comida para las ratas "food for rats".   You might be shock at the analogy, but once you read on:  an awakening will begin to transpire.
"Destination Bayfront" is not the first ruse, trick, cunning scam to sell the taxpayers money.  It all dates back to the 1970s when these unscrupulous movements started to dupe taxpayers -- to create social welfare for the rich or those who control positions of power.  There might be new politicos now pitching for the hidden power structure who orbit the secret halls and meeting places at American Bank and other places and the unannounced meeting of key administrative persons that sit on the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation.
"Destination Bayfront" is comida para las ratas "food for rats".   There is a hidden power structure that makes a living off taxpayers by selling "shoot for the moon" economic development and progress,but it is "progress" (better comida para las ratas).   Other names have been sold to the taxpayers in years past.  A club of bankers, construction companies and politicos are the main skeleton of the organization.   The real influentials lurk in the dark shadows.   They get the construction companies or  those who will benefit from the project to bankroll the this chapter-- Destination Bayfront; then the politicos (politicians in office) who get bankrolled by them to pitch and sell their new ventures to dupe the taxpayers.   Then the bankers make loans to the city and construction companies at ridiculous interests.  (more to come).

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