Sunday, October 12, 2008


Corpus Christi/Nueces County, TX -- This publication has unearthed the fact that the organization led by Connie Scott known as BACALA (Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse) is nothing more than a "front group" according to a predigious watchdog group known as SOURCEWATCH.ORG ... The latter organization which is funded by the American Legacy Foundation, goes on to detail the fine facts that Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (which was originally founded in 1994 by a Corporate head -- (now AEP) CPL President Gonzalo Sandoval -- in Weslaco, Texas) has been deceptively pretending to be a "grassroots" citizens group passionate about lawsuit reform, when in reality BACALA or CALA is really a instrument to execute a veiled Corporate platform.
In 1998 Connie Scott was urged by a board member of CALA -- i.e., her husband Mike Scott -- to become the executive director of the same organization. She is now seeking the 34th seat of State Representative, again pushed by her husband, as she implicitly admitted in the Nueces County Star Newspaper (Oct 2,2008 edition): "But for Scott, who was born and raised in Luling, Texas and has lived in Nueces County for 15 years (10 years as head of CALA) with her husband, Mike ... becoming a public figure was not something she ever really had in mind." She adds: ""I never aspired or dreamed or wanted to go into politics," Scott said. "After discussing it with my husband ... we decided it was the right thing to do."
"Right thing to do"? Or the expedient thing to do? She goes on to state in the paper cited above that due to her so-called "community service" (really that of being a corporate pawn) has prepared her to run for the post: "
Having served as the executive director for the Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse for nearly 10 years, community service (?) has always seemed a natural fit for Republican Connie Scott."
She goes on to state (in the same publication cited) that she does have political experience via
the case in 2003 when she urged voters to approve Proposition 12. That measure put a cap on damages awarded to victims in medical malpractice lawsuits (in other words, she help provided a legal shielded for professionals that were negligent in their job as medical specials not be adequately accountable in civil court for their actions).
She contractions herself repeatedly; for instance, she says:
"I believe in helping people by all means available, (b)ut I believe the state has a responsibility to cut back at some times."
But more disturbingly she has in the past used a 78380 (Robstown area zip code) address to channel funds (acquired from Corporate America) to support the political campaigns of her husband's whim such as John Cornyn (for Congress) and so on. For instance, in cases where her husband (and the corporation he leads H&S Contractors) channeled money to specific Republican candidates, she reinforced with the CALA's war chest (thanks to corporate interest and avarice) to the same candidates highlighted by her hubby -- Mike Scott (former State Member of the State Executive Committe of the Republican Party).
Mike Scott's role as being part of the State party was to target Democrats, specifically in Democratic Areas with high Hispanic numbers such as Nueces County. Since 1994, since BACALA was started (and with Texans for Legal Reform or TLR for short), he has been involved with the organizations as a board member. His wife Connie Scott was appointed to head CALA ten years ago (she claims it was community service -- but we all know better).
What is the source of Connie Scott's passion for doing what she is doing? Can you imagine, the psychology of Connie Scott, plotting to suppress lawsuits being filed by the average employee, plotting to protects professions such as doctors who were negligent with sick patients, plotting alongside her husband to put "wild eye" extremists in political office who are insensitive to the civil and human rights of the average Joe and Mary -- what do you think it has done to her pattern of thinking and viewing the world? It has turned her into a harming agent, not a helping agent for the masses. Where does her fire to do this come from? To arrive at this conclusion, one only needs to do a brief perusal of her husband's history. He was sued -- so by both by placing his wife on the CALA post and now by running her for office, it is his way of getting back at those regular everyday workers who want to curb his insatiability for a profit. One should question why he continues to sponsor fund raisers for the Attorney General (Greg Abbot), some of the Judicial Candidates for the Texas Supreme Court and for many a "wild eye" political extremists.

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