Saturday, November 8, 2008

Editorial: David Engels (head of the notoriously-famed EDC) Pushing His Allies On City Council To Hire Scott Moore

Corpus Christi, TX – Scott Moore, candidate for the position of City Manger of Corpus Christi, and an Afro-American, has been calculatedly endorsed by David Engels (head of EDC or the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation) to be supported by his allies on the city council, according to on-the-beat sources. Candidate Moore has been stamped as someone who will “fit the bill” of a clandestine, self-serving agenda that has been in the works for quite a while in the region. The governing board of the EDC is composed mostly of Corporate Sponsors or their representatives of businesses who benefit from the “inside info” and “shadow government”-type powers.
The EDC is an organization that was first envisioned by the late Gringo Jefe (Anglo political boss) Hayden Head Sr.. The modern day EDC led by David Engels (as President of the EDC) is nothing more then an evolved, institutionalized version of the late Hayden Head’s dream (of consolidating power). Head died in a plane crash many years ago, but since then his recipe for ultimate power in the hands of a ruling elite (an elite composed mostly of businessmen – construction companies and banks who are after the municipal contracts).
According to the EDC organization lead by Engels, if Scott Moore is chosen as the City Manager, he will be given a seat on the EDC board, but will be denied “voting privileges.” Can you imagine that? In other words, the city manager can never cast a vote in the EDC operation but only take “marching orders”. One former board member of the EDC said: “Scott’s true value will be the inside information that he will share with the EDC elite. Let’s be realistic as to the authentic nature of power. Inside Information (proprietary information) is more important than money and contributions at this level. In essence the EDC dictates to the city council where the city should grow and what business ventures and business opportunities to undertake.”
The source added: “There is another option for city manager and the most logical of course – choosing Interim Corpus Christi City Manger Angel Escobar. Who has lots more experience and whose contract will not have to be bought out in Kansas City for a million bucks… But EDC’s President Engels has Nelda Martinez in his pocket. She is pushing for Moore, Engels is her meal ticket in her daily business dealings. This lady wants to be the next Mayor of Corpus Christi, yet does not support an Hispanic (Angel Escobar), who wants to run a more tight ship and especially in dealing with the EDC? Come on. Our police chief is Anglo; School Superintendent, Anglo; County Judge, Ango; Sheriff, Anglo. Here is an opportunity to find someone not only that represents the majority but is the best man qualified … the logical and ethical choice is Angel Escobar.”

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