Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AFTER THE ELECTIONS PRAYER FOR SOUTH TEXAS (by Homer Villarreal -founder of El Defenzor)

Gracious God, we pray for the people of this nation, especially our region of South Texas:
For those recently elected to office, award wisdom to rule and administrate wisely, end authoritarian policies, and pass changes that profit all the people;
For candidates who lost in the elections, grant wisdom to carry on their work for the well-being of the area;
For the people who participated in the election, we give thanks and pray that their courage and hope to accept the fruit in a transformed area;
For those who feel removed and disenfranchised and alienated in the election, we lament and pray that systems may be humanized and spiritualized and renewed in ways that include all;
For our sisters and brothers in Christ, we offer gratitude for their true to life service and urge that they will carry out good judgment and valor, optimism and love, and all they require for the living of these days;
Inspire the leaders, people, and friends of the NUECES, KLEBERG, and so forth to order their living so that justice and fairness and integrity flows like water and peace prevails.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Some theologians refer to politics as the sea of turmoil and it certainly was on Tuesday. I thank you for your contributions to the political process and your voice. My hats are off to the winners for decisive and well executed victories and a well organized effort. My support for those who valiently tried but fell short of the mark. This is the way of politics where it is an epic and tremendous battle that takes courage and a tremendous demand on one's family and supporters and on oneself. An era has ended and a new one begins. I respectfully remind those in power to be ever-mindful of the tremendous responsibility that elected leaders have over individuals' lives and property and I further remind those elected that people that are blue or red are watching and those voted in can also be voted out. Naysayers believe that it is a one party system controlling one way or another. It truly is no longer the situation.
No race, no county,no precinct, no election is ever a guarantee for either party.