Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nueces Co. Democrats meet today at 5:30 p.m. --Tuesday, Oct. 14 -- David Noyola emerges from the shadows calling nor UNITY

Connie Scott's Corporate Links To Have A Negative Impact On The Chances Of Many Republicans Running For Office
he Nueces County Democrats (led officially by Chair Lucy Rubio) met for a "pow-wow" today at 5:30 p.m. --Tuesday, Oct. 14. The various camps tried to go through the regular routine of -- David Noyola (former Nueces County Commissioner/activist) emerged from the shadows calling nor UNITY. However the Ortiz/Lencho Rendon faction was not present at the meeting -- It is surmised that they had their own pow wow somewhere else .... Solomon Sr. and Jr. were not present nor Peggy Banales nor others of their following.
However those that did attend (the various candidates and supporters) were caught off guard -- in that his chord was a genuine one. Linda Figuero from the Ortiz/Lencho Rendon group was present.
There is a theme being repeated that the party has to unite. Even Civil Rights leaders also stepped to the plate like Joe Ortiz, a Civil Rights Leader of the many an organization There is word that even a sensitive telephone call took place before the meeting between Political "Heavy Weight" Lencho Rendon and Chairman Ms. Rubio after the meeting.
However the true drama of the Democratic Headquarters was marked at another level. First by the brilliant speech delivered by Sheriff Candidate Jesse Mark Flores (who received about 71 percent of the vote in the Democratic Primary. Flores called for the party to unite and be proactive.
David Noyola (a political "heavy weight" and former Commissioner) weathered by many past battles yet enthusiastic, walked additionally into the pow-wow that dumbfounded many. Some thought the older Noyola would never make a grand entrance like this again. The various spectators were in awe as he milled around and spoke ( he had also appeared earlier on "Comentarios" [a talk radio program' earlier that day that broadcasted via 104.9 FM, transmitting from the Garibaldi Restaurant near city hall in Corpus Christi). But now in the afternoon, he faced his brother and sister Democrats -- a divided family. Some of the party's active membership was not present -- but alledgedly at a clandestine meeting being presided over by the sway of Lench Rendon.
Howver at this meeting with Rubio and the party, David Noyola harped on the fact that there was a political foe that was too overwhelming to ignore -- he kept the theme going, gradually adding "meat" and detail to the face of the formidable opponent that the party faced (the enemy: a perceived Corporate Agenda). He took the campaign roster of Democrats (while he held himself erect with a assistance of a cane in other hand) and said: "Yes, it's time to vote Democrat -- derecho por la boleta (straight down the ballot)" He repeated: "Yes, Democrat." He read the roster of names that members in attendance (and listening through Tejano radio) should support ... but he emphasized that many Democrats who were only given tacit approval by the machine should be raised to the limelight of endorsement.
"Let's vote for the name that appears on the ballot for Congressman... and of course I mean Solomon P. Ortiz... and not only him, but all the others." Shocked -- this word described a numer of spectators.
Noyola continued citing the slate of party candidates. "It is the only way we are going to win against the strong opponent we are faced with," he added. He summed up his reasons why many of the tacitly approved ones should not be replaced by Republicans ... especially an elite faction he identified.
A brief background history. The regional Democratic Party many feel was segmented and torn apart by a previous political battle for state representative; this occurred less than a handful of years ago after State Representative Vilma Luna decided not to seek reelection. His brother -- Danny Noyola (a former Principal and Superintendent) -- ran for the seat. The party was activated quickly -- but immediately after, the Congressman's son -- Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. surprising announced (who had told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times he would not consider running for the post in a "political pulse" commentary). But deceptive tactics and the lure and glory of being in a powerful seat: seems to be a reoccurring theme in this aleatory arena.
The tiff that followed would result in a dragged out battle between two factions -- i.e., the Noyola faction and the Ortiz/Lencho Rendon faction. "The son (Ortiz Jr.) had a whim at the last minute to run for office and he said 'Dad you better come out full force and support.'" And that, he did. Immediately Susie Luna (a devout Democrat and Teacher Union Activist) was courted into the fight.
To continue with this past history: many of the Democratic Precinct chairs who had informally committed to Danny Noyola were swayed away from him by the influence and tactics of Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz Sr. and re-switched as well as were re-stamped with a new allegance to his son.
When all was said and done, Danny Noyola lost the nomination by an infinitesimal number. The party had been split through the middle: it had become a party with two heads so to speak: an official head, and an unofficial head. The tension within the party was so high as if one could separate it with a razor blade. The Tejano Democrats distanced themselves from the Ortiz/Lencho Rendon faction.
However, at this meeting: David Noyola's grand entrance today became a metaphor for Democrats -- a metaphor that represented a call to heal, to unite, to let the past remain in the past, so that a new beginning can have enough traction and space to touch the ground running this election cycle.

The Democrats will have a
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rally this Saturday, at the Saxton Center in Corpus Christi, Texas (on Leopard Blvd). El Defenzor will keep close tabs to see who shows up -- for who is in attendance will glimpse at the authentic rate of transformation and healing among the party that is taking place at this phase.]


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the party is uniting

Anonymous said...

Noyola represents the force that was necessary to heal the party. He is a man I admire.

Anonymous said...

I think Lencho Rendon should stop browbeating the others. He has divided the party too long.

The Democratic party should not be a faction, but a party -- a diverse group.

Let's heal.
Sheriff: Jesse Mark Flores
Commission: Peggy Banales
State Representative: Abel Herrero
and so on down the ballot for Democrats...

nogard said...

ELECT PEGGY BANALES? Are you kidding me? HOLY CRAP... you people continue to be ignorant!


The Caller Times
The CC Police Officers Association
The General Political Action Committee

Seriously... You can vote all the way down the page, but when you get to COUNTY COMMISSIONER, make sure you pick MIKE PUSLEY!

Let Paycheck know she is not due anymore exhoribtent checks from this county!

Anonymous said...

Come On David Noyola never even spoke a word at this meeting other than going outside to speak to the few that will listen to him. What force does Noyola bring other than wanting to pat his own back and I am sure he is been seen now, not to unite but getting ready for him or family members getting ready for Aprils election