Saturday, September 5, 2009

Comentario: From The Tom Greenwell Factor To Other Regional Races

I have an hour before going to press. My fingers and body feels like they are quivering. My body is loaded with caffeine. I do not know if the “quivering” was brought on by the over-nighter I did working on the layout of the newspaper or the territory my fiery pen covered in internal space and the excess energy I am still emanating. It’s political season and I am sure my story on "Runners" (who bring cases to attorneys) and my views on regional political races will rattle some stuffy minds. It always does. There is a new election cycle. Visit our digital edition on the net: WWW.ELDEFENZOR.COM -- this way you can get daily updates.
Angelica Hernandez, former Assistant District Attorney, announced this week that she will be attempting to dethrone District Judge Manuel “Maximum” Banales. She will be running as a Republican candidate; this is a strategic logic to her doing so. I will touch on this matter in future articles. She played a key role in highlighting the growing problem of “runners”.
Who else will come forward and announce for political office? Joe Benavides will be running for Justice of the Peace now that the incumbent (JAG or Jose A. Gonzalez) has resigned and will be vying for a new political post – i.e., a seat on the Nueces Cou ny Commissioner’s Court (the one currently held by Betty Jean Longoria; she is not seeking re-election). Longoria feels the “thrill is gone” (as the song says); she is no longer operating as part of a major. It is the bleakest of times. In fact I explicitly remember one occasion in which she howled out that the commissioner’s meeting were being taken over by Republicans (I sensed a tinge of racial tension in her remark but maybe it was me. Then again, I am no psycho-therapist nor “wild-eye” progressive socialist).
Returning to Joe Benavides: He has a track record that really impresses the average voter. He served our country in the military; he has gone above an beyond the call of duty in the region to assist in many a benevolent project. He has been a wonderful role model for our community. He is the son of the noted political activist and strategist Benny Benavides (who also co-hosted Comentarios on the now defunt KUNO Radio Station).
It is still early. Well, it has been whispered that a well known young attorney -- Juan Reyna -- is considering is being approached to run for either the Court of Appeals or, guess what, the COUNTY JUDGE SEAT! Reyna was not available for comment (aka “Bobby Kennedy” was not picking up the phone. He was probably blissfully mulling over the consequences. Hehehehehe. “Do not disappoint me Bobby!),” his buddy commented. “We shall see but rumor has it that BOTH PARTIES have come to him to run… But as always, many talk but few write checks (contributions) to make this happen.”
I have deep admiration and respect for Reyna and his genuineness and in my estmation he does have statistical electibility. He, with the right backing, will be the threat to that portion of the EDC monster and related spongers “milking” the county right now. How many more years must we endure the “milking” of our county taxpayers funds by the two main power groups? While commissioners pule and whine about ”the paddle of waste,” while they themselves employ their own lawyers for$ 175.00/hr and more. “The time has come to clean up shop and bring new leaders and new growth to South Texas,” a local attorney told El Defenzor. “County Judge Neal’s agenda is charged with vested interest and is too focalized on an elite group; Reyna (or someone on his caliber) would the variable we need. As Obama dominated the elder McCain perhaps a ‘new horse’ shall come to take out the weed-ridden, old guard. If not Reyna it is whispered others are contemplating the run.” More news on this soon.
Now a funny soundbyte: Politics is not for everyone, especially if you have liver or heart problems. Have a heart to heart talk with your doctor before considering throwing your head into the political ring of Nueces County, Texas. Hehehehe.
There is one Republican – 319th District Judge Tom Greenwell – that has touched the “heart strings” of not only a hefty core of the Hispanic Community but many a clique within the Democratic party. A few of these “My Way Or The Highway” Republicans (and Democrats) could learn a lesson or two from him. In fact he was the one that opened the gateway especially for the crazy quilt of Republicans in public office at the county level. He was the variable that triggered the Nicolas Tesla variable that brought the former Patron System of winning elections to its knees. He almost produced lightning in his hand and fought his way through rival barriers not with a blunt “power sword” but with a marvelously aromatic platform which mirrored an embryonic need for socio-political change. Neal, Kalein, Pusley and a few other public officials and key players in the Republican Party should not forget that note in political history. A “Tejano Music” display does have a place at the Republican Headquarters.
Connie Gutierrez, founder of the Corpus Christi Morning Coffee Group said: “Judge Greenwell walks into a room full of Democrats and the room begins to gleam with happy faces. Even staunch Democrats have to whisper in his ear their heart-felt compliments from fear of being heard by their own party members. Hahahaha.”
Joe Ortiz, a Civil Rights Leader of a Chapter of the American GI Forum agreed: “Greenwell I some that reminds of someone who transcends party. He is a judge that does his best not to be partisan. But maybe he hints at a better world – a future world where there are not parties; a time when humankind has outgrown the need to have feudal system or a two party system, but has adopted a complex system in the age of the Global community. In our modernize world why should we be so petty: look at the county and its political wars; look at the moves and counter moves of the Port and other players in various entities. I believe that future political wars in the region will not be won with ‘sword-like” blunt tactical moves, but by an effortless rose of reason.”
Returning to Joe Benavides. He will be announcing his platform in more detail soon. There are other races which we shall report in our next edition. (For daily reports visit our website:

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