Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Corpus Christi, TX -- The CALLER-TIMES lied to us about MEMORIAL HOSPITAL by stating it was TOO OLD – i.e., (the mouthpiece for a self-serving POWER ELITE led by Political Boss Al Jones (ceo of American Bank). Like an old broken record they played their propaganda to “poison the well”, to “poison the minds” of the average John and Mary who were not privy to the true facts of history. Even Spohn’s CEO (Pam Robinson) at a Northside meeting reinforced the perpetrated lie: “Memorial is like a human being that has been devastated by diabetes and over 80 percent of its organs have been damaged – Memorial has outlived its usefulness”. However, soon after, she was challenged by Homer Villarreal (founder of El Defenzor newspaper and former co-host of a KEYS radio program) who happened to be in the audience. 
Political Boss Al Jones’ machine and cronies have capitalized on the populace’s ignorance of historic oral and written history TO GO AFTER PUBLIC DOLLARS. Catholic Bishop Wn. Michael Mulvey recruited the infamous political schemer (who sits on Spohn’s Board of Directors) to lead the political onslaught on this historic health institution (that is one of its kind; it receives public dollars for the indigent and to serve the outlying areas of Nueces County).
Has an act of violence been committed in the Westside, in imposing an agenda that will not adequately serve the indigent, and/or on the population of the city (South, North, East, West) that find themselves with a debilitating illness or injury when “time to treatment” is critical? Of course. As one attorney put it: “An entire inner city’s social and economic ecosystem is being ruthlessly destroyed and it mirrors the agenda of a monster, a bully and a liar.”
The truth is that SPOHN SHORELINE IS OLDER (than Memorial) – it has been suffering from structural fatigue for a number of years and has leaky floors and bathrooms in addition to piping that have led to gems spreading at an alarming rate and thus contributing to contamination, according to one professional repair business who worked on the facility.
Bishop Wn. Michael Mulvey is responsible for providing input into the strategic plan of Spohn Hospital in that it is an international Catholic hospital. Yet in this case, inside sources allege that political boss Al Jones made a proposal to the Bishop and staff, a proposal to place the health care institution (Spohn) in a quasi-monopolistic position in the region. The key aim of Spohn is the same as any voracious corporate institution: to reduce Memorial hospital to a speck in the map of area – i.e., an small HEB-size clinic is being proposed as an alternative. No residency center, no trauma center, no psychiatric unit, no burn unit, no pharamacy – these will be the negative consequences. Not even certified doctors will be seeing patients in every case – doctor’s assistants and nurses will staff the “watered down” venture. Yet, Spohn will claim it has met the agreement (and collect from the county) – i.e., collect for minimally serving the indigent.
Bishop Mulvey has anointed the ruthless unslaught on the poor. The secular benefit: Less services to the poor, equate to more Net Gains (or profits) for the Catholic Corporation. The ecosystem issue: “Many businesses and workers in the Memorial area will lose their jobs, their entire lifesavings, their homes, their businesses. To reiterate: Bishop Mulvey has sided with the “Al Jones’ machine” and shunned the poor and working class Catholics. The bishop has craned his neck to welcome Political Boss Al Jones’ vision of a horizon full of financial gains and exploitative possibilities. But there is a backlash surfacing. The same trend in Europe of disenchantment with the Catholic Church that led to one out of every two Catholics to change religious affiliation is occurring in Corpus Christi to some degree. At one time (or during the early history of the city and county) ninty-nine percent of the population of the Hispanics were Catholic; no longer. 
The question has been asked: “What separates Memorial Hospital from all the other Spohn hospitals?”. The answer: it gets public funds from the county to help the indigent every month. It also gets state and federal public dollars to help those underserved and down on their luck. This boat load of public dollars (paid by the taxpayer) is the target. They want to destroy memorial – to eliminate any competition or alternative options; and then rebuilt a structurally unsafe hospital like Spohn Shoreline.
“How is Spohn’s mission statement consistent with the closing of Memorial Hospital in serving the needy and enhancing the mission of Jesus Christ?” many residents are asking. Spohn’s mission statement (http://www.guidestar.org/organizations/74-1906005/christus-spohn-health-system-development-foundation.aspx ) reads: “THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE CHRISTUS SPOHN HEALTH SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION IS TO PROMOTE PHILANTHROPY AND CHARITABLE GIVING IN ORDER TO PROVIDE RESOURCES TO ENHANCE THE ABILITY OF CHRIST US HEALTH AND CHRIST US SPOHN HEALTH SYSTEM CORPORATION IN THEIR MISSION OF EXTENDING THE HEALING MINISTRY OF JESUS CHRIST BY PROVIDING FOR THE COMMUNITY'S HEALTH NEEDS IN FURTHERANCE OF THOSE PURPOSES.”
Other questions linger from taxpayers: “Yes all this stuff is available on line, such as Spohn's agreement with Nueces County. The fact that it is the Counties Hospital being lent to Spohn is getting lost in the message. Is the taxpayer going to own the replacement clinic Spohn builds? Who is going to own the new Spohn facility?”
One local attorney’s post on Facebook suggested an end to the issuet: “Tear down Christus-Spohn Shoreline Hospital, not Memorial Hospital. Shoreline is older. Shoreline has a worse location for a hospital as there are no major highways near it, nor is it as centrally located as Memorial. The land is worth more on Shoreline and will sell for more. The new annex to Shoreline Hospital will further block the view to the bay. And, evacuation of Memorial will not be as necessary in the event of a hurricane. The choice is clear.”

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