Thursday, November 11, 2010

Editorial: SOLOMON TRAVELS TO CHINA -- Why? and Anna Jimenez A big Mistake For Blake Farenthold?

While District Judge Marisela Saldana is “Soul Searching” in Las Vegas, Solomon P,. Ortiz has also ventured to a distant place – a much further place: China, according to sources. Ortiz is trying to get his son, Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. (who just lost the State Representative seat to Raul Torres, Republican) a high executive job with a company doing business with the U.S. Military. The contradiction is that the petition for the recount was not filled properly and his focus is elsewhere.

Ortiz had to shift gears – why? The depths of his dedication! He, according to insiders, needs to take care of those family and close friends to his network stay afloat financially amidst the crisis sparred by the disillusion of the November 2 election. It was a crushing Republican sweep.

The spiritual ills of the modern Democratic Party even at the national level are observable. President Barack Obama did not want to meet with Ortiz in China even after a special invitation. Many at that level point out that Obama senses the vibes directed at incumbent Democrats – especially Ortiz who is lobbying for his help in trying to overturn the eleciton. Furthermor,e Ortiz’ political network, keep in mind supported Hillary Clinton on her bout for president, not Obama. The socio-political distance is growing more profound and expected to be more weighty in the next few months.

Ortiz’ former chief of staff Lencho Rendon, and behinds the scenes powerbroker who started his own corporations and a major business network under the unbrella of LR GlOBAL (Lencho Rendon Global), cannot afford to have Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. on his payroll. This is one of the reasons cited explaining why Ortiz Sr. is “burning the candles at both ends” before his term expires at the flicker of the first of January of next year.

Despite the fact that Rendon is making about three million dollars off Ortiz’ connections, he cannot afford to be lifted to a plane of and maze of mirrors spooked with bad public relations. Rendon has too much to lose at this juncture. He’s creative power has always been effectively executed mostly in “backstairs” deals and furtive rooms, according to some that have caught a glimpse of negotiations.

Some claim a man by the name of G. Ybarra is Rendon’s “bagman”. At least this is the tittle-tattle within the orbit of those in the bon ton and “In The Know” of this jumble: taking business to China and lobbying to get business for key persons within the Ortiz’ tight network. Some as far as Washington D.C. are claiming they have been asked to invest anywhere from $100,000 to move than that in order to try and get China’s business connections.

Some claim records show that Rendon was on the payroll of Austin Texas’s Attorney Rosenthal. He (Rosenthal) is a high profile attorney that word circulates in tight circles and core elite gossip that Rendon and his network ran cases for him. This has not been verified. But if there is other pertinent information many a media entity would welcome it.

However the influence of this man has propelled the intial phase of a “hand count” of election ballots in the Valley. Many are asking: “What would drive Solomon P. Ortiz Sr. to believe there are 3000 quesitonable votes?” … Other veteran political observers and analysts that are familiar with the landscape and voting rigmarole point out that the Valley of South Texas still uses hand ballots. “There can be a high degree of relative variablity as to the manner and quaility of those ballots are deem to be striked out or added to the final tally. There might be a variable of regional interpretation… who knows?” one source said.

As for incumbent Congressman-elect Blake Farenthold, he has appointed Anna Maria Jimenez (who was appointed to serve as Nueces County District Attorney by the governor) to his administrative transition team and she is expected to play a major role in his new alliance. Some observers are calling it: “A major mistake. As an administrator of the DA’s office, she was been described by some top Republicans as ‘incompetent.’ Her inordinate reorganization of the DA’s office resulted in a major public relation nightmare for the office. This was the final staw for many republicans who had previously had some confidence in her. ”

A local businessman said: “I am a staunch Republican, but Anna Maria Jimenez in my opinion carries this dark cloud of controvery everywhere she goes. I feel Steve Ray (the political consultant for Farenthold) has brought Anna Jimenez in too far into the Republican Party. Ms. Jimenez was an appointee by the Governor. If anyone should have won in the November 2nd eleciton, it was her.”

“Even successful candidate for District Judge Angelica Hernandez said in a previous converation: ‘She (Anna) brought this upon herself.’ If anyone with such a close-knit relationship says that about Ms. Jimenez, it seems to be chiseled into one’s memory” another confidencial source detailed.

“Ms. Jimenez does not belong in our party – her ideals are not quite ours. Her brother, who is an attorney, I am lead to believe benefitted from her being in the DA’s office. A case in point: The arrest of a man caught selling drugs (associated with Dorann’s Home Health in Robstown) is an issue that I’m concerned about. The man who was caught selling drugs there openly at a main street medical supply office in Robstown was quickly represented by Jimenez’ brother – who even provided him with special consideration during his detainment. This cause is still before District Judge Nelva Gonzalez-Ramos. these are not the values of the party. In my humble estimation. Ms. Jimenezis a thorn and a cancer to the party. As for Ms. Jimenez I feel she has come across as being very unethnical,” an Hispanic Republican opined. “She seems to need Anger Management Classes. On September 27 she was caught on video at the parking lot at TARGET’S around 11 a.m. She was having an altercation which was associated with domestic problems. She has this inexplicable impulse to leave things off wack. It would be a huge mistake to have her run for anything again as a Republican. She is a huge liability – she has conflict ofinterest in the DA’s office and is ineffectual.”


Anonymous said...

The man in the wheelchair everyone on TV said it best:"The Democrats were taken for granted".
As for Anna Jiminez, she is an embarrassment. Blake Farenthold has much much too learn about dress and style and speech and with an embarrassment like Anna around he will be a one term congressman if and only if Solomon doesn't get the hand ballots. Solomon is a legend and has been in tighter spots. DON'T COUNT HIM OUT. Homero, why pick on Lencho Rendon? He has not harmed you in anyway. I think he made a good living and supported that posing nephew and rude brother of his and that is his given right. I do not like that the China deals were and Solomon getting junior a job. Why doesnt junior grow up and why silence his old pal Krueger by getting him on Zafaretti's squad, and associated with possible influence peddling in china. As for the Democrats the politicera Susie said it that she left because of Rose Meza Harrison. Although she just entered office as chair she has done much to piss off a lot of angry hispanic democratics especially by keeping a white last name even though shes' been divorced forever. So much for seeking better office that pays. She's fresh out of friends and Susie will leave her picked to the bones come any election. M.C.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. We can always count on you for the rest of the story. Like you say; you penetrate deeper.

Anonymous said...

You wow me every time! I so look forward to your articles. Wish they were daily. You really do tell "the rest of the story". What I don't understand is why more people don't leave comments.

Anyway, either way we, as a community, lost having Blake F as our Congressman. Everybody knows (except his republican supporters) that he is a Republican in name only (RINO). He played them good. As for Ortiz Sr, he brought everything upon himself, although I did like Junior.

Anonymous said...

Anna Jimenez...she would be considered the wicked witch of the south. And she used to be a teacher? OMG, poor kids!