Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Former Catholic Bishop Rene Gracida Lured By The Demon Of Power

Nueces County, TX -- Former Catholic Bishop Rene Gracida (a Republican in leanings and mouthpiece for wealthy special interests) is at it again. Flyers have been put out in most of the Catholic churches endorsing an anti-Hispanic, anti-Democrat, anti-poor/working class movement. The former Bishop is more enamored with the power his position has than with the official responsibilities of the church.
Yet some political and pious critics describe him as a "con artist." "He is using his influence within out holy church and respective network to deliver votes to his social orbit of wealthy and powerful players in Texas politics. He likes to brag how the abortion issue will be used to manipulate the malleable minds (just ask around) -- i.e., the manipulations of Hispanics and orthodox Catholics.
"I think he gets a high on manipulating people. The greatest lie that he ever told was that his 'anti-abortion' is what keeps him going. His anti-Democratic position on many of the societal issues clearly mirrors his psychology. He sees the church (especially those parishes with high Hispanic enrollment) as an opportunity to destroy the Democratic Party strongholds. A Godly agenda? Of course not. His true aim is charged with selfish, callous vested interest."
Hispanics historically in South Texas have been under the yoke of a patron-peon relationship. Sure the democratizations of the last few decades has brought some change, yet the social patterns and wired programming is still there. The church, the retired Bishop knows, is like a central orbit of identity -- and this mutual collective identity can be marshalled into a powerful weapon against Minorities like Abel Herrero and Rich Noniega and others that are realizing the American Dream of opportunity. "It is clear that the retired Bishop's aim via putting out flyers how to vote and so forth at church parking lots is not to advance the Hispanic cause of equality and opportunity but to suppress it. A power monger benefits from keeping the oppressed in their place and in their caste," an observer shared.
John McCain when he first announced for president told the Washington post that he would not consider doing away with ROE VS WADE (landmark case that made abortions legal). Yet recently he has reconsidered his position in order to reposture himself politically -- after a political strategy meeting with the Bishops of New York.
Bishop Gracida more than likely made a deal with him: he would deliver votes, he would deliver the gullible to the polls. Deception, posturing, marshaling -- whatever works will be used.
However, the credibility of the church with Hispanics and minorities in general is now at issue. It is clear that the the so-called "anti-abortion" issue has become an expedient agenda for the rich and powerful -- that in turn reward the mother church and a few key activists with appointments and so forth. Classical patronage.
The Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse movement began as an anti-Mexican movement back in the 1990s. Recently the case of Dr. Ray Fernandez (a forensics expert and Medical Examiner) who is the proper heir of the Kenedy Ranch fortune has been deterred from his mission. All these cases reflect a cold and callous and insensitive connection to retired Bishop Gracida. Something that he can never justify before God.
It's time to expose the racially charged agenda within the Church in the name of an "anti-abortion" movement. But to him it is really (in my estimation) a self depreciation of our people. "Este Ovispo no esta con nosotros, esta con los ricos."


Anonymous said...

absolutely right Homer. Gracida was way, way out of line. Once again repeating what the Catholic Church tried to do to John Kerry in 2004. The former Bishop has absolutely no right trying to sway the vote and that is why there is a separation of church and state and why the CAtholic Church can and should lose its nonprofit/religious status if it has the likes of Gracida shoving papist doctrine mixed with Republican politics down peoples' throats. That is why protestants were created because of men like Gracida who are arrogantly trying to order around Catholics. I didn't hear from Bishop Carmody in this fashion. He knows better.

Anonymous said...

good articles. Good work Homer.