Thursday, April 30, 2009


In the latest whispers prior to Maximum Manuel defending his seat, it is said that his controller Darrel Barger for years has appeared in front of Banales while employing all his children at the Barger firm? Pura Latina is on the case and a judicial complaint is being contemplated. Lawyers from Houston contacted seem to conclude this is a violation of the judicial ethics and a total conflict that many lawyers on the opposite side apparently had no clue about.

More to come. I smell political season and Maximum Manuel is going to face the election of his life. His opponents and potential people against him are legion.


Anonymous said...

So what else is news? Everyone knows Banales is a crook and used to shake down lawyers, treats everyone in his courtroom like crap and sentences everyone to ridiculously high sentences, loves to come out in the news for sex offender signs when he himself was busted with a hooker in a parking lot, uses county funds for his office with his loser wife signing the bill and he has crippled not one but two men and never, ever suffered more than a minor ticket for it. Can someone please run against him and better yet humiliate him for a year. He needs the most severe punishment in the world for hurting so many people. People hate this man with all their hearts and he has been in on shady settlements with Darrel Barger before: H&r BLOCK. Ex Barger Paralegal. Go to hell Darrell.

Anonymous said...

Where would you rather they work at BACALA?

It is a wow that an insurance attorney would still be hired by insurance companies but Banales or any other person and never, ever suffered more than a minor ticket for their "crimes and/or misdemeanors" would not be so fortunate as the folks you and I know get busted differently.

Maybe Bill Curtis will do a show........

Anonymous said...

what did you find out purahispana? did you know about the HandR block settlements that made Barger and Banales very happy along with some old guard plaintiff lawyers. All of them in cohoots. Maximum Manuel also shook down many lawyers and has in the past and when they don't cough up he lets them have it. he's in deep doo doo this time. he's crippled two men, does whatever Barger tells him and now he is catching opponents. A todos llegan su dia, guey, mentiendes Frito Bandido?