Thursday, November 7, 2013

Editorial: THE CALLER-TIMES TRYING TO DEFINE OUR LEADERS...destination bayfront leader Kelly? Way Off!

The brain behind NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST opposing Destination Bayfront was BUTCH ESCOBEDO... not the John Kelly  (who has been tied in with the SOCIALIST PARTY -- of the UNITED STATES)... Many of us opposed DESTINATION BAYFRONT for legitimate reasons...Many groups and organizations were involved in the resistance.  However, the Caller Times gives el socialista credit now after the DEFEAT of the pro=DEVELOPER's agenda; The Caller-Times wants to define for us our leaders... JOHN KELLY... Are they joking?  The stats are there: the  wealthy and affluent support DESTINATION $.  The overwhelming majority that would rather have the dollars channeled into infrastructure and neighborhoods were low-income Hispanics..and other disenfranchised groups... We -- the majority -- are not socialists (we don't attend their conventions and write articles for their journals == but John Kelly as repeatedly); nor do we want to stamp out the "free enterprise system"and replace with collectivism and communism... Kelly has participated with the  socialisst (in Texas and at the National Level): it's his right, but is his view is not represententative of the majority on NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST.   He has submitted articles to anti-Free Enterprise organizations (and it his his right -- make no mistake about it -- but it does nor mirror the philosophy of the majority in NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST)...  The majority in NEIBHBORHOOD FIRST are not linked to agenda that includes a global war  (ideological or physical) between the Capitalists and the bourgeoisie (Marxism)... There are a few socialist sites on the internet praising KELLY for raising "class consciousness"...   As  for us we don't want a class war.. nor reconstruction society and destroy its fundamental institutions.  "John Kelly" is no genuine, bona fide friend of the Hispanic Community especially in reference to Civil Rights"-- a quote from JOE ORTIZ, civils rights leader for various Civil rights organizations in the region.. Escobedo who was involved with NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST and its (vice president)  said he did it to hold the "network for profit" (an elite group) from using public dollars for personal gain.... The CALLER-TIMES was way off in defining the true leadership in this movement to hold politicos accountable.

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