Saturday, October 4, 2008


Nueces County, Texas -- In a TV commercial paid by a faction within the Republican Party (i.e., “money-grubbing” giant Mike Scott & “social-climber” wife – Connie Scott), Abel Herrero – we are told -- is a “BAD” guy now. THAT IS THE FURTHEST THING from the TRUTH.

In a commercial paid by a faction within the Republican Party (i.e., Mike Scott, a former member of the Texas Executive Committee of the Republican Party and former president of Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse)

Abel Herrero – is portrayed across a table accepting monies from an Hispanic Democratic Party contributor and humanitarian Mauricio Celis has gone above and beyond the call of charity. Celis sits in the Catholic Charities organization and is a man praised by the Bishop of Corpus Christi -- Edmond Carmody. and many faith organizations Celis has paid for the funerals of undocumented workers, helped those whose homes have burned down, committed his dollars to opening the floodgate of opportunity to disadvantaged children who have been denied opportunities historically.

Celis, let the truth be told, has not been convicted of any crime in a court of law – he is being used as a convenient political football during the pre-campaign election. Celis is “guilty” only in the cunning and plotting minds of a circle of “wild eye” Republican extremists and high-dollar marketing doctors and racists. In the minds of those that will never accept that an Hispanic (especially one like Abel, who comes from the humble, low-income barrios of “El Robe (or endearing name for Robstown, Texas) to take a seat and be a voice that represents our side of the tracks. No, they can never accept uno de nosotros (that is, one of ours) to climb to the top of the social-political totem pole.

For in their dark chests, their aim is to break our spirit. Their aim is to erase any pride that we have, to scrush our identity.. The Mike Scotts (and the Connie Scotts of this world) want us to hate ourselves, to become self-haters (and also confuse our children with self-depreciation) and eventually give in and turn to them for leadership and salvation. To them we are the new “evil Iraquis” (but with molcajetes and tortilla rolls) that need to be democratize. HEHEHEHE. No more "tortilla" music I guess.

How can someone that wants to smatter all the glory of our heritage – help you. Mike Scott, if you know him, will not even dig tu poso (your hole) when you die; he will only try to convince you to dig it yourself. And a sadly a few of you like blind sheep will do it.

But here on El Defenzor (, we believe that there is no Zorro, no messiah, that will come and save us here on earth – especially an “out of touch” Mike Scott or his “social climber” candidate wife -- Connie “Wow Hairdo” Scott. It is up to us to change things for the better. To bring out the best in our children and our community.

Here on El Defenzor, we believe that the problems in front of us, have to be solved by us. And soon most will be convinced that Mike Scott and Connie Scott ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION.

Here on El Defenzor, we will work with those that orbit our social world, (360 days out of the year), with those that eat in our restaurants, that dance our to our polkas at the quincenieras, that are not ashamed to be seen in our corner of the planet.

Here on El Defenzor, We know that if “money-grubbing” Mike Scott (who likes to defend the infamous EDC) is aimed at exploiting the taxpayers and desirous of the tax dollars in Corpus Christi, then we know if HIS WIFE is elected to the post, soon MIKE SCOTT will be doing it also in Robstown; and if it is being done in Robstown, it will be soon be done in Banquete and Bishop and Agua Dulce; and if it is being done in Agua Dulce, it will be done in the South Side and the North Side and the East Side until our economy has become a cold, dead fish – much like we see in Wallstreet these days.

A simple question: Who is Abel allowed to take contributions from to run an effective campaign? IF NOT from someone praised and exalted by Our Catholic Bishop (Edmond Carmondy) – then by who? From someone like the taxpayer swindler Mike Scott -- a filthy rich contractor who wants to expand his financial empire via his wife by unseating Abel? Mike Scott has a history of pimping off the tax dollars of government entities – his aim is to TAKE AWAY, not to GIVE BACK.

IF ABEL HERRERO IS A (THIEF by association) – which I doubt? then, I have to confirm (in this blog), ABEL HERRERO IS OUR THIEF (better phrased a heroic “social bandit” much like Pancho Villa and Joaquin Murrieta who were falsely labeled).

In a commercial paid by the Republican Party, not only Abel’s name is defamed, but that of his wife who is not running for office; she runs a home health service (to help the sick/elderly). Abel’s wife’s good name was slander edand vilified and dragged through the mud. This is culturally and spiritually unacceptable among El Pueblo Hispano. We will make it known the democratic way ---- at the polls in November.

In politics (at least among our people – El Pueblo Hispano)… we only have one major rule: Don’t insult our women (especially if they are not running for office). Call it machismo, call it paternalism, call it jealousy, call it an antiquated romantic normive craze or whatever – we are not wussie men.

There are exceptions -- however. Attacking your political rival is allowed, but never una espoza (a wife) or una madre (a mother) or un hermano (a brother) or una hija (a daughter) – nadien de la familia who is not running for a political post. Only the husband if he is playing a lead role.

MIKE SCOTT is coming after Abel Herrero; but he is a man who has a different culture (that is out to destroy [not build up] and to take away [not to give back] and to dehumanize [not humanize]) things. MIKE SCOTT (an ULTRA CONSERVATIVE) BECAME A MILLIONAIRE (let the truth be told) mostly with your tax dollars. He has a huge business next to Berry Contruction - H&S Contractors -- on Hwy 37. He has been proficient and efficient at poking the eyes of taxpayers for too long – and now on his portrayal of State Representative ABEL HERRERO ( a man who grew up in a single parent household, yet was was diligent and strived to be a valedictory; and now (after much industrious work) works in the same building where his mother was an elevator operator) in downtown Corpus Christi as a lawyer.

“MIKE SCOTT IS RUNNING HIS WIFE to be a mouthpiece and disgustingly to promote his self-seeking ‘Let Me Take More of Your Tax Money’ AGENDA,” according to a member of the Hispanic Republican group. “This man reminds me of a faction within the regional Republican Party that is too out there. Not too long ago we were asked during a function at the Republican Party Headquarters to take down all the Tejano Decorations – we were told some people would be very upset and not vote for us.”

The source concluded: “If Human Manure Could Speak, it would say: ‘Who is stinking up the place !!!’?"



Anonymous said...

The SCOTTS are the problem. Citizens Against others getting justice. They say justice "Just us"...

Abel the man.

Anonymous said...

How can Mike Scott and gang believe they can convince Hispanics to believe Connie "wow hairdo" Scott is better than someone from our own community?

Connie is far from being an Abel Herrero... She is too removed from our world.

nogard said...

Homero - Although everyone is entitled to "free speech" (thank God for our founding fathers), your blog reads like a paranoid schizophrenic who has been without his medication for a few days.... holy cow... not saying you are right or wrong...but good grief.... why didn't you just put it in the plain and simple version instead of a major case of verbal (errr finger) diarrhea.

And I truly believe that even if ones spouse is "not so PC", that does not mean that the other is going to follow their directions. You said SPOUSES were off limits...but you are attacking Connie's husband... hypocrisy? YIKES!

Anonymous said...

These extremist Republican extremists are thieves. The Bay Area Citizens Againts Law Suit Abuse is clearly a front group for her husband and cronies' corporations. They want to reap off all the taxpayes.. they steal.. How is it different form the deregulation scams, and financial bailout scams?

Nothing. It is a war against the poor. Her husband and buddies don't want to be held accountable -- they can do what their want with their H&S corporation and not get used. How about the average Joe that was hurt at work? Who received substandard medical assistance?

The Scotts are the problem.

Anonymous said...

Right now medical care in nueces county is substandard, so Now Corporate leaders and business goons and doctors can be negligent and get away with it. All Thanks to the likes of Connie Scott. It's terrible, no accontability in the medical field; they can’t get sued substantially.. These regulatory agengies don’t do anything about it... Now Connie Scott wants to protect her husband's business buddies... Come on. Come on. I'm A Republican. This is going too far.

Taking your life in your hands.. what kind of world is that… it’s a con.. there don’t have to be bailouts… played these cards so long.. can’t tell it’s

Anonymous said...

Connie Scott running for State Representative is one way that the wealthy and powerful of this south texas are attempting to control the working groups and ethic groups and social classes they dislike and fear --- Those that serve them.

Anonymous said...

Anti-lawsuit abuse movement wants to stop civil rights lawsuits.. who has the most cases before them in texas .. Minorities.

Anonymous said...

In their sick mind, they, the SCOTTS, think they are out to improve humankind and the life of the common person. hehehehe.

Gutter Eugenics contrived by a man with a two year degree, an associates in mechanics? heheheehe.

Scotts are odd balls. Weirdos. Sickos.

Anonymous said...

Bay Area Citizens was a "front" group being used by corporations. See the definition of a front group below...

"A front group is an organization that purports to represent one agenda while in reality it serves some other interest whose sponsorship is hidden or rarely mentioned -- typically, a corporate or government sponsor. The tobacco industry is notorious for using front groups to create confusion about the health risks associated with smoking, but other industries use similar tactics as well. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries use front groups disguised as "patients rights" advocates to market their products and to lobby against government policies that might affect their profits. Food companies, corporate polluters, politicians -- anyone who has a message that they are trying to sell to a skeptical audience is tempted to set up a front group to deliver messages that they know the public will reject if the identity of the sponsor is known.

The shadowy way front groups operate often makes it difficult to know whether a seemingly independent organization is actually representing some other entity. That's why we need your help to research and expose them. Using the resources that we have listed here, it is often possible to identify publicize the hidden sponsor who lurks behind a front group. We need you to help in the search."


CONNIE SCOTT WILL PUSH TO HURT THE WORKING PEOPLE. HER HISTORY has all been to prevent us from getting the benefits that we deserve when we are hurt.

You think, if elected, she will not push for more laws against the rights of the worker. It's a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

For about 15 years Mike Scott has been resentful of a lawsuit against his company. He hold a grudge against the worker that wants to have a voice and wants justice in the workplace, a hatred bankrolled by corporations via Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and affiliated parties.

Defenzor, it was time we stood up to them. Thanks for being our voice.

Anonymous said...

And all along with the commercial I was starting to believe Abel was the bad guy.

I know how to vote in November. We have to stop these con artists.

Anonymous said...

The SCOTTS HAVE ONLY BROUGHT THEIR bad breath to Robstown.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

HOMER HAS A LOT OF CAJONES. Maybe we all need them for the sake of our families.

Homer, you are in our prayers. Keep chipping away through your investigations.

October 5, 2008 8:23 PM