Friday, May 1, 2009

Editorial: Priscilla Leal Begins To Throw Mud In The Face Of Her Rival (by way of her “hired gun” – Roland Garza)

Corpus Christi, Texas – Priscilla Leal in her bout to try to regain her seat on the city council has stooped to an all time low – i.e., gutter level. She has egged on Roland Garza (who has a radio spot of Tejano Radio 104.9 FM) to begin to raise unfounded, baseless, groundless allegations and rumors about her formidable and well-liked political opponent: Roland Barrera. Garza in a desperate and insensitive and cold manner has begun to untruthfully and spitefully declare that a government agency is looking into Barrera’s business ethics and practices. Not True!

Barrera – who is sociable, of a high ethical fibre, and who is nimble-minded – has begun to soar in the popular ratings with District 3 voters (according to one analysist): it has been predicted – at this juncture -- that he has a smidgen of an advantage to gain a victory over the incumbent, Ms. Leal.

Why is Garza (who claims to be a civil rights leader) getting gutter level? “The roof is caving in. Priscilla Leal was a good friend he ran for office and has used to negotiate in his day-in and day-out dealing in reference to factors that affect his lifestyle and stealthy career,” one observer told El Defenzor. “Roland Garza must have a dark past and a dark chest that is being manifested in the present. His power-mongering attitude is that Priscilla Leal’s office seems to be (in his mind's eye) his own socio-political turf that he can use to puppeteer his influence.”

Ms. Leal -- who is a public official -- and who has never returned a telephone call to this publication is the one that should be held accountable. She has openly postured herself with the Lencho Rendon crowd and in the process alienated many due to her focalized interest. The other sectors of the community she should be representing feel ignored. She has been described by some as “anti-social”; she has been described as “not being an assertive voice” for District 3 – a district has a large working class Hispanic population and the burden of poverty lurks in many a residence there. Yet disgusting due to the avarice face of vested interest overseeing this race, Roland Garza continues on a daily basis (due to his own motivation or that of Lencho) to use his influence both on the radio and with a few civil rights groups to superimpose his bias opinion on this matter. He endorses and fabricates facts about Leal's popular opponent -- even though Ms. Lean has a poor and inattentive record, a poor record in being the “face and voice” (as a resident put it) for this long ignored sector of Corpus Christi. Barrera, her rival, has stood calm in this tempestuous campaign.

Why is Roland Barrera gaining a lead over Ms. Leal? Roland Barrera – this candidate is one that is needed in this demanding and trying times. He is clearly the best suited to be the face and voice of District 3 in the City Council. His platform and actions reach out more fairly to more groups in the community. He has tried to be inclusive and not exclusive as Ms. Leal has.

Barrera (if elected) will be the independent and assertive voice that we need in District 3. His heart beats with a key viable in our mutual vision -- i.e., to find creative ways to provide for our families. He will not only proactively explore the ladder but has a master plan that includes all of the residents of District 3.

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