Sunday, December 8, 2013


Corpus Christi, TX -- As the Corpus Christi Caller-Times times undergoes a change of the guard: the new administrative wave passionately creates targets in a clear attempt to get ratings.  On December 4, 2013 the Caller-Times targeted the "BONILLAS" (lawfirm at the corner of Port & Morgan Ave.) in Corpus Christi, Texas).  The main headline read "BONILLAS AGAIN IN LEGAL TROUBLE."  This article was reinforced by a subsequent one two days later claiming there were outstanding legal complains at the State Bar and implicitly and explicitly implying their were legal charges being seriously considered by Nueces County District Attorney Mark Skurka.

El Defenzor and El Pueblito -- two publications published/edited by Homero Villarreal are actively investigating the "SHOCK AND AWE" propaganda attacks launched by the CALLER-TIMES targeting the BONILLAS.  A hash of interviews are in the works both with the BONILLAS and the District Attorney's Office as well as power figures in the community who are openly providing valuable insight into the "demonization" campaign as one prominent businessman on the inside put it.  The Caller-Times (appointed informally as the "mouthpiece" to promote DESTINATION BAYFRONT) failed in its mission and now are resorting to scapegoating tactics to detract their inadequacies before the power structure it appears, according to inside analysts.

As a teaser, the following video is being put out by  EL DEFENZOR/EL PUEBLITO outlining initial stance and answer from one of the accused parties, the "elder" Bonilla as the Caller-Times put it so expediently:

The following video link can be shared by regular residents on the net and via phone smart systems (except for MEDIA entities -- who should get permission from before attempting to do so).

This video teaser -- an interview of WILLIAM D. BONILLA SR. -- sends a piercing chord of righteous indignation throughout the community; here he cites the falsity of claims by the CALLER-TIMES and cites the possibility of a lawsuit:

PLEASE CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO VIEW the interview (teaser): (more to follow soon)

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