Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dear Mr. Homero Villarreal),

Thanks for speaking with me today. I am sure you will be interested in my responses to the comments you published. Thank you very much for agreeing to POST my response to the blog of Defenzor.

Here are my comments.
Thanks for listening...

(Signed) Wayne Wright

My name is Wayne Wright, and I am responding to your comments about me and my law firm on your recent Defenzor Blog entries You do not know me or our reputable law firm, so I would like to give you factual information that will change your opinion of me and my law firm.

I am glad that you fight for the underdog and that you fight to stop illegal lawyer case solicitation and case running in all of its ugly forms. So do I.

And so does my law firm, Wayne Wright Injury Lawyers. In fact, our firm leads Texas legal communities who are committed to stamp out all forms of illegal case running.

Our law firm was the lead contributor and underwriter in forming and supporting the Society of Ethical Attorneys at Law(SEAL), a not-for-profit, anti-solicitation organization dedicated to stopping illegal case running in Texas. This organization’s final mission is to stop, once and for all, illegal solicitation and case running in Texas. Visit them at

Our firm was the underwriter for SEAL posting a $25,000 reward for information leading to any attorney’s arrest for case running or other illegal case solicitations.

Our firm was voted among the best personal injury attorneys in San Antonio in the annual San Antonio Scene Magazine.

We contribute tens of thousands of dollars each year for non-profit television ads, sponsored by SEAL, to warn the public about illegal case running and unethical lawyer activities.

Additionally, each year our law firm purchases hundreds of Public Service Announcements on television stations warning the public to avoid case runners. We work closely with SEAL, local police departments, and the State Bar of Texas to put case runners and unethical attorneys out of business, including committing numerous resources to support new state-wide legislation to stop illegal case running.

We are the only law firm in Corpus Christi who underwrites more than 40 TV commercials each month warning of the dangers of illegal lawyer solicitation and case running.

I seriously doubt that any law firm in Texas does more to stop these types of illegal activities. And we continue in this fight daily.

Let me point out a few other facts about our respected law firm and its lawyers.

* We never accept clients with any intention of working with outside counsel or other law firms. Lawyers on our payroll, working in our offices, work on every case we take. On some occasions we are ethically and legally required to engage other counsel to assist in a case such as retaining guardian ad litems, trustee attorneys, lien resolution expert attorneys, and other similar examples. And, we have, like all ethical law firms, on occasion partnered with outside counsel to add our significant law firm expertise and financial muscle to maximize case results for the client.
* I am a full-time member of our attorney roster, a working personal injury lawyer with over 30 years experience in personal injury law and consumer law. I am available 24/7 to assist clients and meet personally with clients who need my personal legal attention. That means that I travel to all of our offices, in every city, when needed. Obviously I cannot solely represent every single client in our firm. That is why we hire only the best and most competent lawyers with varied specialized talents to work with me to provide the highest quality of legal services to our clients.
* Our clients have direct access, 24 hours a day--in person or on the phone--to their own personal lawyer, who is in charge of their case. Unlike some less reputable firms, we hire only competent, licensed lawyers to take responsibility on injury cases. We also hire Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyers to help train and assist any of our lawyers, as needed.
* Our lawyers are the best trained lawyers in their field. Through our personally funded Wayne Wright University, each lawyer has access to more than 4 times the minimum annual continuing legal education and ethics training classes required by the State Bar of Texas. My son Wyatt and I are committed and involved members of the College of the State Bar of Texas. Our firm is dedicated to hiring only the most ethical attorneys in the country. Our track record proves that.
* You will never find a single instance in the history of our law firm where a referral fee was paid to a non-lawyer or where we solicited a case illegally. We have no “referral sources” and only occasionally accept a case from a fellow lawyer. That is usually when we are asked to help an under-funded sole practitioner or small law firm--drained of resources by a big insurance company or defense law firm. We thrive on representing the underdog. We believe in old fashioned ethics--earn your clients by hard work, ethical conduct and great results.
* Unlike many small law firms, our firm has the monetary and staff resources to meet any challenge. We currently employ more than 30 lawyers and nearly 125 paralegals and other staff support personnel. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with small law firms. I once had a small firm and did a competent job of representing clients. But times have changed since the local one-person law firm could be all things to all people. I learned, over almost 30 years of practicing law, that doing the best job for an injured client means having the resource muscle to get the job done.
* Today’s big insurance companies and big defense law firms are committed to burying small law firms in paper work and draining their financial resources. They do it because it works. Unfortunately, the poor, underdog client is the ultimate loser. But, we have the financial ability and staff resources to compete against big corporations and big defense law firms by giving them back some of their own medicine. Our law firm cannot be intimidated or forced into settling a case too early because of inadequate funds to continue in the case. Our lawyers have carte blanche to do whatever it takes to get the best result for our clients.
* Clients come first at our law firm. We may be the only law firm in Texas that guarantees same day return calls to clients from their personal lawyer team. If we fail to live up to the guarantee we voluntarily pay the client $10.00 for inconvenience in not getting a prompt return call. In the last 10 years we have paid out a total of less than $300.00 to clients on this guarantee. Not such a bad track record.
* We are the only law firm in Texas that operates an internal Ombudsman Program. We guarantee to each client an independent advocate who assists in solving any problem on any subject matter associated with the case.
* We may be the only law firm in Texas that publishes a Client Bill of Rights that always puts the client first.
* Yes, we have many clients. Some fellow lawyers don’t like that, especially those lawyers in direct competition with our firm. But, even among those competitors, we expect the truth to be told. Anything less is libelous. The truth is, we earn our clients one client at a time. Most of our clients come from word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. Others come from our many advertisements. And, when you view our commercials you see the facts…our clients speak in their own words how they feel about our services.
* Yes, I am proud to be a lawyer who advertises his law firm’s special and unique benefits as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. We all know some people dislike advertising lawyers. However, I am personally more concerned about watching closely those lawyers who never advertise but somehow seem to get a lot of cases by paying referral fees to non-lawyer runners. We know who they are. They run rampant throughout Texas. My firm has been fighting against them for years.
So now I challenge you. If you really are committed to stopping case running and all forms of illegal conduct and solicitation by lawyers, meet with me to discuss positive ways to stop it. Speak with the many dedicated investigators working on this problem for SEAL, the local police departments, and the State Bar of Texas. These are dedicated folks committed to their mission. To the extent that information does not compromise an on-going criminal or ethical investigation, all of us will share the atrocities that are happening every day. Together we can make a difference.


Wyatt Wright said...

My name is Wyatt Wright and I, too, am proud of the work our firm (Wayne Wright Injury Lawyers) does in defending the rights of people in our community. I am also pleased to see that El Defenzor has hit 'spot on' regarding a troubling occurrence--case running. We applaud those who join the fight against unlawful case running and are proud to say that we have NEVER participating in this unethical practice. We are equally proud to be a leader, along with SEAL and the authorities, in abolishing this horrible practice wherever it occurs. By working together we can all help make sure that legitimate legal representation is available to everyone in need.

Anonymous said...








Michael said...

I work for the Law Offices of Wayne Wright and I can personally say that I have never seen, nor do I expect to see, any case solicitation. Indeed, I have a personal bird's eye view as manager of the Intake Department, where we take the information of over 100 potential new clients every day. Every single one calls us before we've ever attempted to contact them.

Trust me; we don't need to solicit anything.

Thinking that Wayne Wright LLP solicits cases is illogical, considering the number of good cases we're able to intake based on word of mouth and advertisements. I ask, as a large prominent firm, why would we risk so much by soliciting, for what would amount to only a small increase to our bottom line?


One thing I can say is that Wayne Wright was very, very professional when he called our offices at El Defenzor. He reaffirmed his position to stand up against the snaking interests of "Runners."
It takes "guts" to stand up against runners and not too many lawyers are doing it -- one admirable person is William Edwards Sr. who will soon take the indispensable legal action int he region to humanize this system.

Anonymous said...

Homero, don't tell me you are changing your mind on these top attorneys?

Don't sell us out!!!


Was I wrong? Hey, in this case, I think I pulled on the trigger too quickly. Mr. Wayne Wright and his son, Wyatt Wright, have a history of being involved with SEAL, an organization that is trying to removed the "harming agent" of non-layers playing lawyers and signing up contracts at emergency rooms and at funeral parlors.

I am am human. I did over-react in an editorial but the main focus of my article was not any "top attorney" but the "non-attorney" culture that has established an unethical base -- a base that feeds the underworld.

Top attorneys have a functional role. They have the resources not to give in to high-dollar attorneys representing huge corporations or bullies that want the client whom has been injured to negotiated a deal early. The Wright lawfirm has the potential of sending a loud message to enormous entities who have wronged the common/working man.

The Wayne Wright issue has opened my eyes. We should not be so concerned about the successful top attorneys that advertise in TV and other mainstream media, but about those who do not advertise and yet are garnering enormous net gains and profits. The latter hints at something furtive --- at a pattern that is clouded under the radar of accountability.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I think the Mauricio and T. C. and Big "R" guys are miles apart of the legal law firms. I would like to see Wright connect with us at some level and be part of our orbit; maybe via El Defenzor or this blog... There is so much to do.

Anonymous said...

I admire you Homer for admitting that your claim can be modified after doing some research.

The "Runners" are the issue. Keep at them.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I visited his website... Wright's... it is very impressive. A team of lawyers and paraprofessionals that are on call on a full time basis.

Anonymous said...

Good read.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Wayne Wright does all his advertising by the book.What is not by the book are Big Bob Deleon, Tony CAlderon, J.D. whatever his face is and Mauricio and all the others who didn't study to be lawyers but want to lawyers and get fees like lawyers which is a felony. Wainwright should have SEAL go after them, arrest them and send them off to jail first. They have broken the law, break the law now and will continue to do so unless stopped. And the hypocrisy is that the lawyers like all these big Personal Injury law firms that handle personal injury that Edwards is going after also who accept the cases and look the other way knowing full well the case has been run and often money has been funneled to grease the wheels on the funeral director, judge, family and runners to get the cases. That is wrong and makes all lawyers look bad. They are committing felonies every day and are part of the conspiracy. Where are the rangers, FBI, US attorneys and Texas Attorney General on this? GO GET THEM HOMER. And it shows a lot of character when you took back your first opinion and what a gentleman Wainwright and his son are by not blasting back but by being cool, calm and giving their side of the story. They deserve respected and they demanded it. Good for them.

Loyal Catholic

Anonymous said...

Runners need to go down. From Bobby Garza to J.D. to Tony Calderon to DeLeon. There are more like that scum in Alice Manrique.
Paralegal X

jt4u said...

I would like to say that I have dealt with Wayne Wright Injury Lawyers for over 10 years, in my capacity as a chiropractor who treats auto accident victims. First, let me say I am very proud of the care I provide and do so in the most ethical way. Working in this PI field often can cause many to pause with concern and disgust with how other professionals dealing with accident victims behave. In over 15 years of practice, I have seen all types of lawyers, and honestly, all types of chiropractors and medical doctors. The use of 'runners' have been wide spread by a few 'large individual groups' of chiropractors and law firms. Wayne Wright's law firm has never in over the 10 years I have dealt with them, to the best of my knowledge, used 'runners', in fact, they are pursuing with great interest, more than any other law firm in San Antonio, means to stop this unethical behavior that is running unbridled. I have personally tried to do what I could to attempt to bring this to the forefront of those who may do something to stop this. In the past I personally spoke with State Senator Carlos Uresti, investigators with the San Antonio Express-News, attempted to sanction a fellow chiropractor who 'stole' a patient through phone solicitation via the TX Board of Chiro Examiners, and provided information to the SAPD SI unit. Unfortunately, stopping these cockroaches isn't as easy as it may appear. Current legislation past this September, was enacted to make it illegal for licensed professionals to engage in any means to attain accident victims through solicitation means. I can confidently say that this has not stopped those large chiropractic groups, some small, from finding ways around this law, by separating themselves from direct solicitation, and now using an organization to purchase the police reports from the police, which in turn provides the information to a separate party, which holds no license, and this separate party will 'recommend' a chiropractor or doctor to take care of their medical needs. Of course this IS solicitation, and these individuals set up this scenario to hopefully avoid the 'letter of the law', BUT not its intent.
This problem often infuriates me and depresses me, as I work to the best of my ability, and align myself only with law firms and medical providers of the highest ethical caliber and ability. Shouldn't all accident victims deserve this? (of course, I believe my care is above average, only because I have seen first hand as a prior designated doctor with TX Dept of Insurance, the quality of work out there). I deny referrals from certain firms who actively pursue such activity. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues will not turn away money based on how the patient was obtained. I have lost numerous patients to solicitor phone calls/visits, which causes issues with medical care, much less loss of income. And yes, I work to produce income BUT I do it ethically, within the law, and within accepted medical guidelines of care.
Mr. Villarreal, I do applaud your attempt to bring this issue of 'runners' to the public. More needs to be done to stop this illegal activity, and with your help, perhaps we can bring more 'awareness' of the problem to our elected officials, who need to do more, specifically the DA's and individual police departments. If there is anything I can do to help you with this matter, please let me know.

Belinda said...

Mr. Villarreal,
I'd like to thank you for bringing attention to this subject. I agree, something needs to be done about this matter. How sad that there are attorneys out there who take advantage of people who are not aware that case running is illegal. However the law offices of Wayne Wright LLC isn't one of them. I have witnessed the generosity of Mr. Wayne Wright and his attorneys. Mr. Wright has held an annual picnic for all of his clients over the past few years. I have been a volunteer for this event and witnessed him personally greeting and speaking to hundreds of clients and thanking them all. I know that he has implemented a free smoke detector program for people who don't have them in there homes. I mention this because he not only appears to be a hard working attorney he also appears to give back to the community. I know of two friends who have used the Wayne Wright law firm both spoke very highly of their attorneys and would recommend them to others.

Roxana Orrell said...

I've been an attorney at the firm for almost four years, and am taken aback by allegations that we have ever done business with runners. We actively try to bust them - our standing instructions have been to find out information about runners from clients who tell us they've been approached, and forward the information to management. I applaud the magazine's efforts to expose this practice. We're on the same side on this issue, so shouldn't we be working together?

I also wonder at the concern that newer attorneys are handling many claims. I don't know of any larger firm where the named attorneys or partners handle the majority of cases. Firms generally include a mix of senior, highly experienced attorneys, relatively new attorneys, and many in between. For my part, I have been in practice for over ten years, and my department manager has had about twenty-five years' experience. I hope you are able to get to know our firm a little better.

Kenneth said...

I am an employee at Wayne Wright Injury Lawyers and I have not seen an instance of case running or solicitation at the law firm nor do I expect to ever see such an instance. The culture of the law firm simply does not tolerate the abuses that you write about in your articles. We actively avoid doing business with those who conduct business unethically and with those who even have the appearance of conducting business unethically. I am glad that you had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Wright and observe the efforts the law firm has taken to combat solicitation and case running.

Anonymous said...

I have been an adjuster for over 12 years. Insurance companies are just as frustrated with runners and solicitors as everyone else. Every Special Investigation Unit at the big insurance companies communicates regularly with local enforcement agencies and the FBI to try to nail the solicitors, because they cost every insured more money in premiums for every fraudulent case they sign up. With over 10 years claim handling experience in the San Antonio, Corpus Christi and El Paso areas, I have never known Wayne Wright's office to be anything but honest and tough in representing clients. They don't have to resort to that kind of activity to get clients. The attorneys to be afraid of are the ones that never advertise, but submit as many claims per week as the attorneys that do advertise heavily.

One of my friends is a firefighter outside the Houston Area and has told me that they pick up smoke detectors regularly to install in homes in the community. I think you should keep your trigger finger itchy, Mr. Villarreal, but I think you can take your sites off Mr. Wright. He's one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Villarreal for finally exposing the most corrupt mafia-like practices that have been going on since 30 years ago and more.

For years Tony Calderon, Robert DeLeon and all these other wannabe's have lived in Mansions and paid off people and ran down cases and broken the law and committed felonies. Check their phone records and you will see that when an accident went down they were on the phone minutes later and follow them calling the families, the funeral parlor and the ambulances and believe me, Justice of the Peace, firefighters, cops and troopes were all on the take. Follw the phone records, follow the money, follow the payoffs, follow the checks, follow the cash, get the IRS involved. This is a felony conspiracy that is illegal and has been going on forever and rivals drug trafficking and alien smuggling. How can lawyers ever be respected when you have scum like this running cases and living like Kings and breaking the law?. And they only want Mauricio to go down? Please. And, the biggest hypocrisy of all is that Law Firms like APA have "victim compensation clinics" to pray on the injured and get cases from Calderon and DeLeon. I know because I am a legal assistant who gets up, goes to work every day and knows plenty of attorneys who aren't rich because they refuse to break the law and then they are actually looked down on after going to school for years, being smart and hardworking enough to pass a bar exam like Wainwright and his firm and these guys hold themselves out to be lawyers. Turn on the light Mr. Villarreal and the cockroaches and rats/runners run for their lives. They can deny it but plenty of women could tell you different that these men tried to convince them they were attorneys. Bring them down Mr. Villarreal, Wainwright, Edwards, Henry (all of you people unite to bring this house of cards down). Huerta kept it below the radar. These people do not. Don't let Calderon, Garza, J.D., DeLeon and all the other wannabe lawyers get away with what is violating federal and state law. The time is now to stop it all.

Paralegal X Houston

James F Wilson said...

My name is James F. Wilson, and I am an attorney that has proudly worked for the Law Offices of Wayne Wright for almost two years.

I have been lucky to work with every department of our firm. This has provided perspective as to the firm's focus: it is all about helping the client. Everything our firm does is to protect the client's rights, whether it be for injuries from an auto accident or Social Security benefits.

Our firm goes beyond just protecting the rights of our clients. We also work to inform and protect the community. We campaign to let the public know about the rights when dealing with attorneys. This is an important distinction that has increased my appreciation for this firm and everything it does for the community.

Mr. Wright is committed to providing fire detectors to every home. I have volunteered my time packaging and preparing these fire detectors because I realize how important they are in preventing tragedy.

When I joined the firm, I was impressed with the committment to customer service. I have since matured as an attorney and come to better understand that I am not helping a customer -- I am helping our clients. This is an important distinction that has made me further appreciate this firm and everything it does.

John R. Stillman said...

My name is John R. Stillman and I to am a Wayne Wright attorney. I say that with pride whenever asked where I work. I say that with PRIDE because we have a GREAT reputation as a law firm that does NOT engage in any solicitation of clients. Period.

I have been a Wayne Wright attorney for over three years and our law firm has NEVER solicited any clients by an means at all. I believe Mr. Wright's passion for abolishing these types of practices is all the evidence the legal community needs to recognize Wayne Wright, L.L.P. as an ETHICAL and Morally Responsible law firm.

Part of being a Wayne Wright attorney is reporting any solicitation we come across to our managing supervisors so that our firm may take steps to end that practice.

I personally have had clients tell me in their initial meetings with me that they chose our law firm because we were one of the few that did NOT call them or cme to their home to get them to sign a contract.

This makes me proud. Proud to call myself a WAYNE WRIGHT ATTORNEY.

Harold McCall said...

Dear Mr. Villarreal,

I am an attorney at Wayne Wright’s law firm. I am writing in response to your article and want to thank you for changing your view on our firm and not lumping us in with the unethical solicitors. I think you will find that Wayne Wright’ s ethics, dedication to his clients and concern for his community are beyond reproach. I am proud to work at a law firm that is recognized in our community for regularly sponsoring pro bono legal clinics for the underprivileged and establishing the Smoke Alarms in Every Home Program wherein Wayne Wright provides no cost smoke alarms to Texas families who do not have them. Again, thank you.

Harold McCall

Greg Degeyter said...

Dear Mr. Homero Villarreal

Your recent blog about Wayne Wright addressed two areas, case solicitation and attorney experience. As an employee of Mr. Wright, I would like to briefly opine on both areas mentioned.

Regarding case solicitation I’ve never seen any case solicitation while employed here. Our cases have come from advertisements and word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Regarding experience, before coming to Wayne Wright I have worked as a solo practitioner and for other firms working on cases with values as little as $2000 and as large as $1.4 million. No past employer has had as thorough or comprehensive training program as we have at Wayne Wright, and we as attorneys and our clients are better off for the time and expense that Wayne Wright has invested in us as attorneys.

Anonymous said...

I am an insurance company claims adjuster for one of the biggest insurance companies in Texas. In my capacity as a senior adjuster with more than 15 years experience I get to see all types of attorneys, the good, the bad and the ridiculously incompetent. I also get see all the crooks who prey on innocent victims of car accidents, attorneys who illegally solicit their victims with promises that cannot be fulfilled--just to get them to sign a contract.

I can tell you directly and honestly that the lawyers who work at Wayne Wright Lawyers are some of the most professional, knowledgeable, and competent lawyers I have the pleasure of working with. They are honest, ethical, and never attempt to exaggerate the claims of their clients. When a Wayne Wright lawyer gives me a verbal promise I know their word in their bond. I trust them implicitly.

It is totally outside the realm of reason to suggest or imply that Wayne Wright would intentional allow any attorney in his employ to act unethically.

I know Wayne Wright and I know his commitment to the highest of ethical conduct.

I also know his firm to be one of the best at getting the highest monetary outcome for their clients. But he accomplishes this ethically and honestly.

I trust them so much that when a family member of mine was in a serious accident, I recommended he call Wayne Wright.

David said...

My name is David Tamuty, General Manager and proud of Mr. Wayne Wright for defending him self, law firm and attorneys in response to your article. I have been working with Mr. Wright since 1984 and would encourage you to visit our main office in San Antonio and gain a better perceptive of the law firm and its work. I would also like to applaud you for your courage to retract your views of Mr. Wayne Wright and his business practices.

David said...

My name is David Tamuty, General Manager and proud of Mr. Wayne Wright for defending him self, law firm and attorneys in response to your article. I have been working with Mr. Wright since 1984 and would encourage you to visit our main office in San Antonio and gain a better perceptive of the law firm and its work. I would also like to applaud you for your courage to retract your views of Mr. Wayne Wright and his business practices.

Scott Mechler said...

My name is Scott Mechler and I am a Wayne Wright attorney.

 Client dedication and respect are two of the core elements of our firm. All of the staff and attorneys at Wayne Wright go that extra mile for our clients.

Mr. Wright and the firm are also very active in the community and support many community programs. These activities include firm attorneys assisting with pro-bono divorce cases and helping members of the community at the pro-bono wills clinic. Attorneys often volunteer to go speak at local schools about the importance of staying in school and what the students can accomplish through hard work and determination. Another important program the firm is involved with is protecting families in various communities by giving out smoke detectors.

With regard to the issue of solicitation, our firm has not, and does not engage in the solicitation of clients. Our firm is very active in protecting the rights of individuals as well as clients by trying to fight the activities of solictors and case runners.

Mr. Wright's commitment to clients, community and ethics makes me proud to call myself a Wayne Wright attorney.

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Anonymous said...

Wayne Wright says he's "The Peoples Lawyer." "You deserve respect. We demand it!" But didn't Wayne Wright work FOR a big insurance company, working AGAINST the people, before he became a big shot people's lawyer? Someone research THAT!