Tuesday, November 4, 2008

State Representative Abel Herrero Keeps Seat Thanks To Added Assistance Of Royalhouse Marketing

Nueces County, TX -- Few know that State Representative Abel Herrero (D-Robstown), hired a marketing company to supplement his campaign with adversarial marketing endeavors in the last few weeks before the election. The company is known as Royalhouse Marketing, a company that keeps a low profile and only accepts a few contracts on an annual basis. But its brilliance is only known by a few.
Herrero knew that his political opponent (Connie Scott) had intensified the campaign led by her consultant Jeff Butler.

It is in the nature of politics to turn to what has worked before, especially in times of crisis. Herrero had to find an astro-turf marketing variable in motion to stop the advance of his rival without seeming it had been initiated by his camp. Royalhouse was the key to assist; it was both precise and mordant in its execution. Political opponent Connie Scott was frozen as a target. The weakest points in her affiliations were unearthed and darts via seed stories and radio resources were cast at them.
Scott's previous employment with CALA (Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse) became a target to shoot at via creative measures and astro-turfing. It took a devastating toll on her campaign and even linked her husband almost to "clandestine evil" as a result of being an activist in tort reform that was linked to anti-Hispanic violence (during it's inception).
Opposition research -- this was what Royalhouse did for Herrero's Campaign. Saved by Royalhouse (swaying an indispensable percentage of votes). The company he contracted with from Austin to assist him with "orthodox" drill of the campaign was diligent and flexible.

Hopefully many in the future there will be a mutual thraw between Austin and regional companies to make campaigns more effective.
(Note: to learn more about Royalhouse Marketing or contacting them, send an email to thedefenzor@gmail.com).


Anonymous said...

Congratulatons to Mr. Herrero. He fought hard to keep his seat. We are all glad that Peggy is out. That is for sure. The look on Terry Shamsie's face of defeat was the absolute best. Hopefully Pusley will put a dent into the one way street at the commissioners court.

Kenedeno Media said...

He should have been so brilliant from the get go.

I hope he remembers and passes the recommendation along. Word of mouth goes a long way.

Ask John Hubert?

If only Peg & Juan would have made such a concession so as to align?

Oh well, tsk tsk