Sunday, December 29, 2013


KLEBERG/NUECES TX -- Terry Shamsie, a stalwart Democrat with extreme left views was the Nueces County Judge through the aid of Rene Rodriguez and quasi-political boss turned US Congressman Filemon Vela. 
Some years back when Shamsie took office as County Judge, he supposedly turned on Vela and was described as erratic by some of his peers on many county decisions. Failing to penetrate the circles of "the good ole boy" network he linked with Solomon P. Ortiz/Lencho Rendon political machine.  Was it a costly mistake?
   When Lloyd Neil came on the scene in 2006 endorsed by the inner core of the regional Republican circle, Shamsie felt betrayed and humiliated and took the path of less resistance and withdrew his candidacy for re-election..
  Shamsie's story has been one of political "tailcoating" and lost potential and resources in maintaining power; however, the paradox is that it has been a sustained political machine for Attorney Rene Rodriguez on the other hand. Rodriguez has been known for rough and cutthroat politics -- Shamsie sometimes disparingly labeled "the second banana".   Shamsie has made it know to several parties that one of his roles has been collecting "negative" information and data on targeted incumbents in the machine.
  Now their (Rene's, Shamsie's girl) Angelica who turned Republican to get elected on 2010 has been tainted by the Shamsie "Don Nuts-type" antics that reportedly led her down a path of not accepting plea agreements and speaking to offenders off the bench. But her antics have been classified as bizarre and hurtful.  Kleberg/Kenedy County District Attorney John Hubert in his motion (for Judge Hernandez to recuse herself from hearing criminal cases) cites examples of sexual humiliation by the cited judge.  Hubert cites a few examples in the mentioned motion where the judge told a few of his colleagues and others present that she was going to make him (Hubert) take a photo in her court with a rubber XXXXXX -- that is, the evidence in a case; and thus use it in her political campaign.  The cited judge also told one of the employees how much she wanted to "f*XXX" with the District Attorney -- according to the motion filed by Hubert.

   There are other accusations.   Shamsie had suddenly become a regular staple at her office afte she was re-elected.  Judge Hernandez had made remarks in the past that he (Shamsie) had been one of her poliical advisors in getting elected.  If proven, the alleged recordings of her speaking to an offender that Shamsie was a lawyer to and the offender was in front of her court could lead to a total loss of public trust in the judicial system in Kleberg county.
  As we might see, even the Administrative Court (presiding over this conflict has one of Shamsie's ongoing chupapas* over the years).  The assistant for the Administrative Judge should have disclosed both her alarmingly personal and long hisstoric political links with Shamsie -- clearly establishing she has a bias in the case.  This issues might raise the suspicious and wrath of Dist. Judge Nanette Hassette (Shamsie's wife) in that her career might be affected. Scandals are brewing and involve many politicos and players established in the coves of power.

  The appointment of visiting Judge Martha Huerta Quintanilla to preside over the 105th (i.e., over Judge Hernandez' cases) does not help matters.   Judge Huerta-Quintanilla was recruited by Rodriguez and Shamsie and Vela to ran under their coordinative structure for office over the years -- both Rene Rodriguez and Terry Shamsie have taken credit for it on radio (a show called "Verdades Y Chismes").  Judge Huerta-Quintanilla is now seeking a judicial post (Nueces County Court At Law) once occupied by Shamsie (a post Shamsie lost in an election not too long ago).  Judge Huerta-Quintanilla should have in the very least disclose to the Administrative Judge she had been recruited to run for a post (and has Shamsie as a political consultant) before taking over the 105th in which her campaign consultant has legal pending for his client(s).
   Hernandez faces an opponent in less than three months in a Republican primary. Is this Hubert (who comes from an extremely respected pioneering family of Kleberg County) playing politics or has Judge Hernandez violated her oath with Shamsie's client? The jail's recording will reveal all.

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