Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ortiz-es/Lencho Prepare For The Shift In power

Nueces County, Texas – Mike Pusley won the indispensable seat in the commissioners court to make a shift in power possible (from one faction to another) – from the Ortiz-es/Lencho Rendon faction to a power source concentrated more in Corpus Christi (linked with the socio-political and native economy with major power players in that municipality). The reality is that since County Judge Loyd Neal was elected just a few years ago he has been functioning for the most part as a figurehead; but unofficially, County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz (U.S. Representative Solomon P. Ortiz’ brother)has been serving as the “unofficial” archon of the commission.
But now the landscape is quickly changing. Pusley will officially be sworn into the seat at the thump of January, 2009 – a thump that will shift from west to east: a thump that will swing influence from the bucolic and concealed corners of major power stitching in Robstown (and of covert “pow-wow” homes and offices) to the suave towers of urban centralization. Thus and so, the thump that will take place in January will echo an interspersed visionary design of pacemakers of an organized cult of metropolitan modernity – this is the likelihood voiced by insiders in this multifaceted pastime called politics.
Terry Shamsie, former County Judge, who has been a “front man” for the Ortiz-es/Lencho Rendon faction yesterday, was appointed by the commissioners’ court to the post formerly occupied by the late County Court At-Law Carl Lewis. Patronage? A pay-back? A move by the commissioner before Pusley’s instillation/swearing in? – these questions do not really matter: what matters is the exercise in raw power by the Ortiz-es/Lencho Rendon clique. It is what has been fashionable called in the past “power by appointment” – retrenching quickly for the tsunami that is forthcoming and starkly imminent.
Terry Shamsie is a poetic metaphor for this clique – a bizarre power broker to a major judicial seat as will be whom they appoint to the port commission and to the farago of posts that are left. They have to be quickly filled as the Ortiz-es/Lencho Rendon faction clear majority evaporates in this commission. Richard Borchard – will he be added to the olla podrida of pressurized gumbo?
But maybe the Ortiz-es/Lencho faction is really not rewarding Shamsie – maybe the inner core of the faction knows the devastating consequences associated with judicial bureaucracy – a position that took a toll on the healthy of the late Judge Carl Lewis. One source within the faction said: “I can’t talk more then say that they were considering Shamsie for a post in the Regional Transit Authority, then as Financial Director at Robstown ISD, then for a few others. But when Judge Carl Lewis dropped, it was an opportunity to entrap Shamsie, I believe, in a post that would limit his obsessive participation in power deals and with the faction. The judicial code will hamper him from getting involved in power plays and in openly advocating for candidates and controversial deals. I personally feel the appointment will be more like an anaconda to Terry Shamsie than an open door of opportunity. The unending paperwork will be more of a punishment than a reward.”


Anonymous said...

Shamsie appointment cause for celebration

On Wednesday evening, after former Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie was appointed to County Court-at-Law No. 5 to replace the unexpired term of the late Judge Carl Lewis, the celebrating began.

An invitation promising food and drink went around the courthouse via e-mail, starting about two hours after the Commissioners Court voted 3-2 in favor of naming Shamsie to the post.

The party was held at LR Global, the uptown office of Lencho Rendon, the former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Solomon Ortiz. Rendon is now in the consulting business.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis Mr. Villarrea. Yes, I believe Terrie Shamsie is being temporarily placed in the court since he was getting in deep but perhaps it was self-imposed. The powers that be are snooping around Robstown like you would not believe and the arrogant and vulgar display of power has gone on far too long. Your Judge Neal has essentially picked up a check for doing absolutely nothing but being a bump on a log and having Ortiz control everything. AS for Shamsie he will be neckdeep in Alligators at Juvenile justice center and as a judge he will be in deep trouble if he trys to wheel and deal from that post. Or perhaps he wants to take a break and rake in 10,000.00 a month?. Good money nowadays but 100.00 to a broken hatpin that he will not run against anyone (not really electable). The shift of power is centralizing but is it Say Hello To the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss? Time will tell. As long as the half of Manuel Banales, Peggy, is out she can lick her wounds and make some shortlived midnight appointments. Either way The Banales's are toast in Corpitos. That charade of an inquiry last week for Manuelito was disgusting. Fuera the both of them! No one here in the Valley likes them and I doubt if the citizens of Corpitos do either. Keep up the good blogging. We in RGV are listening. Perhaps we can exchange info. We too have our share including: Sucio Lucio and others who are doing the same things and we have a common LARGO among us: LENCHO "THE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE" RENDON. El relo's time is running out. heh heh heh. Damn, I said a funny....

Anonymous said...

What a way to pay tribute to the late great Carl Lewis. Put vermin like Terry Shamsie in a Paycheck Peggy appointment up handling kids'lives. He's as crazy as a shithouse mouse. And we wonder why people say our vote doesnt count. We get Shamsie shoved down our throat.