Thursday, November 14, 2013


DESTINATION BAYFRONT was defeated.  Now a dual John Kelly (who has consistent connections with the SOCIALIST PARTY -- USA) and Susie Saldana-Luna (found guilty of slapping a campaign worker during an election) are trying to claim the ultimate jot of credit for the political defeat of the 45 million dollar bond push.   The NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST organization masterminded by respected  businessman Butch Escobedo (the vice President of the Organization) has been contaminated by the cited dual.  The dual went before the city council after the election boasting about what the "people" and "the membership" (of NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST) want for the city of corpus Christi... "Who appointed them my voice or your voice?  What tyrants have hijacked the movement against the bond," said a board member of NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST.
    "Kelly defines it as a defeat of the CAPITALISTS BY the working class (bourgeoisie); Luna, to waterdown the scandals that mill in the back-region of her psyche.  This was not what the sincere struggle of NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST was all about," the cited board member said.
   "We wanted accountability in government and had nothing to do with the wild-eye rhetoric and philosophy of a few who have hijacked it."

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